Jump Pads Appear In Apex Legends – Hint Of Season 1?

You may have noticed some changes around King’s Canyon lately, if you’ve been paying attention. There are now jump pads spread out around the map in various locations. These jump pads are rumored to be the ultimate ability of the upcoming legend Octane in season 1 of Apex Legends. It appears as if Respawn has put them in the game ahead of Octane himself in order to allow players to get used to how they work.

How Do Jump Pads Work?

While not as powerful as their counterpart in Fortnite, Apex Legends jump pads add a nice bit of mobility and utility to the game (not that it was lacking mobility to begin with). There is no redeploy from the jump pads; meaning they are intended for use over shorter distances. The way they work is pretty simple, just step onto the jump pad and up into the air you go. You’ll travel a short distance in whichever direction you were heading as you contacted the jump pad, which allows you to rapidly reposition while being a hard target to hit. It’s a simple mechanic, but one that has a lot of potential utility. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes decoys will launch off the jump pads as well, allowing for some potential funny plays to take place.

Are Jump Pads Powerful Enough To Be Octane’s Ultimate Ability?

Jump pads are definitely fun, and they have the potential to create some crazy plays, but are they powerful enough to be an ultimate? It’s hard to tell as of now in all honesty. While they are positioned in some pretty nice spots around the map (particularly around the outskirts of market), we’re sure there are better ways to utilize them. A single jump pad doesn’t quite feel like it is ultimate quality though. Our best guess as of now, is that this ultimate will be on an extremely short cooldown, or Octane will be able to drop multiple jump pads at a time (similar to Caustic’s gas traps) in order to increase the power level.

What Are The Best Potential Uses Of A Jump Pad?

Jump pads offer a lot of potential for surprise plays and mobility. The instant height advantage will be great for taking high ground from opponents, relocating to heal, and taking enemies by surprise. While we are sure people will come up with some insanely creative uses for the jump pad, we see three main uses right off the bat. One major use will be to instantly get on top of buildings. If you’re in a fight in Skull Town for example, it will be invaluable to be able to get on the rooftops and have a better angle in the fight without exposing yourself to shots while climbing. Jump pads can also be used to take the fight to your enemies by surprise; your squad is hiding behind a rock or other natural cover, use the jump pad to launch over the rock onto the enemy squad and wipe them out before they know what happened. Jump pads also open up the potential for sneaky plays. Drop one next to a tree and launch your squad up into the tree to wait, as an enemy squad passes by, take them out without them ever knowing where you were. The potential here is massive, we can’t wait to get our hands on Octane and see it in action!