Fishing In Sea of Thieves

Fishing in Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves, the pirate life. Known for fighting skeletons, sinking ships, and plundering your little heart out taking all of the treasure you can find. However, this beautiful game does have some very relaxing elements if you wish to partake in them, namely fishing. One of the best things about Sea of Thieves is the scenery. It’s no secret that the game has some of the most beautiful water in all of gaming, so why not spend a little more time taking in the view?

Now you may be thinking why would I want to go fishing in Sea of Thieves, a typically action packed adventure game. What if we told you that not only can you relax and take in the view while casting out your line, but you can get rich doing it? That’s right, some of the fish in the sea are worth even more gold than the coveted Chest of Legends. In fact, a single trophy rare fish can net you almost as much gold as an entire skeleton fort event! Sounds pretty good right? That’s not even mentioning the commendations and reputation you can gain while fishing!

How to Fish in Sea of Thieves

So, you’re ready to set aside your cutlass and eye of reach for a few minutes and catch some fish? Well, you’ll need to know how if you’re going to become an esteemed member of the Hunter’s Call! Fishing in Sea of Thieves may seem difficult at first, and it is definitely more interactive than fishing in most games. However, fishing is fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

To start, you’ll need to be near a body of water, obviously, to cast out your line. Equip your handy fishing pole, cast it out, and wait for the fish to show up! Before long, you should notice a fish swimming around near your hook, once you’ve spotted it, it’s time to get ready for the fight. When a fish bites, it will immediately start swimming out into the water away from you, and after a few seconds will begin fighting to break your line and escape. This fight is indicated by the splashing and rapid movements of the fish, during this time you are not able to reel in your fish without breaking your line, you must tire out the fish by fighting it, then you’ll be able to reel in your prize.

Luckily for us pirates who often have a belly full of grog, the fish in Sea of Thieves aren’t the most clever creatures and only have three moves to counteract. While fighting a fish will either swim left, right, or directly away from you – to counteract this you simply need to pull your fishing rod in the opposite direction. If a fish is swimming left, you want to pull your rod to the right, conversely when the fish goes right, you pull left. While the fish is swimming away from you, you will need to pull down on your rod to keep them on the line.

Once the fish has tired itself out, the splashing will stop, the fish will remain still, and you’ll be able to safely reel it in while it regains stamina. Don’t expect a one and done fight however, you’ll need to tire a fish out a couple of times in most cases to fully reel it in. Trophy fish are even more resilient and need to be tired out further, but the big payoff for a fat trophy fish is worth it!

What Kind of Bait Do You Need to Fish?

So you’ll need to gather some bait in order to start fishing right? The answer here is actually no, but it is required for the more valuable types of fish. Splashtails, Pondies, and Islehoppers will bite the hook even with no bait equipped – nobody said they were the brightest of creatures. However the other fish in the sea aren’t so easy to catch, and you’ll need a specific bait to lure them in.

There are three bait types in Sea of Thieves – grubs, leeches, and earthworms. Each bait attracts different kinds of fish. Grubs are favored by Devilfish and Battlegills. Leeches are the favorite of Ancientscales and the valuable Stormfish. Earthworms bring in the Plentifins, Wildsplashes, and Wreckers. Keep in mind that while Splashtails, Pondies, and Islehoppers do not require bait to catch, they will still go for a baited hook!

Now where do you find these tasty fish snacks you may be wondering? Luckily for you, bait is easy to come by in Sea of Thieves. Grubs, leeches, and earthworms can all be found in the barrels spread around the world and are pretty easy to stock up on. However, if you aren’t finding enough bait in barrels, you can always dig some up as well! Earthworms can be dug up with your shovel from grassy or dirty inland areas, grubs can be dug up on the beaches, and leeches can be found by digging at the shoreline.

What Kind of Fish Will You Find in the Sea of Thieves?

