Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 – Release Date And Information

After weeks of anticipation following the explosion of popularity upon release, Apex Legends has officially announced the launch of the first battle pass. Season 1, The Wild Frontier, will be releasing along with the battle pass on March 19th, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST). The newest legend, Octane, will be releasing alongside this battle pass. Octane does not require the premium battle pass in order to be unlocked. As seen with other games in the battle royale genre, the battle pass will feature 100 tiers of progression, and offer both a free and premium version with different unlockables.

How Much Is The Apex Legends Premium Battle Pass?

The season 1 premium battle pass for Apex Legends will cost 950 Apex Coins ($9.50 USD value) to unlock. Realistically, the cost is $10 USD, as the cheapest option for Apex Coins is 1,000 for $10 USD. There is also an option for a version of the premium battle pass that costs 2800 Apex Coins ($28 USD value). This option does not have any additional exclusive content but comes with the first 25 tiers of the battle pass already unlocked. There’s plenty of time to get through all 100 tiers without this option, so it is by no means a requirement, but it is a nice option for those who want to further support the developers and get a jump-start on unlocking the rewards from season 1.

Where Can I Buy The Premium Battle Pass?

The premium battle pass can be bought directly within the game. Simply start Origin, launch Apex Legends, and get into the game. From there, you want to navigate to the Battle pass section of the top menu, where you will be able to purchase either the 1,000 coin option or 2,800 coin option for the battle pass. If you need Apex Coins, those can be purchased directly in the game as well.

Is There A Free Battle Pass For Apex Legends Season 1?

There will be a free version of the battle pass in Apex Legends in addition to the premium pass. Players who buy the premium battle pass will be able to earn the rewards from both the free pass and the premium pass. While those who do not purchase the premium pass will only be eligible for the rewards from the free pass. The free battle pass includes the following rewards:

  • 1 Wild Frontier Legend Skin
  • 5 Apex Pack Loot Boxes
  • 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers

How Is The Apex Legends Battle Pass Leveled Up?

Unlike Fortnite for example, the battle pass will be leveled up exclusively through experience gain. This experience gain is the same as the experience gain has been in the pre-season; rewarding experience for things such as time survived, kills, damage done, teammates revived or respawned, wins, etc. The battle pass will require 100 levels worth of experience gain within season 1 to unlock all of the premium rewards. A player can purchase the battle pass at any point during the season and instantly unlock all rewards up to the current level of their battle pass.

Are There Daily and Weekly Challenges In Apex Legends?

Again this is an area where the Apex Legends battle pass is different from that of Fortnite for example. There will be no challenges to complete during the season 1 battle pass in order to level it up. Respawn has opted against including any sort of daily or weekly challenges through season 1 in order to allow players to continue to focus on the core experience of Apex Legends and it’s high-quality gameplay. While challenges are not completely off the table for future seasons, at this point there will be none to complete. Players will instead want to focus exclusively on playing the game to the best of their abilities and leveling up the battle pass through the experience gained in each game.

Will Player Level Reset With The Season 1 Battle Pass?

Player level will not reset with the launch of the season 1 battle pass. That means that if you are already level 100 (or any other level), you will keep that level and your current level badge in-game. However, player level will not be used for unlocking battle pass rewards. Instead, there will be two types of levels moving forward in Apex Legends.

There will be the current player level, which goes from 1-100 (and then continues allowing you to earn hidden levels beyond 100 with the reward of Legend Tokens). This means that new players or those who are not level 100 will still unlock the 45 total free Apex Packs from the 1-100 player level progression.

There will also be the battle pass level, which is exclusive to the current season and also ranges from level 1-100. Each level gained on the battle pass level will unlock rewards from the premium battle pass (with some levels unlocking free battle pass rewards as well). Each battle pass tier will require the same amount of battle pass points, or experience, to level up. This means there is no benefit to buying the battle pass later in the season. Players who buy the pass at any time throughout the season will be on the same playing field (minus the XP Boost tier rewards that are unlocked within the premium pass). Battle pass points are essentially boiled down to match XP gain along with some additional various bonuses, which calculates out into battle pass points to make progress on unlocking your battle pass tiers.

Respawn has not announced any exclusive rewards for reaching level 100 in the pre-season, prior to the launch of the first battle pass.

How Long Is Season 1 In Apex Legends?

Seasons are planned to be about three months each in Apex Legends according to Respawn’s previously released roadmap. That means with the March 19th release of the season 1 battle pass, we should expect to see the season come to an end around mid-June. As Respawn typically likes to patch on Tuesdays, we expect season 1 to come to an end, and season 2 to launch, on June 18th, 2019. Keep in mind, that date is only an estimate, and no hard date has been set in stone yet.

Will The Battle Pass Pay For Itself?

