Pantheon Coming To Teamfight Tactics In Patch 9.17

Riot has revealed that Pantheon will be the newest champion to hit the field of battle in Teamfight Tactics! The hit game has been adding quite a few units recently, with the latest patch adding the Hextech origin units of Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx. These new units have shaken up the meta quite a bit, especially with a new synergy coming along with them. Pantheon won’t be bringing any new synergies to TFT, but he still may have a solid impact on the meta. So, what exactly does this famous top lane bruiser have in store for us in TFT?

What You Should Know About Pantheon

Pantheon is a 5-cost unit who packs a hell of a punch when he hits the battle. Appearing in Teamfight Tactics with his Dragonslayer Skin, Pantheon will be a legendary Dragon/Guardian unit, opening up some great new potential defensive synergies, with a powerful offensive punch to go with them. The combination of having Dragon to gain near magic damage immunity, and Guardian to stack up the armor of the team, Pantheon is sure to live up to his bruiser status and add some much needed beef to the frontline of any TFT comp he is played in. But it’s not all defense with Pantheon, he can dish out the punishment just as well. Let’s take a look at what he can do.

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Pantheon’s Teamfight Tactics Ability

Pantheon’s ability in Teamfight Tactics is called “Grand Starfall” and it looks to pack one hell of a punch. The description of Grand Starfall is that “Pantheon leaps into the air and then crashes down on the furthest enemy, stunning it and dealing % max health damage to everything on the way” – it looks like yet another disruption ability similar to the recently released Vi, giving a way to target those pesky carries hidden away in the back of the fight. Have a problem with Draven, Jinx, or Ashe sitting on the backline ripping you to shreds? Not anymore! Let Pantheon jump on their face and melt them right off the battlefield! Here’s a look at the ability in action, courtesy of the League of Legends Twitter

Potential Synergies And Comps For Pantheon In TFT

Being a Guardian and Dragon, Pantheon will naturally have synergies with Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, Leona, and Braum. This will offer more consistency to both Dragon and Guardian comps by bringing the total of those two traits up from 2 champions a piece, to 3 champions. We see Pantheon fitting in nicely as a frontline damage soaker who offers backline disruption mid fight, with the potential to snipe out carries and do some heavy splash damage across a team. One potential option here may be a sort of Dragon/Glacial comp that relies on Braum and Pantheon for the Guardian bonus, while slotting in Shyvana for Dragon and additional frontline presence alongside Sejuani, and a backline Ashe to deal out the damage and keep the CC high throughout the fight. Pantheon could also serve as a nice piece in a sorceror comp as they tend to transition away from Ahri and into Aurelion Sol in the later stages of the game. Pantheon could be plug and play into those style of comps to get the Dragon bonus online and have a beefier, magic resistant, team.

One important thing to note here is that Pantheon is a 5-cost unit. This means he will be harder to come by and less reliable to build your comp around. However, it also means the 5-cost pool is getting diluted a bit as well. So you can expect to see a little less reliability in finding Kayle, Karthus, and the other 5-cost champions that are currently in the game.

When Will Pantheon Be Added To Teamfight Tactics?

Pantheon is currently available for testing on the Teamfight Tactics PBE. As of now, it looks like he will be ready to join the battle in Patch 9.17, the next major content update patch. While 9.16b will be releasing on August 21st, the “b” patches do not tend to release new developments to the game, and instead focus on tuning. We expect to see Pantheon become available with the 9.17 patch release, currently slotted for August 28th. One things for sure, we can’t wait to try him out!