Is The Apex Legends Starter Pack Worth Buying?

Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game to take the world by storm. With a surprising and un-hyped release, Apex has exploded in popularity over the last month or so, and has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. Apex Legends is free to play, however like many F2P games, it does have a microtransaction based financial model to fund further development of the game. This includes things such as seasonal battle passes, loot boxes, a cosmetic shop, and and in-game currency. Also available to Apex players is the Apex Legends Starter Pack, a relatively cheap introduction to the game’s cosmetic systems. But is it worth buying?

What Comes In The Apex Legends Starter Pack?

Priced at a rather low $4.99, the Apex Legends Starter Pack definitely has some good value. What all do you get with this pack you may be wondering? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Upon purchasing the Apex Legends Starter Pack you receive the RE-45 Blue Fade skin, the Starter badge, and 600 Apex Coins to do with as you please. It may not sound like a whole lot, but that’s quite a bit of value for just $4.99. Apex Coins themselves cost $1 per 100 in the shop, meaning that you get a bonus free 100 coins with the starter pack. While this isn’t enough to buy the battle pass, or legendary cosmetics from the shop, it can buy you six Apex Packs (18 total cosmetic items) to jump start your collection. Who knows, maybe you will even get lucky and unbox the Wraith heirloom pack within your first 6 packs from these coins, which would be quite the hit as it has a 1/500 drop rate!

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RE-45 Blue Fade Skin

The Blue Fade skin for the RE-45 looks pretty great if we do say so ourselves. As an added bonus, the RE-45 is actually one of the most capable sidearms in the game as well, so you can actually get quite a bit of use out of this skin. We consider the RE-45 to be sort of a mini R-99, which happens to be one of the best guns in Apex Legends. This is an epic quality skin complete with it’s own animation on the skin, and looks even better in-game than it does in screenshots. It’s definitely a nice value-add to the starter pack as epic quality cosmetics have a 24.8% drop rate, meaning this is the equivalent of about 400 Apex Coins alone.

Apex Legends Starter Badge

The starter badge doesn’t really offer too much value if we’re being honest. You’ll unlock plenty of badges pretty quickly just by playing Apex Legends, however it is a nice added on bonus just to have it. The little fish icon is pretty cute, and it helps to round out a goofy banner layout pretty well. While we don’t really put any value on this Starter badge, it is a nice nod to players to include it as an additional item. Of course for the collectors out there, it’s a key piece of the collection as it is the only way to obtain this badge.

600 Apex Coins

This is the breadwinner of the Apex Legends Starter Pack. The 600 Apex Coins is a $6 value on the $4.99 price point of the starter pack. That means that even if you don’t care at all about the RE-45 Blue Fade skin or the Starter badge, and you just want Apex Packs for cosmetics, the starter pack is worth buying. Essentially, it is a buy five get one free deal on Apex Packs. Not insane value, but if you’re going to buy Apex Packs either way, you may as well buy the starter pack to get an additional pack for free and a few added bonuses while you’re at it.

Overall Value Of The Apex Legends Starter Pack

The overall value of the Apex Legends Starter Pack is around $10 roughly when accounting for the Apex Coins and an epic quality skin. While some may say that the badge and skin have no value of their own, the starter pack would come out ahead in terms of raw value either way. The 600 Apex Coins the starter pack contains is a $6 value, which means that you are coming out slightly ahead by purchasing the starter pack no matter what. All in all, we consider this an incredibly fairly priced starter pack with strong additional value, and worth the purchase if you intend to be playing Apex Legends for any considerable amount of time.