Who Are The Voices Behind Your Favorite Characters In Apex Legends?

Putting faces to the voices you hear is a fairly common thing to want to do. It’s no surprise that you’d want to learn everything about your favorite Apex Legends character. With the rising popularity of Apex Legends, we wanted to gain some additional information about these beautifully made characters. From there, we came across the voice actors of Apex Legends. If you’re familiar with The CW, you’re going to quickly notice one of the actresses. While she may be new to the scene, she did an incredibly good job; there’s no denying that. Some of these Apex Legends voice actors are going to surprise you, too, because they may not be the gender you think they are!

Wraith Voice Actor

Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSantan is a face that you may be familiar with if you’re a fan of The CW’s “The Flash”. She played Barry Allen’s love interest Patty Spivot. She was only on the show for one season before heading off to be apart of the TNT adaptation Shooter. There, she played the wife to Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe), Julie Swagger. The show ran for three seasons. It is a fantastic show, and I recommend you watch it! Additionally, she was Quinn James in One Tree Hill. This is a show I am unfamiliar with, but I have heard very good things! At the end of the day, she does a damn good job at being Wraith’s voice actor.

Octane Voice Actor

Nicolas Roye

Octane is Apex Legends’ newest character. He is a feisty daredevil that wants nothing more than to do anything dangerous. Voicing Octane, and if you’ve heard his lines, they are absolutely incredible, is Nicolas Roye. He has a lot of experience in English dubs of shows as well as other video games such as NieR: Automata, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Both of which are incredibly great games.

Gibraltar Voice Actor

Branscombe Richmond

Hey brudda! Glad to see you here looking for the voice actors of Apex Legends. Voicing the loveable, yet horribly balanced Gibraltar, is none other than Branscombe Richmond. He has been in an incredible amount of various TV shows, and movies along the years. More than likely, you recognize his face and have seen him in some sort of media entertainment. It is hard not to like Gibraltar, and his voice acting. Thank you Branscombe Richmond, and Gibraltar!

Caustic Voice Actor

JB Blanc

While Caustic may not be on top of the food chain, you cannot deny his memetastic voice lines. That isn’t to say that the voice-acting isn’t stellar; it is. We mean that he is such an awful character, his voice lines are generally used in the form of memes. Cast as the voice actor for Caustic, is JB Blanc. He poison-focused legend is capable of doing everything but winning in Apex Legends; okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. Either way, JB Blanc has done voice acting in many games including Spyro, Call of Duty BO4, and Darksiders 3. Needless to say, he is familiar to the industry.

Mirage Voice Actor

Roger Craig Smith


Mirage is known for his bamboozles, and hilarious one-liners. Playing the voice acting role for Mirage, is Roger Craig Smith. You may not know the name, but you do know the voice. He has been apart of some huge games in the past. Most notably, he was Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origins. Additionally, he was Sonic in Sonic Boom, and Captain America in the Disney games. Hopefully we hear more Mirage lines in the future, and they have me consistently laughing!

Lifeline Voice Actor

Mela Lee

Cast as the voice actress for Lifeline, the lovable Jaimaican Apex Legend, is Mela Lee. She too, as many of these other voice actors, has experience in video games. She voices Tiki in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and the Fire Emblem games. She is also Joana/Layla in Fallout: New Vegas. On top of her voice acting work in video games, she has proven to be a fantastic voice actress in english dubs for anime series.

Bangalore Voice Actor

Erica Luttrel

Bangalore’s voice actor is one that you may already be familiar with as she has a pretty stellar track record. She has been featured in many games including Dishonred 2, as Empress Emily Kaldwin, New Mother in Westworld (TV Show), Cheetah in Injustice 2. Additionally, she was featured in Fallout 4 as Darla, Fahrenheit, and Kendra. As you can see, a fantastic track record, and with good reason! Meet Erica Luttrell. Hopefully, we can get more of her from Bangalore as well as some future characters!

Pathfinder Voice Actor

Chris Edgerly

The lovable robot, Pathfinder, brings much joy to many players in Apex Legends through his voice lines, and his incredibly fun gameplay. Surprisingly enough, Pathfinder’s voice is not generated by a computer. Chris Edgerly is behind the voice, and he is incredibly good at creating a robotic sounding man! His career has consisted of playing a wide variety of different characters, in many different shows. These shows include The Simpsons, the movie Passengers, Mass Effect, and The Lord of The Rings: War In The North.

Bloodhound Voice Actor

Allega Clark

This is very likely going to be the most surprising to lovers of Apex Legends. Bloodhound’s voice actor, is actually a female by the name of Allega Clark. If you listen closely, you can definitely tell that it is a woman’s voice for the character. That begs the question, though, is Bloodhound a woman or a man? Or, is there more than one Bloodhound. I wonder if Respawn is ever going to clarify this. Either way, Allega Clark is very well versed in the world of voice acting. She has been in many english dubs such as Sword Art Online, and Fate/Apocrypha. Additionally, she has played characters in WoW:Battle For Azeroth, and Mass Effect: Andromeda (Nakmor Kesh). We hope to hear more voice acting from Allega Clark!

Voice Actors of Apex Legends Conclusion

Well, there you have it! I hope you found what you were looking for. Putting faces to the voice actors of Apex Legends was an incredibly satisfying endeavor for us over here at PG&S. It is always great to learn some additional background on Apex Legends, and interesting people from various parts of the world.