Fortnite Season 8 Challenges And How To Complete Them

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Fortnite Season 8 is finally upon is. I remember it like yesterday, the release of season 7. Everything was so incredibly fun, and felt like it was going to be the best season yet. Then, planes and swords happened. I think it is safe to say at this point, though, that Epic Games learned their lesson. On top of that, they have some hefty competition in Apex Legends. While they will most likely co-exist, they’re going to constantly improve each other. At least, I hope so.

With season’s 8 release, you can imagine that there’s a plethora of new cosmetics, and challenges. With these challenges, comes tiered skins again. Blackheart, and Hybrid are the two of this season, and my my, they are gorgeous looking. That said, you’re going to want to complete all of the challenges to make sure that you’re unlocked all of the necessary requirements for these tiered skins. In addition, the challenges themselves are going to help you get to the tier 100 mark that much faster.

Each new Fortnite season, I’m sure most of us go in expecting to be able to complete these challenges each and every week. And, every season, it ends up not working out that way. We’re going to try and help alleviate those problems so that you’re not trying to cram everything in the day before Season 9, panicking that you’re not going to be able to get all of the skins. Remember, the battle passes won’t be available ever again. That in itself makes these bad boys valuable.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenge List


  • Visit all Pirate Camps (0/7)
  • Search Chests at Retail Row or Junk Junction (0/7)
  • Deal damage with a Shotgun and an Explosive Weapon in a single match (0/2)

Battle Pass

  • Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle and the snow (0/3)
  • Use a Volcano Vent in different matches (0/5)
  • Get an elimination with a Shotgun, Assault Rifle and Explosive Weapon (0/3)
  • Deal Damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent (0/200)

How To Visit All The Pirate Camps

These are pretty straight-forward, as are most of the challenges in Fortnite, including season 8. This will require you to visit seven different pirate camps (0/7) spread out throughout the map. They are pretty spread out, so it may require you a bit of fighting to get all of them within the same game. A little persistence will be key, though. I don’t think it’ll take more than 2-3 games, if you’re halfway decent, to get these taken care of. We’ve provided a nice map for you guys that will hopefully make completing the challenges that much easier. If you’re more of a text guy, though, here are the locations:

  • North West of Lazy Lagoon
  • South East of Lazy Lagoon
  • North West of Dusty Divot
  • South West of Pleasant Park
  • South West of Tilted Towers
  • North West of Fatal Fields
  • North West of Paradise Palms

How To Search Chests at Retail Row or Junk Junction

Very typical Fortnite season challenge here as well, and one that will help you complete the other challenges. We recommend going to Retail Row as opposed to Junk Junction (0/7). For starters, there are more chests in Retail Row. Secondly, it is significantly easier to rotate to the other challenges required for Week 1 from Retail Row than Junk Junction. Walk north, and you’re at the first required face, as well as by a Volcano Vent. Hey, if you’re cheeky, you can take a volcano vent to the Jungle Face. Two birds with one stone. That’s called efficiency, and what we’re hoping to help you guys accomplish!

How To Deal Damage Damage With A Shotgun And An Explosive Weapon

I don’t think this one can be any more self-explanatory. I mean, the entire game is about being the last one standing, right? My friends and I generally like to still play for the win while completing Fortnite challenges. Honestly, we usually win more games when completing the challenges because we’re not trying so darn hard to win. We’re just having a great time, screwing around. It’s funny, you actually play better when you’re trying to have fun! Keep in mind when doing the explosive weapon challenge, it actually includes any explosives. Grenades, clingers, rockets, grenade launchers, everything! This is one that my friends and I have a great time with, because we just try and launch grenades across the map to get lucky kills. Hey, you never know! Pick up that shotgun, and find those explosives. What are you waiting for? Get to work!

How To Visit A Giant Face In The Desert, The Jungle, And The Snow

This challenge is pretty cool. You’re required to find a giant face in the desert, the jungle, and the snow (0/3). I hopped into a few games not really knowing what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. They’re actually eyes, eyebrows, and a grin on the side of mountains that you need to get close enough to. These few spots on the map are going to be full of people the first few days. So, if you need your shotgun, explosive weapon damage, and kills still, make sure you have the weaponry before heading to these locations! Two birds with one stone! You’ll notice in the map, what each of these different faces look like on the sides of the mountains if you’re having a bit of trouble finding them. As far as completing them all in the same game, you’re going to have to get fairly lucky with the circle.

How To Use A Volcano Vent In Different Matches

Using a Volcano Vent (0/5, different matches) is going to be fairly normal in Season 8 of Fortnite, especially in the beginning of it. You’ll notice on the map above, these are located all around the volcano, north, northwest, southwest, southeast, and northeast. If you’re going to be landing at the volcano, lazy lagoon, or even summer steps, you’re going to very likely end up using one of the volcano vents to rotate out of the area for the circle. We recommend simply landing near the volcano (you’re likely going to end up doing it regardless, because it’s the hot spot on the map). You’re going to get the most fun out of landing in the hot spots, as well as the greatest chance of knocking out the challenges in this area. Unfortunately, there’s really no rushing this one because you’re required to use them in different matches. So, it’s going to take you at least five games no matter which way you look at it.

How To Get An Elimination With A Shotgun, Assault Rifle, And Explosive Weapon

Very straightforward, and typical Fortnite challenge. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of these throughout season 8. I typically don’t like these. I like the ones where you have to go and explore new areas they’ve provided in the new season. I guess, though, that they have to add some variation otherwise it’d get boring, and some people may get slightly frustrated. This should be decently easy to complete if you have a good shot. You’re going to end up fighting no matter what you do in Fortnite, so make sure that you’re prioritizing a shotgun, assault rifle, and an explosive weapon for yourself. If you’re not running an assault rifle, or a shotgun regardless, you’re doing something wrong. Knock these bad boys out while you’re rotating around the map for the volcano vent challenge, or even the visiting the pirate camp challenge. Should be easy to complete!

How To Deal Damage To A Vehicle Driven By An Opponent

This one may be slightly difficult with the removal of the planes (thank you lord, btw). This is going to leave you with shopping carts, hoverboards, and quads to shoot for damage. Unfortunately, there’s so much natural rotation on the map now, there likely will not be very many people driving around on vehicles. That said, when you do see one, you’re going to want to make sure that they don’t see you. You need to be able to get quite a few shots off to complete this challenge. If they see you, they’re going to end up jumping off of their vehicle. To add to this, you may want to consider running with a sniper rifle, preferably a heavy sniper rifle. These are going to have the highest damage output in a single shot, making it significantly easier for you to complete this challenge as quickly as possible.