Best Gaming Keyboards 2019

While a lot of people tend to spend a lot of time, and money building impractical computers to last them years to come, they don’t consider the real difference maker: the best gaming keyboards and mouses. Who cares if you have 500 FPS on CS:GO, if you’re not capable of moving yourself in a competitive, and consistent manner.

There’s a few different reasons why a gaming keyboard is important, but ultimately, the feeling and added comfort from a gaming keyboard will be the most defining factor. It will allow you to be more consistent when gaming for longer periods of time. Next, is whether or not you are using membrane, or mechanical switches. The membrane switches offer a sponge-like feeling to them, where the mechanical switches are very responsive, and more consistent while feeling good to press. Don’t overlook the feel of the keys, because when you really look at it, the gaming keyboard is the peripheral you’re using the most, even more so than the mouse.

While some gaming keyboards may be a bit more on the technical side of things with the advancement of technology, there are still quite a few simple options that are reliable while propelling your gameplay to the next level. Below, we have provided you with a list of the best gaming keyboards of 2018. Make the right call, and start dominating your competition today.

Gaming KeyboardSwitch TypeProgrammable Macro KeysWrist Rest IncludedPricing and Availability
Corsair K95 RGB PlatinumCherry MX Speed6 Programmable KeysYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Razer Ornata ChromaRazer Mecha Membrane0 Programmable KeysYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Logitech G910Romer-G9 Programmable KeysNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Razer Orange5 Programmable KeysYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LEDNot Specified0 Programmable KeysNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
SteelSeries Apex 350SteelSeries Membrane22 Programmable KeysYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Zowie Celeritas IIZowie Custom Switches0 Programmable KeysNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Corsair K70 RGB RapidfireCherry MX Speed0 Programmable KeysYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
HyperX Alloy FPSCherry MX Red0 Programmable KeysNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Das Keyboard X40Alpha-Zulu5 Programmable KeysNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Overall Best Gaming Keyboard

Corsair sort of came out of nowhere the last couple of years with some seriously high-quality gaming peripherals. The biggest thing we noticed from the get go with Corsair gaming keyboards, is that they are rock solid. I have never felt any gaming product, that feels like a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum gaming keyboard. Constructed out of aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum, it is going to withstand anything you throw at it, even those rage punches we all know too well. If you are looking for durability, look no further than the Corsair K95 gaming keyboard.

The Corsair K95 is equipped with a 8MB profile storage system, with hardware macros and lighting playbacks available in each profile. You can have three stored profiles on the go, totally independant of the Corsair gaming software. The dynamic multicolor key backlighting, with light edge allows for a whole ‘nother experience. I personally have spent hours, and hours crafting my very own color scheme for my keyboard. If that doesn’t interest you, but you do like the RGB effects, there are plenty of places to download profiles that are totally safe, and you don’t have to worry about any potential adware/viruses.

The Corsair K95 gaming keyboard comes with 100% CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical keys. These have a blistering speed, and a 1.2mm actuation on each keystroke. If you’re unfamiliar with actuation, it is essentially how much force is needed to press the key for it to be recognized. With less actuation, you will have faster keystrokes. With faster keystrokes, you are capable of hitting more keys in a heat of the moment situation resulting in higher actions per minute (APM). Keep in mind, though, that this gaming keyboard is also available in Cherry MX brown switches. A lot of people prefer the sound on the browns.

Another feature to keep in mind on the Corsair K95 gaming keyboard, are the 6 programmable G-keys off to the left side of the keyboard. While I particularly don’t like these, it does offer quite a few extra programmable keys that may or may not be comfortable to someone other than myself. These keys are also capable of being turned into macros, allowing you to have more than one action per each key of the keyboard. Generally speaking, we were able to get the best use out of these in mostly MMO games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy Online, or even the MOBA, League of Legends.

Overall, for the price, and how well this product is put together, there is simply not a better gaming keyboard on the market than the Corsair K95. If you are looking to step up your game, we highly recommend it.

Razer Ornata Chroma – Best Membrane Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard

Razer, another hugely popular gaming keyboard manufacturer, recently introduced the Razer Ornata Chroma. This is a revolutionary Mecha-Membrane RGB gaming keyboard that has individually lit keys.

Our favorite feature of the Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard, is the membrane rubber dome that allows for a crisp click of the Razer-created mechanical switches. This will allow for a quick actuation of each key stroke. While this may increase the speed at which you use your gaming keyboard, the best part of this feature, is the added comfort it provides. If you’re like me, you enjoy gaming for long periods of time. With long gaming sessions, you will notice some pain in your wrists. While the membrane rubber won’t totally remove the soreness, and pain, it does add quite a bit of relief. If you continue experiencing wrist, and hand pain, we highly recommend checking out Dr Levi’s YouTube for some great exercises.

