Anthem Colossus Javelin Guide

Colossus Javelin Comparisons

The Hulkbuster of all Anthem Javelins, the Colossus is all about using big guns, big shields, and big melee hits. Everything about this Javelin is BIG, except it’s movement capabilities, and fly time.

Colossus Javelin: The Basics

The Colossus is the big, bad, fat, and slow Javelin that you need in your life. Defense, Big melee hits, and long range artillery are what this Javelin is centered around in the world of Anthem. If you have ever found yourself always maining a tank in any RPG game ever, then the Colossus is for you.

This Javelin is the only one capable of carrying around heavy weapons in it’s arsenal, which is why it looks like it could eat the other javelins. But with such big sausage fingers, they are not allowed to use pistols, or sub machine guns.

Melee for the Colossus is very useful as it has AOE (Area of Effect) damage, and can be used from the ground or from the sky. Imagine a Garbage truck plummeting from the sky, to punch something in the face.

Colossus Javelin’s Role

The Colossus or better known as the Tank of Anthem. This Javelin is the tankiest of all the options you have in BIOWARES, new looter shooter. It can be a bit difficult to fly through small passages, or moving around the battlefield quickly. BUT none of that matters, as this HulkBuster of a Javelin is more useful than any other when it comes to the team/squad accomplishing its goals.

Every Javelin/Class has there useful skills to help out the team, but when it comes to taunting enemies and having a massive healthpool/shield, the Colossus is in a league of its own. You can deal massive damage, but more important is protecting your glass cannon allies.

When in doubt, stay on the ground, when fighting. The Colossus has very poor flight time, and hover time, so fighting in the sky is not your go to move. Additional reasons for this, most of your skill set will need time to set up, or you’ll be hiding behind your giant shield. This javelins ability to fly and use its rocket boost, should be reserved for climbing ledges, or reaching your allies to provide support with your shield.

Speaking of the shield, it will be your evade ability. Since you are too bulky to quickly dodge left or right. When you use your evade ability you will not be disappointed by the offspring of captain america’s shield, and a swat ballistic shield.

However, the shield can break when it takes to much damage, this will be a big big problem for you. Not only will this temporarily stun you, but you will also be open to taking a pounding by your enemies. Though it’s worth noting that when the shield breaks, the damage does not roll over to your health bar. So if timed properly you can absorb a massive hit by an Elite enemy, with an almost broken shield. It will regenerate its health, after it’s broken, as your shield is your most flexible tool for the Colossus.

The last bit for your shield, is simply this. It’s not just a defensive tool, think of Captain America bouncing his shield into his enemies faces, completely defying physics. Now you won’t be able to do that, but using the steel wall attached to your arm, but you can bring said wall at a high rate of speed into your enemies to say hello. This can be achieved by swinging it, or putting it up and sprinting at them like a rocket powered bulldozer. Having mobs bounce off your shield provides a very satisfying feeling.

The Colossus is the only Javelin, that can carry and use the heavy weapons available in Anthem, for example mini guns, and grenade launchers. These weapons are great, for dealing with large groups of enemies, whether it be adding several hundred bullet holes, or blowing the kingdom come out of them with a grenade launcher. Just keep in mind these are situational weapons, you may not always need one, depending on your mission, but just remember you always have them at your disposal.

Colossus’ Javelin’s Ultimate Ability: Siege Cannon

Last but not least, is how to use your Ultimate Properly. Which seems like it would impossible to not use it correctly. Why? Because you essentially are able to fire 3 mini nukes, that do insane burst damage in a wide area. So how can this ability not be used in a proper way? Essentially, to get the most out of it, you need to fly up and hover, and activate it. Now I know that you are supposed to stay grounded (mentioned above) But in this situation just trust me and fly as high as you can. As you want to see as many enemies as possible, and fire off your 3 nukes at different locations, to deal the most amount of damage as possible.

Colossus Javelin Full Ability List


  • High Explosive Mortar – Blast a group of enemies with a long range bomb
  • Burst Mortar – Sends a barrage of bombs to an area
  • Firewall Mortar – Creates a dangerous wall of fire on impact
  • Lightning Coil – Fires random pulses of electricity (can be used alongside shield and other abilities)
  • Shock Coil – Pulses electricity around the Colossus, dealing damage to nearby enemies


  • Siege Artillery – Launches a large rocket in a straight line
  • Flame Thrower – Sets nearby enemies on fire
  • Flak Cannon – Short-range shotgun-like blast from the wrist
  • Railgun – Long range cannon that can be charged for extra damage
  • Venom Spitter – Poison enemies with acid, causing them to take additional damage


  • Battle Cry – Taunt nearby enemies into attacking you
  • Shield Pulse – All Javelins nearby take less damage for a short period of time


  • Slam the ground with the Colossus’ two giant fists, dealing damage in an area around the mech.

Ultimate Ability: SIEGE CANNON

  • Fire three giant missiles that explode in flames and cover a massive area. These are essentially three mini-nukes and deal high damage to single target enemies or large groups.

Customize Your Colossus Javelin

At the end of the day, there’s going to be a plethora of different combinations that your Colossus Javelin is going to be capable of using, and we recommend that you try them all out. Each, and every one is going to be slightly different. Some are going to be more of a support role, and others are going to be strictly aggressive damage-dealers. Either way, you’re going to look like a 747 airplane that is hell bent on destruction as the Colossus Javelin, and you’re going to feel like a total bad ass. What are you waiting for? Take this monster into the world of Anthem now!

Anthem Colossus Javelin Dev Gameplay