Yes, similarly to Fortnite’s battle pass, the Apex Legends battle pass will pay for itself if completed. There are 14 rewards of Apex Coins within the premium battle pass, totalling 1000 Apex Coins for those who complete the pass. This means that buying the battle pass, and saving all of the coins you earn by completing it, will allow you to buy the season 2 battle pass for free. In fact, you’ll be able to buy season 2’s battle pass with the coins you earn and still have 50 Apex Coins leftover, meaning every other season you can get an Apex Pack for free on top of earning the battle pass for free by completing the previous one.

Are Battle Pass Season Rewards Exclusive?

Yes, battle pass season rewards are exclusive. That means that when season 1 ends, the rewards from the season 1 battle pass will never be available in the game again. You will no longer be able to earn experience and unlocks towards your season 1 battle pass once the season has ended, skins and other cosmetics from the season 1 battle pass will never show up in a future battlespace, and battle pass unlocks will never be available to be purchased in the store with Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. Once the season has ended, you will keep all unlocked rewards from season 1 forever, but any unearned ones will never be unlockable again.  This includes Apex’s first ever 3-stage evolving legendary weapon skin (which is for the Havoc Rifle).

What Are The Apex Legends Season 1 Premium Battle Pass Rewards?

In addition to the single Wild Frontier Legend Skin, 5 Apex Pack Loot Boxes, and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers, there will be a reward at all 100 tiers of the premium battle pass. All in all, there are 24 free pass rewards and 103 premium pass rewards, for a total of 127 possible season 1 exclusive battle pass rewards.

 TierPremium Battle Pass Reward
1Lifeline Revolutionary Skin
1Wraith Survivor Skin
1Mirage Outlaw Skin
2Harvest Triple Take Skin
3Wraith Season 1 Kills Tracker
4Patchwork Hemlok Burst AR Skin
5Season 1 Level 5 Badge
6Bangalore Intro Quip
750 Apex Coins
8Bloodhound Season 1 Kills Tracker
9Navigator Prowler Burst PDW Skin
10Season 1 Level 10 Badge
1150 Apex Coins
12XP Boost
13Rare - Mirage Frame - Funny Bones
14Longbow DMR Skin
15Season 1 Level 15 Badge
16Mirage Intro Quip
1750 Apex Coins
18Rare - Octane Frame - Flight Risk
19Devotion LMG Skin
20Season 1 Level 20 Badge
2150 Apex Coins
22XP Boost
23Rare - Wraith Frame - Silk Road
24Mozambique Skin
25Season 1 Level 25 Badge
26Epic Apex Pack Loot Box
27Pathfinder Intro Quip
28Mirage Season 1 Kills Tracker
29Kraber .50-Cal Skin
30Season 1 Level 30 Badge
3150 Apex Coins
32XP Boost
33Pathfinder Season 1 Kills Tracker
34EVA-8 Skin
35Season 1 Level 35 Badge
36Caustic Intro Quip
3750 Apex Coins
38Caustic Season 1 Kills Tracker
39Flatline Skin
40Season 1 Level 40 Badge
4150 Apex Coins
42XP Boost
43Apex Pack Loot Box
44Alternator Skin
45Season 1 Level 45 Badge
46Gibraltar Intro Quip
4750 Apex Coins
48Gibraltar Season 1 Kills Tracker
49Peacekeeper Skin
50Season 1 Level 50 Badge
51Prowler Burst PDW Skin
52XP Boost
53Apex Pack Loot Box
54M600 Spitfire Skin
55Season 1 Level 55 Badge
56Wraith Intro Quip
57100 Apex Coins
58Octane Season 1 Kills Tracker
59Havoc Rifle Skin
60Season 1 Level 60 Badge
61Rare - Lifeline Frame -Pick Me Up
62XP Boost
63100 Apex Coins
64P2020 Skin
65Season 1 Level 65 Badge
66Bloodhound Intro Quip
67100 Apex Coins
68Lifeline Season 1 Kills Tracker
69Havoc Rifle Skin
70Season 1 Level 70 Badge
71Rare - Bloodhound Frame - Nock Down
72XP Boost
73Apex Pack Loot Box
74R-99 Skin
75Season 1 Level 75 Badge
76Octane Intro Quip
77100 Apex Coins
78Bangalore Season 1 Kills Tracker
79Wingman Skin
80Season 1 Level 80 Badge
81Rare - Gibraltar Frame - Land of Giants
82XP Boost
83Apex Pack Loot Box
84RE-45 Skin
85Season 1 Level 85 Badge
86Legendary Apex Pack Loot Box
87100 Apex Coins
88Rare - Caustic Frame - Slaughterhouse
89XP Boost
90Season 1 Level 90 Badge
91Rare - Pathfinder Frame - Building Bridges
92XP Boost
93Apex Pack Loot Box
94G7 Scout Skin
95Season 1 Level 95 Badge
96Lifeline Intro Quip
97100 Apex Coins
98Rare - Bangalore Frame - Sharpened Senses
99R-301 Carbine Skin
100Season 1 Level 100 Badge
100Havoc Rifle Skin