The Razer Ornata gaming keyboards has incorporated a custom designed key cap, that will both add a comfort level to hitting your keys, as well as being made shorter allowing for a quicker action time. Higher actions per minute (APM), will allow for more clutch plays in the heat of battle.

Another neat feature of the gaming keyboard, is the interactive in-game effects. There are preset profiles created per each different game you play, that will react, and be colored accordingly. For example, when playing Diablo 3 and you level up, your entire keyboard will start flashing indicating of activity. Not a game-breaking experience, but a very cool one nonetheless. You can also customize these presets yourself, and have each game react accordingly to what you set on the gaming keyboard.

The anti-ghosting technology of the gaming keyboard, is top notch. The Razer Ornata Chroma is capable of executing up to ten different commands at the same time. You will never miss a single key again with this gaming keyboard. Allow the Razer Ornata to take your gaming career to the next level, on an incredible budget.

Logitech G910 – Fastest Switch Actuation Gaming Keyboard

Considered the fastest gaming keyboard on the market, the Logitech G910 offers a lot more than just speed. With it’s exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches, that have an actuation rate 25% faster of that than it’s competitors, you can expect the gaming keyboard to react as fast as you can hit your buttons.

Equipped with customize RGB illumination, the Logitech G910 gaming keyboard is capable of choosing from a palette of 16 million different colors. Logitech Gaming Software will allow you to change each individual key. It all depends on what you choose! Personally, I experimented with a few different lightnings, but I ended up going with my nickname. It added quite a bit of personality to the gaming keyboard, really solidifying that it is mine, as well as creating an amazing look.

A very interesting feature, that no other gaming keyboards really have, is the Arx Control App with smartphone dock, that the Logitech G910 offers. This allows you to easily, and instantly access in-game data on your smartphone, tablet, without interrupting your game.

To put it into perspective, you can easily monitor your GPU usage, your CPU usage, and RAM usage all while in game. It acts as a second monitor, that you can use to individually adjust sounds within each game. No more having to alt-tab to reduce the volume of a game if it’s too loud, simply use your connected smartphone through the gaming keyboard’s convenient dock. If you’re like me, you quite often check your CPU and RAM performance, especially in these newer early access titles such as PUBG. Experience poor performance? Your keyboard will let you know what the usage is at, and could lead to troubleshooting the problem.

The Logitech G910 gaming keyboard is equipped with an extra 9 programmable G-keys. These allow for additional hotkeys, or you are capable of creating custom game macros to execute complex commands with speed, and accuracy. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of games forbid the use of macros and they may be a bannable offense. Although, there’s no real way to detect these, and are mostly only bannable when used on a gaming mouse, such as the Logitech G502 (for no recoil, or firing incredibly fast).

Ultimately, the Logitech G910 gaming keyboard is easily one of the best keyboards on the market for it’s price. If you are looking for a replacement for your keyboard, look no further. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 – Best Silent Switch Gaming Keyboard

Razer’s more expensive gaming keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is the newest version of the BlackWidow. Designed specifically for gaming, the Razer exclusive mechanical key switches allow for actuation at an optimal distance, providing speed and responsiveness never seen before. Razer takes pride in the fact that their peripherals are all developed in-house. This is important when considering how much more strict they will be prior to the release of each product. Expected to live up to a life span of 80 million keystrokes, you’re going to get longevity out of the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 gaming keyboard.

Razer Synapse will allow you to create your own custom lighting on the gaming keyboard. Choosing from 16 million different colors, you will not see your own custom profile on any other Razer product. However, if you are super proud of the design you’ve created, you are capable of sharing it with other owners here.

One of my favorite features of this gaming keyboard in comparison to it’s predecessor, is that it comes with a ergonomic wrist rest. If you’ve never experienced one of these, you need to. They allow for less fatigue, and soreness in the wrists, or hands when gaming for extended periods of time. If you’re a true gamer, you know you can’t sit down for an hour and play. You will likely end up playing for at least a few hours, which can result in unneeded pain. The wrist rest is made out of a membrane rubber. However, if this isn’t of interest to you, it is easily removeable. We do recommend, though, that you at least try it out.

Another cool feature of the Razer Blackwidow Chroma gaming keyboard, is the ability to plug your headphones into the keyboard itself. It allows for dedicated Audio/USB pass-through. If you’re tight on space, or want to keep your wires maintained in a clean manner, plug them into the keyboard instead. Or, if you don’t have any more USB slots, the gaming keyboard will offer you a few more. This is super important for people that don’t have high-end computers, as you will surely run out of USB ports. I mean, hell, I have a $3000 gaming computer, and I am running out of slots.

