Anthem Storm Javelin Guide

Storm Javelin Comparisons

Harry Potter in an Iron Man suit, the Storm is all about using magic attacks, and being the glass cannon of the squad in the world of Anthem.

Storm Javelin: The Basics

The Storm javelin, is able to use all weapons except heavy weapons as those are exclusive to the colossus. Your weapons for the Storm are important but your skill set will, be your true source of damage. Your melee ability is called Fiery strike, this is supposed to be used as an escape because you are so squishy, and it will send enemies flying back from you.

Now as the designated glass cannon of Anthem, you will be fighting at range, and raining down elemental attacks on your targets. So to help with this, the Storm is able to hover in the air much much longer than any other Javelin, and you also will have a powerful overshield while hovering. This will give you a much better view of the battles, and how best to dish out damage to help your squad.

Storm Javelin’s Role

Anthem has plenty of great javelins to use, and a variety of playstyles for each. But the Storm might be the most satisfying to play. You will be dropping massive AOE damage all over the place, all while at a safe distance. Eliminating large groups of enemies is the Storm’s bread and butter, so if you are a fan of a mage like/ glass cannon, this javelin is for you. Below are some tips on how best to use the Storm.

Pick long range weapons, the Storm is built to be as far away as possible from taking damage, while dishing out tons of it. Sniper rifles, and Marksman Rifles are the Storms best friends, they offer high DPS (Damage Per Second) at a considerable distance. So choose one or the other for your first main weapon, and something like an SMG or Shotgun for you secondary weapon. That will help you get out of a jam up close, especially if you are in the habit of getting a little to close for comfort.

Assuming you want to play this Javelin correctly, then you will basically be floating/hovering around the battlefield forever. Other Javelins can hover, but not for to long, so while they look at the battle field for cover, you’ll continue floating on, looking down on them while dwarfing their DPS. Now you will still need cover if you are targeted, so scan the field for tall buildings, or trees, even cliff faces to provide you what you need. Essentially find your cover, float out from behind it, drop our skill rotation and then float back to safety, wash rinse and repeat, this is the best and safest way to use the Storm’s unique skill set.

Speaking of a unique skill set, your abilities are what makes the Storm so satisfying to play, especially visually. Dropping a flaming meteor on top of a bunch of frozen enemies is stunning to behold. BUT when picking your loadout make sure you pick abilities that compliment each other, as well having an answer for a variety of scenarios you might have to deal with. For example you most likely are not going to want to pick 2 big AOE abilities with long cool downs. Most likely you won’t have time to use them both, as your enemies will most likely be dead from the first ability, and if you do, they will be on cool down when you need them again. Instead pick an AOE ( Area of Effect) ability, and an ability with a much shorter cooldown and a smaller radius. This way you can use it on enemies when your big AOE ability would be uncalled for.

Storm’s Javelin’s Ultimate Ability: Elemental Storm

Last but not least, is how to best use your ultimate ability Elemental Storm. It’s designed to utterly decimate large groups of enemies, in a certain area. So using this on a boss for single target damage, really isn’t using the skill efficiently. You can certainly use it to deal a little damage to the big bad boss, but saving it for a crowded area is much much better.

Storm Javelin Full Ability List

Storm Javelin Blast Seals

  • Lightning Strike – A strike that deals lightning damage over a certain area.
  • Ice Storm – Creates a single area covered in ice, which deals damage until a final explosion.
  • Flame Burst – A rapid explosion which deals damage to a specific target location.
  • Rime Blast – Fires off a small group of ice projectiles, which freeze targets within a certain distance.
  • Living Flame – The Storm emits a single burst of flame, which seeks out and ignites targets.

Storm Javelin Focus Seals

  • Hoarfrost Shards – Fires off rapid shards of ice which freeze a target in place.
  • Fireball – An ability that can fire off either lots of small fire shots, or charged for one powerful projectile that explodes.
  • Glacial Beam – Fires off a single beam of ice energy in one direction.
  • Venom Darts – Deal acid damage with a swath of darts
  • Arc Burst – Unleashes a single blast of lightning that leaps between targets for damage.

Storm Javelin Support Seals

  • Wind Wall – Generates a continuous wall of wind which deflects enemy projectiles.
  • Nexus – Creates a single field which provides gear cooldown bonuses for teammates within the radius.

Storm Javelin Melee Ability

  • Fiery Strike uses the power of the seals on it’s arm to deliver an explosive blast that will deal damage, and knock back enemies that are too close

Ultimate Ability: Elemental Storm

  • Calling down a torrent of energy, the Storm decimates a targeted area – and any foes unlucky enough to be standing in it.

Customize Your Storm Javelin

At the end of the day, there’s going to be a plethora of different combinations that your Storm Javelin is going to be capable of using, and we recommend that you try them all out. Each, and every one is going to be slightly different. Some are going to be more of a support role, and others are going to be strictly aggressive damage-dealers. Either way, you’re going to look like a bad ass as the Storm Javelin, and you’re going to feel like one too. What are you waiting for? Get on the battlefield… now!

Anthem Storm Javelin Dev Gameplay