All in all, there are 50 types of fish in the Sea of Thieves currently. There are 10 different species of fish, and each species has 5 variants. Let’s take a look at what they are and where to find them:

Splashtails – found in open bodies of water and require no bait to catch. Includes Ruby, Sunny, Indigo, Umber, and Seafoam variants.
Pondies – found in freshwater ponds inland, no other fish appear in these ponds and require no bait to catch. Includes Charcoal, Orchid, Bronze, Bright, and Moonsky variants.
Islehoppers – found in the water surrounding large islands and require no bait to catch. Includes Stone, Moss, Honey, Raven, and Amethyst variants.
Ancientscales – found in open waters of The Ancient Isles region and require leeches as bait to catch. Includes Almond, Sapphire, Smoke, Bone, and Starshine variants.
Plentifins – found in the open waters of The Shores of Plenty region and require earthworms as bait to catch. Includes Olive, Amber, Cloudy, Bonedust, and Watery variants.
Wildsplashes – found in the open waters of The Wilds region and require earthworms as bait to catch. Includes Russet, Sandy, Ocean, Muddy, and Coral variants.
Devilfish – Found in the open waters of The Devil’s Roar region and require grubs as bait to catch. Includes Ashen, Seashell, Lava, Forsaken, and Firelight variants.
Battlegills – found in waters near active skeleton ships or skeleton forts and require grubs as bait to catch. Includes Jade, Sky, Rum, Sand, and Bittersweet variants.
Wreckers – found near sunken shipwrecks in the open waters and require earthworms as bait to catch. Includes Rose, Sun, Blackcloud, Snow, and Moon variants.
Stormfish – found in the open water only during a heavy storm and require leeches as bait to catch. Includes Ancient, Shores, Wild, Shadow, and Twilight variants.

All 50 types of fish are capable of being trophy fish as well, so keep an eye out!

What Are Trophy Fish?

Trophy fish, what are those? Simply put, a trophy fish is a bigger (and tougher to catch) version of any fish in the game. Any time you go fishing, you have a small chance that the fish you encounter will be a trophy fish, which can be identified by its larger stature. There’s no trick to finding more trophy fish, and the way you catch them isn’t any different than a standard fish, although they do fight for longer periods of time. The upside is that a trophy fish heals for more health when eaten and sells for more gold and reputation than a standard fish!

How to Catch Rare Fish

Each type of fish in Sea of Thieves has a rare variant that is worth significantly more money than the other four variants of that fish. So what’s the trick to finding these valuable fishies? Unfortunately, there isn’t any secret. Rare fish are just that, rare. By rare we mean actually rare, you’ll need to fish for a good bit of time to encounter one of these fish, and even longer to encounter a trophy version of one. However, the patience pays off as rare trophy fish are one of the highest gold value items in all of Sea of Thieves. So sit back, take in the view, have a grog, and patience will make you a rich pirate!

Cooking and Selling Your Fish

Fish can be sold to the Hunter’s Call for gold, or eaten to gain health. While sushi is a delight for many, your pirate stomach doesn’t take kindly to it and eating raw fish will make you sick. Likewise, the Hunter’s Call is willing to pay more gold for a cooked fish, so no matter your intentions, we recommend cooking up any of the fish you find. Keep in mind if you are pressed for time, or not a great chef (the hook hand gets in the way sometimes), the Hunter’s Call will still buy raw, undercooked, or burnt fish from you – just don’t expect to get top dollar for them. Head to any Seapost with your fish to sell them off in exchange for Hunter’s Call reputation and some coin!

If you’re wondering how to cook your fish to increase their value, it’s pretty simple. Fish can be cooked on the stove found on your ship or any of the campfires around the world. You can tell a fish is completely cooked when the eyes have turned fully white and the body of the fish is a nice crispy golden brown. For reference a normal fish takes about 35 seconds to fully cook and a trophy fish will take around 80 seconds.

Sea Of Thieves Fishing Chart

Looking for a quick reference on every fish in the Sea of Thieves and how much they are worth? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Check out the fishing value chart below for everything you need to know at a glance!

