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The Best Gear, And Settings In Esports

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We research the best gear so you don’t have to. No one wants to spend hours, and hours on researching gaming peripherals. We want you to be gaming as much as possible!

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Proven guides, and settings that work. These are PRO settings. They have been thoroughly used, and tested at the highest level.

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Perform at levels you have never performed at before with these pro settings. Use your new gear, and take your game to the level you have always wanted to be at!

All Purpose Gaming Gear

Are you in the market for an all around gaming setup, rather than a setup specific to any single game or genre? Take a look at our top performing all around gaming equipment. While there may be better options that the pros use for a single game, this setup will keep your performance at the top of the line in everything from your favorite FPS, to the chaos of battle royale, on your next MMO raid, or just peacefully growing turnips in your little farming village on those relaxing nights.

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