Apex Legends Currencies And Loot Boxes

Like any free to play game, Apex Legends has a variety of in-game currencies, each with their own acquisition method. Contrary to other titles published by EA, the currency system in Apex Legends is actually pretty decent. While the shop is a bit on the expensive side, it is not out of line of other popular Battle Royale games such as Fortnite.

There are three types of currencies in Apex Legends. Apex Coins, which can be bought from the store, Legend Tokens which are unlocked by playing the game and leveling up, and Crafting Metals which drop from loot boxes. Loot boxes are available to be purchased with Apex Coins; and you are also awarded a total of 45 free loot boxes while leveling from 1-100.

e of an earnable in-game currency, and a crafting system to allow you to target specific items, is on the generous side for this style of game and monetization method. Overall, we feel that the loot boxes are more fair than in many games, such as CS:GO, but still should be treated as a luxury and bought with caution. It remains to be seen if currencies will be awarded through the battlepass, but it seems likely that at least one of the three (if not all of them) will be.

Apex Coins

Apex Coins are the premium currency format in Apex Legends. These coins are used to purchase loot boxes, skins, and new legends. Currently, there is no in-game way to earn Apex Coins, and they must be bought from the store. Apex Coins are available at a rate of 1000 coins per $10 USD. Packs are available for purchase at $10, $20, $40, $60, and $100 intervals. All Apex Coin purchases above the $10 pack come with a few additional coins to incentivize larger purchases.

Apex Packs

Apex Packs, or Loot Ticks as they are often called, are the loot boxes of Apex Legends. There are two available options for purchasing Apex Packs; a single pack can be purchased for 100 Apex Coins ($1 USD value) or 10 Apex Packs for 1000 Apex Coins. Players are also given a total of 45 free Apex Packs while leveling their account from 1-100. Loot boxes in Apex Legends contain purely cosmetic items and offer no “pay to win” options, which is always a great thing to see. Additionally, while each loot pack only contains three cosmetic items, there is a no duplicate items feature built into Apex Legends, which helps reduce the randomness and wasted drops in packs compared to a game like CS:GO.

Apex Packs contain three cosmetic items, one of which will always be rare quality or higher. The official drop rates for Apex Packs are:

  • 100% chance of a rare or better item
  • 24.8% chance of an epic or better item
  • 7.4% chance of a legendary item
  • While not officially stated, there is a 1/500 chance that an Apex Pack will be an Heirloom pack, rewarding an heirloom set. More on that later.

Apex Packs contain three items which can be from any of the following categories:

  • Weapon Skins
  • Legend Skins
  • Legend Finishers
  • Banner Frames
  • Banner Poses
  • Banner Stat Trackers
  • Intro Quips
  • Kill Quips
  • Crafting Metals

Heirloom Sets In Apex Legends

Heirloom sets are the “ultra-rare” items in Apex Legends. At this point in the game, there is only a single heirloom set, which is for Wraith. Wraith’s heirloom set provides a banner pose, a kunai knife melee weapon skin, and an intro quip. When opening an heirloom set from a pack, it is treated as a bonus pack, and your pack is not consumed. Meaning if you buy a single pack, open it and get an heirloom, you will still have a pack to open for normal cosmetics.

Note: Wraith’s kunai knife melee skin is purely cosmetic – it offers no benefit in terms of melee damage, attack speed, or any other gameplay mechanic.

More heirloom sets will likely be coming to Apex Legends each season, or even sporadically with content updates and patches.

Legend Tokens

     Legend Tokens are the currency that you can grind in Apex Legends. You receive 600 Legend Tokens every couple of levels when first starting out, before starting to receive them every level. Once you have hit max level at 100, you can continue earning Legend Tokens by filling up the experience bar (18,000 experience – which is about 3-4 wins worth of games). It is extremely likely that this currency will be a reward for various tiers in the battlepass as well.

Legend Tokens have two primary uses. The first, aptly following their name, is to unlock additional legends in game for use. Currently, Caustic and Mirage are the only two unlockable legends. However, more are sure to be coming consistently across the lifetime of Apex Legends. If the model of Caustic and Mirage is to be followed moving forward, a new legend will cost 12,000 legend tokens. Meaning for every 20 levels in game, you will be able to buy a new legend for free. Not a bad rate all things considered.

Legend Tokens also serve to buy “exclusive” skins. These are upgrades and recolors of current skins in the game. For example, the G7 Scout in the first week of the game, allowed players to upgrade from The Crimson Firedrake skin to The Blue Dragon. Unlocking these exclusive skins requires that you already own the base skin, however, it does not consume the base skin when done. After unlocking a Legend Token skin, you will have access to both the base, and the upgraded skin.

Crafting Metals

Finally, Crafting Metals, these are the crafting currency in Apex Legends. Crafting Metals are used to unlock specific cosmetic items from any category that you wish. This is a great feature to have in Apex Legends as it does give you some element of control and ability to target certain cosmetics that you want. Currently, Crafting Metals only come from Apex Packs, however it is very likely that we will see Crafting Metals added as a tier reward in the battlepass as well.

Crafting Metals can “drop” in the Apex Packs in four rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Each of the rarities provides a different amount of Crafting Metals:

Common – 15 Crafting Metals
Rare – 30 Crafting Metals
Epic – 200 Crafting Metals
Legendary – 600 Crafting Metals

Likewise, the different rarities of cosmetics require different amounts of Crafting Metals to unlock. To unlock a cosmetic you would need the following amount of Crafting Metals:

Common item requires 30 Crafting Metals
Rare item requires 60 Crafting Metals
Epic item requires 400 Crafting Metals
Legendary item requires 1200 Crafting Metals
Heirloom items can not be crafted

All in all, a Crafting Metal drop in an Apex Pack is equivalent to half of any cosmetic of that rarity that you want. That’s a pretty good system, and much more user friendly than crafting systems we have seen in other games.