Fish TypeRarityBait NeededRaw Gold ValueRaw Trophy Gold ValueUndercooked Gold ValueUndercooked Trophy Gold ValueCooked Gold ValueCooked Trophy Gold ValueBurnt Gold ValueBurnt Trophy Gold Value
Ruby SplashtailBase VariantNone751901002551152851545
Sunny SplashtailCommon VariantNone1503752055052255653585
Indigo SplashtailUncommon VariantNone25556530576534085050130
Umber SplashtailRare VariantNone3759405051270565141085210
Seafoam SplashtailNighttime VariantNone1503752055052255653580
Charcoal PondieBase VariantNone751901002551152851545
Orchid PondieCommon VariantNone1503752055052255653585
Bronze PondieUncommon VariantNone25556530576534085050130
Bright PondieRare VariantNone3759405051270565141085210
Moonsky PondieNighttime VariantNone1503752055052255653585
Stone IslehopperBase VariantNone1052651403601604002560
Moss IslehopperBase VariantNone1052651403601604002560
Honey IslehopperBase VariantNone1052651403601604002560
Raven IslehopperRare VariantNone105026251420354515753940235590
Amethyst IslehopperNighttime VariantNone1052651403601604002560
Almond AncientscaleBase VariantLeeches22556530576534085050130
Sapphire AncientscaleCommon VariantLeeches3007504051015450112570170
Smoke AncientscaleUncommon VariantLeeches3759405051270565141085210
Bone AncientscaleRare VariantLeeches30007500405010,125450011,2506751690
Starshine AncientscaleNighttime VariantLeeches3007504051015450112570170
Olive PlentifinBase VariantEarthworms22556530576534085050130
Amber PlentifinCommon VariantEarthworms3007504051015450112570170
Cloudy PlentifinUncommon VariantEarthworms3759405051270565141085210
Bonedust PlentifinRare VariantEarthworms30007500405010,125450011,2506751690
Watery PlentifinNighttime VariantEarthworms3007504051015450112570170
Russet WildsplashBase VariantEarthworms22556530576534085050130
Sandy WildsplashCommon VariantEarthworms3007504051015450112570170
Ocean WildsplashUncommon VariantEarthworms3759405051270565141085210
Muddy WildsplashRare VariantEarthworms30007500405010,125450011,2506751690
Coral WildsplashNighttime VariantEarthworms3007504051015450112570170
Ashen DevilfishBase VariantGrubs22556530576534085050130
Seashell DevilfishCommon VariantGrubs3007504051015450112570170
Lava DevilfishUncommon VariantGrubs3759405051270565141085210
Forsaken DevilfishRare VariantGrubs30007500405010,125450011,2506751690
Firelight DevilfishNighttime VariantGrubs3007504051015450112570170
Jade BattlegillBase VariantGrubs3759405051270565141085210
Sky BattlegillCommon VariantGrubs450112564015206751690100225
Rum BattlegillUncommon VariantGrubs525131571017757901975120295
Sand BattlegillRare VariantGrubs37509375506512,655562514,0658452110
Bittersweet BattlegillNighttime VariantGrubs450112561015206751690100225
Rose WreckerBase VariantEarthworms3759405051270565141085210
Sun WreckerCommon VariantEarthworms450112561015206751690100225
Blackcloud WreckerUncommon VariantEarthworms525131571017757901975120295
Snow WreckerRare VariantEarthworms37509375506512,655562514,0658452110
Moon WreckerNighttime VariantEarthworms450112561015206751690100225
Ancient StormfishBase VariantLeeches450112561015206751690100225
Shores StormfishBase VariantLeeches450112561015206751690100225
Wild StormfishBase VariantLeeches450112561015206751690100225
Shadow StormfishRare VariantLeeches450011,250607515,190675016,87510151400
Twilight StormfishNighttime VariantLeeches450112561015206751690100225

Other Ways to Find Fish

Want to earn those commendations and level up your Hunter’s Call faction, but not a fan of fishing? That’s ok, you still have options! Fish can be found throughout the Sea of Thieves without ever having to cast your line into the water. If you’re on the lookout for fish be sure to check the barrels floating randomly in the ocean, all of the barrels within sunken shipwrecks, any storage crate you come across, and the chests of any rowboat you see! Even if you are an avid fisher you should keep an eye out for these things as there’s a good chance you can find some rare fish in these areas! Keep in mind though, that the fish you find in the world may be burnt and lose a significant portion of their value.

Oh and one last thing for your bloodthirsty pirates out there – if you board another crew’s ship during a battle, be sure to check their food barrels! Their treasure may float after their ship sinks, but those cooked fishies won’t. A quick peek into the food barrel can turn a small heist into a big one quickly if they have some rare fish stored away!