At the end of the day, the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 gaming keyboard is top of the line, and purchasing one will only lead to total world domination. Errr, total game domination.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Gaming Keyboard

5. DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

DBPOWER Three Color Budget Gaming Keyboard

If on a budget, the DBPOWER gaming keyboard will get the job done. While we don’t generally recommend going cheap, we do understand that some people don’t have the budget as others do. This gaming keyboard is NOT a mechanical keyboard, so if you are looking for the clicky noises one will provide, we recommend checking out the Corsair K95 gaming keyboard. This keyboard also doubles as an office keyboard. It allows for maximum effectiveness when typing, so that shouldn’t be overlooked in your consideration.

The biggest feature of the DBPOWER gaming keyboard, is that it offers 3 different colors for it’s LED backlight. A lot of people misunderstand the use of the LED backlights. While they do indeed look cool, they are mostly used for extra visibility for the keys on your keyboard. Not all of us have 20/20 vision. If you find the LED lights annoying, there is an on/off switch for them.

Equipped with specially designed keys that allow for enhanced durability, and tactile feedback, you will certainly feel as if you are a professional gamer. The DBPOWER gaming keyboard has 104 keys, with 19 non-conflict keys, as well as removable keycaps allowing for a better clean, and a strengthened space bar. Even on some of the more expensive gaming keyboards, the space bar remains weak. You will quickly notice with the DBPOWER, it feels very solid and firm.

With the DBPOWER gaming keyboard, simply plug it in, and play. There’s no needed drivers like other gaming keyboards.

6. SteelSeries Apex 350 – Best Low Profile Gaming Keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex 350 gaming keyboard is the best low profile keyboard on the market. Meaning, it isn’t a mechanical keyboard. A lot of people really do not like the noisiness of the mechanical gaming keyboards, but I grew up with the N64 buttons, so it provides me with that same feel; I just enjoy listening to the clicks of the key switches.

The low-profile of the gaming keyboard, however, does offer some benefits. While again, not being mechanical, it will still provide you with an incredible feel as well as a super short travel distance that will provide you with a super fast response time. It isn’t quite as fast as it’s counterpart, but it will get the job done. Realistically, the speed on the mechanical gaming keyboards really isn’t that much faster. If you’re a faster, and more talented gamer, you’re still going to get the kill.

The SteelSeries Apex 350 gaming keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting technology for up to 10 keystrokes. If you’re unfamiliar, this will allow the keyboard to acknowledge up to 10 keys at the same time allowing for an increased APM when gaming. Very few gaming keyboards have this technology, and is a great feature of the SteelSeries.

Like its competitors, it has ergonomically elevated macro keys allowing for extra hotkeys, as well as multi-functions. Is there a particular glitch within a game that allows you to jump higher, but needs to have multiple hotkeys hit to actually work? It’s simple with this gaming keyboard, make a macro that acts as if it is hitting both of those keys at the same time, while only actually hitting the one key. The SteelSeries Apex 350 is also plug, and play. No need for extra software that takes up valuable HD space.

With the ergonomic wrist rest, the SteelSeries Apex 350 gaming keyboard also has the option of swappable feet. These will allow you to get the perfect, customized angle for you and your gaming needs. Depending on which feet you go with, you will be able to both raise, and lower the natural angle of the gaming keyboard.

On a budget, and not interested in a mechanical gaming keyboard? Pick up the SteelSeries Apex 350 today!

SteelSeries Apex 350 Gaming Keyboard

7. ZOWIE Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard

Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard

ZOWIE, just recently bought out by BENQ, makes incredibly high quality products, and has done so for a very long time. They are used professionally at CS:GO events/lans, so you can expect them to be of the best quality. Let’s take a further look into the ZOWIE Celeritas II gaming keyboard.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II gaming keyboard is equipped with high quality iron springs that provide a consistent, and crisp keystroke. These keyboards are very, very durable and feel as such. No one wants to pick up a brand new keyboard, and have it feel like a piece of junk. With in-house designed mechanical key switches, you can expect the fastest, and most optimal travel actuation rate.

While RGB lighting may not be important to you, the lightning does serve a purpose. The ZOWIE gaming keyboard has red LED backlit keys, allowing for added visibility of each key. The brightness is adjustable so you won’t be blinded when playing in a darker room, but can maintain the great visibility the LED lights provide the gaming keyboard.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II gaming keyboard has 100% N-key rollover. This is important, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Each key is individually scanned through the gaming keyboard’s software, allowing each key press to be correctly detected regardless of how many keys you have hit at the same time. Meaning, if you hit twenty-five different keys on your keyboard, they will all be recognized. Sorta important when gaming, yeah?

Used by the professionals in various FPS games, the ZOWIE Celeritas II gaming keyboard will spring your gaming career to the next level.

8. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard is corsair’s fastest keyboard well, ever. It even beats out our best overall pick in the Corsair K95.

Created with the same incredible aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum, you can expect the most durability, and longevity of any gaming keyboard on the market. It has Cherry MX Speed gaming key switches that allow for an incredibly fast 1.2mm actuation rate, with a light 45g of force.

The wrist rest the Corsair K70 gaming keyboard comes equipped with, is totally removeable, but we highly recommend the use of it when gaming for long periods of time. It will significantly reduce the soreness, and pain in your wrist, or hand. There are four different stands on the bottom of the keyboard, allowing for a wide variety of different angles to perfectly fit you.

Art comes in many different forms, and the lighting capabilities on this gaming keyboard can be manifested into some incredible creations. The Corsair K70 offers 16.8 million different colors ensuring that you will not share the same profile with any single person on the planet. If, however, you want to share your creation with the community, you are able to do so by simply exporting the profile within Corsair’s gaming software.

Equipped with 100% anti-ghosting technology, the Corsair K70 gaming keyboard ensures that each keystroke will be recognized, and processed individually. A lot of other keyboards, are only capable of anti-ghosting up to 5-10 keys. Meaning, if you hit 6 keys at the same time on one of those keyboards, the 6th key won’t be recognized. When in the heat of a battle, you’re quite often hitting 10 or more keys at the same time. You can’t afford to have one of those not be recognized.

You won’t be disappointed with the competitiveness of the Corsair K70 RGB rapidfire gaming keyboard. Catapult yourself in front of the competition with a single purchase.

Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard

9. HyperX Alloy FPS – Best FPS Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Allow FPS Gaming Keyboard

The HyperX Alloy FPS gaming keyboard is one of two keyboards available from HyperX. While both are similar, the Alloy allows for more precise, and crisp keystrokes.

Our favorite part of this gaming keyboard, is how compact, and solid the design is. If you’re like me, you don’t have a huge amount of space for your gaming peripherals. The HyperX Alloy FPS takes up as much space as it needs to. It doesn’t have extra G-keys available to macro, or take up space. It doesn’t have the soundboard on the top of it. But, those aren’t really needed. They just take up space. Who really uses those, anyway?

Equipped with CHERRY MX Red mechanical keys, widely known as the best key switches for a proper gaming keyboard, you can expect incredibly quick actuation rates. If you’re one that is okay with losing a bit of speed, to get rid of the very clicky noises of the CHERRY Reds, the HyperX Alloy FPS gaming keyboard is also available in CHERRY MX Brown, and Blue keys. They each serve a different purpose, but a lot of people simply enjoy the sound of each different switch.

This keyboard comes with additional colored, and textured keycaps for games that really focus on the use of WASD. The texture on these keys will allow you to make sure you have your left hand in the appropriate position on the keyboard. We’ve all been there, where we have our hand positioned on keys to the right of WASD and can’t figure out why we’re not moving. The HyperX Alloy has a game mode that introduces 100% anti-ghosting, and full N-key rollover functions allowing each individual key press, to be recognized no matter how many keys have been pressed.

10. Das Keyboard X40 Gaming Keyboard

Das is a very famous brand in high-quality office keyboards. They have attempted to move into the gaming market with the introduction of the Das X40 gaming keyboard. Well, attempted is certainly the wrong word, because this keyboard simply put, is amazing.

While it is not as fast as the Corsair K70 at an actuation rate of 1.7mm, the speed of the Corsair isn’t really practical. The Das will still allow the better player to come out on top. If you are faster, you are faster.

The Das X40 gaming keyboard thrives in it’s sleek, and comfortable design. It is absolutely gorgeous, and it is solid as a rock. I am fairly certain you could run the thing over with your car, and it’d be okay. Don’t quote me on that, though.

I found that the length of the USB plug-in cable was a little bit too long. It is approximately 6 ft long, and if i’m being honest, that is as tall as I am, and i don’t need that extra cable in my way. You are capable of plugging your headset, microphone, and other USB connectors into the keyboard, though. So, if you are low in USB ports, the Das gaming keyboard will offer you a few extra. This is important when considering the majority of people don’t have gaming computers, and are running low on ports as it is.

You can expect the Das X40 gaming keyboard to have full n-key rollovers, with an industry-leading anti-ghosting technology that allows for a massive amount of key-presses, at the same time. This is important when considering high action per minute (APM) games such as Starcraft 2. If you hit a button, and it isn’t recognized, what the hell is the point of even having a keyboard? Yeah, those keyboards do exist out there, but the Das isn’t one of them.

Equipped with a Red LED backlighting that helps dilate your eyes, improve vision, and lessen the strain on your eyes while gaming in the dark, the Das X40 gaming keyboard has it all.

Das Keyboard X40 Gaming Keyboard