Sea Of Thieves Lantern Colors

Colored Lanterns On Ship

Have you ever wondered what Sea of Thieves lantern colors are all about? Why do you see some ships with different colored lanterns or why you can change the color of your lantern when on the ferry? We’re here to answer all those questions and more! In this guide we will cover what lantern colors are available in Sea of Thieves, what the purposes for the lantern colors are, and how to get each lantern color. Let’s dive in!

What Lantern Colors Can You Get In Sea Of Thieves?

There are six different lantern colors available in Sea of Thieves (not including the default basic lantern flame). The colors that you can change your lanterns to include red, pink, white, blue, green, and purple. Each of these lantern colors are obtained by a different method of death on the seas. Let’s take a look at how to get each lantern color:
  • Red: – Death by fire or volcano
  • Pink: – Death by another player
  • White: – Death by lightning
  • Blue: – Death by shark
  • Green: – Death by skeleton
  • Purple: – Death by snake

Best Way To Get Each Different Lantern Color

Some of the lantern colors are harder to get than others, but the method of obtaining each color is pretty straightforward overall. Let’s go over a few quick tips on the best way to obtain each color.
For red lanterns, you can simply get your pirate’s health low and then hit yourself with a firebomb to burn your way to the ferry and obtain your red light. For pink lanterns, you’ll need to find another player on the seas, we recommend boarding their ship while sailing your own ship away in a safe direction, cause a little mischief and they’ll send you to the ferry for your pink light in no time. The white lantern can only be obtained if you die by a lightning strike, so it’s time to find the storm – once in the storm climb somewhere up high and hold out your sword to act as a lightning rod. Blue lanterns require sharks, you can either go for a swim until you find one or find any emergent shipwreck which is sure to have sharks in the waters nearby. Green lanterns are simple, just go to an island and find a skeleton, let them send you to the ferry and the light is yours. Purple is easy as well, go to an island where you can find snakes and get yourself bitten, once the venom sends you to the ferry you’ll have your light.


How To Change Your Lantern Color

You can change both the color of your own lantern as well as the lanterns on your ship. Once you have died in one of the necessary ways and found yourself on the ferry, you’ll be able to change your own lantern’s color. Find the Well of Fates in the center of the ferry, hold your lantern up high while standing next to it, and follow the prompt to take the flame, this will change the color of your lantern.
Once you have revived and left the ferry you’ll find yourself back on your ship. Take your lantern out with the new color you have obtained and hold your lantern up high again. This time you will be prompted to set the lantern flame, once you have done that you should see the lantern on your ship change colors. Just be sure to follow the correct prompt, if you take the flame from a standard lantern, you’ll lose the colored flame in your lantern and have to make another trip to the ferry.

What Is The Purpose Of Different Lantern Colors?

So what’s the point of the different lantern colors you may be wondering? Is it just a way to make your ship look cooler? Or do they serve an actual purpose? The different lantern colors are actually needed for a variety of events. The Fort of the Damned being the primary objective that pirates are chasing after when obtaining the different lantern colors. The lantern colors are also needed to fight Fated skeletons. The green and red lanterns are the most popular colors as they are needed to fight Fated skeletons that spawn during an Athena’s Run of Thieves Haven.

Activating Fort Of The Damned

In order to activate the Fort of the Damned, you will need all six lantern colors. You will also need all six lantern colors while clearing the Fort of the Damned in order to fight the different waves of Fated skeletons that spawn. Activating this event requires taking all six lantern colors up to the main room of the fort in your lantern and lighting the six beacons in the room. Once all six beacons have been lit, a Ritual Skull may be placed on the caged skeleton. With the Ritual Skull in place and the beacons lit, the Fort of the Damned will become active and the event can be completed.