Anthem Interceptor Javelin Guide

Interceptor Javelin Comparisons

Anthem’s Hard hitting, fastest and most difficult Javelin to master. The Interceptor is all about Melee and insane movement capabilities, also a Glass Cannon, but an up close Assassin, hence why it’s so difficult to be effective and stay alive.

Interceptor Javelin: The Basics

The Interceptor (The Ninja Melee Assassin), is all about movement, hit and run tactics, and this javelin hits hard and runs even faster. Like the other javelins there are no restrictions on weapons except for the heavy weapons which are exclusive to the Colossus.

The Interceptors Melee ability is called Double-Bladed Daggers, and unlike other javelins, Melee is a massive part of dealing damage in game as the Interceptor. You’ll be moving and slashing enemies so quickly, you will make all the Assassin’s Creed characters blush. The Interceptor is Anthems most unforgiving, highest skill cap javelin, because of difficulty in playing properly, and low health/armor ratios. But if you master this Javelin, your squad will be left in awe. Look below to the Interceptors Role, for playstyle and tips.

Interceptor Javelin’s Role

Simply put since you need to be up and close and personal with your enemies to deal melee damage. You’re going to need to match your guns to this style of play, also make sure that your reload time is low, as this is the most important factor in dealing high DPS ( Damage per second). Another key factor in regards to fast reload times, is since your javelin moves around a ton, and all this movement is what keeps you alive, all the dodging and flying interrupts any gun reload capability. So standing still for the shortest amount of time possible, to reload and get back on the move, is paramount to mastering this unforgiving javelin/play style.

When it comes to selecting your guns/arsenal, options like the Sub Machine Gun (SMG), machine gun pistols, or even an assault rifle, if the reload time is low. One of these in your first weapon slot is the first step to properly outfitting the Interceptor. Now for your Secondary slot, depending on your play style, you can grab a gun that hits a little harder, for example a shotgun. Now reload times on the shotgun options, tend to be high, but they do have a high ammo capacity. So it would be wise to empty it out at the beginning of every engagement, then switch back to your first slot weapon and using melee to finish everything off, rinse, reload, repeat.

Speed is the next important aspect of mastering the Interceptor, it can use a unique ability to stop and start flying again on a dime, and change directions. While other Javelins must continue there normal slow flying arcs, the Interceptor has unparalleled movement while in the sky, which can help with dropping melee blows and readjusting yourself for better angles of attack, or flight travel. This ability is one that can be difficult to master and may have rely on how fast your turn radius is in your custom settings, but if you want to really unlock the Flash of Javelins, this will be something you want to be able to do in your sleep.

Now while the Interceptor is great and mobility in the sky, it is just as good on the ground, and figuring out which is appropriate, will come down to making an entrance melee attack, and then dodging and jumping away while unloading your guns. Now if your asking why not just fly away, adjust, reload, and fly back in. Simply because there are many instances during a battle or mission, where flight is repressed, so it’s not an option. So the Interceptor, has a triple jump, one more additional jump to any other Javelin in Anthem, as well as an extended Evade ability (Dodge). Even if flight isn’t restricted, flight is not always the best option with this javelin. For example if you are fighting an enemy with a shield and you need to get behind that bullet soaking monstrosity of your nightmares. The Storm, or Ranger, or even the colossus can fly over it’s head and attack, but as the Interceptor you can simply dash around it, reaching your destination twice as fast as any other Javelin in the game. Take full advantage of the extended Evade (Dodge) and jumps, and save flying for when you really really need it.

The last bit of advice, is to make sure the rest of your damage and support kit, can do things that your melee, and up close guns can’t do. For example picking a skill that is long range and single target heavy damage, so you can do long range damage in case of an emergency is a good way to go. Make your setup cover any weaknesses you have, so you can still do damage even if you are in a terrible position, or the battlefield isn’t advantageous to your Javelin. For example the Searching Glaive (See Below), or Plasma star would be excellent choices for this type of well rounded kit. Once you truly master all the movement and dodging, go ahead and try going for a kit that is full melee damage and everything supports that, it can be fun in the right situations. ( See all abilities below)

Interceptor ‘s Javelin’s Ultimate Ability: Assassin’s Blades

This Javelins Ultimate allows it to use Dual Knives, to slice through your opponents with speed and precision. Think of any sword fighting anime on the planet, preferably Rurouni Kenshin ( a personal favorite), where the hero seems to move so fast, fighting 20 enemies at once, and they all drop at the same time in a couple of seconds? That’s what this ultimate ability is. It’s great for dealing damage to large groups or even single target enemies, but the true trick to this ultimate, is it’s a get out of jail free card. When your bloodlust gets a little to hot, and you dive in too deep or just pull a Leeroy Jenkins, that is the time to active Assassin’s Blades. Why you ask? Because it will make you Invulnerable, so if the moment arises, activate it, slice off as many enemy heads as you can, and get out when it’s duration has passed.

Interceptor Javelin Full Ability List


  • Searching Glaive: A glaive that will seek out it’s target
  • Venom Bomb: Coats enemies in a large area with acid
  • Cryo Glaive: Freezes up to two targets when it hits them
  • Cluster Mine: Throws a few mines into an area that can be set off when enemies get close
  • Spark Dash: Dashes forward damaging enemies and leaving a trail of electricity


  • Detonating Strike: Melee an enemy to charge them, if they’re charged when they die, they’ll explode damaging other enemies in the area
  • Plasma Star: A long range shuriken that hits a single target
  • Wraith Strike: Creates a copy of the Interceptor that attacks enemies
  • Tempest Strike: Hit the target with extra damage and force
  • Venom Spray: Creates a cloud of acid that damage enemies


  • Target Beacon: Marks an enemy and causes them to take additional damage
  • Rally Cry: Cleanses allies of harmful effects

Interceptor Javelin Melee Ability

  • Uses double daggers to slash at enemies continuing indefinitely, with no cooldown.

Ultimate Ability: Assassin’s Blades

  • Charges the Interceptor’s daggers allowing them to attack faster and without taking damage.

Customize Your Interceptor Javelin

At the end of the day, there’s going to be a plethora of different combinations that your Interceptor Javelin is going to be capable of using, and we recommend that you try them all out. Each, and every one is going to be slightly different. Some are going to be more for speed/balance diversity, and others are going to be strictly aggressive damage-dealers. Either way, you’re going to love flipping around the battles and cutting off faces with the Interceptor Javelin, and you’re going to feel like a robotic ninja. Playing the Interceptor is like a constant balancing act. You’ve got to be close enough to deal damage without allowing your enemies free shots at your weak shields and health. But, equipped with the game’s best agility options, from it’s difficult to master but rewarding flight system, to its triple jump to it’s extended dodges, the Interceptor gives players plenty of room to keep their balance and deal plenty of damage.

What are you waiting for? Get in Anthem, and start slitting throats!

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