Blizzard Explains European WoW Classic Realm Structure

For those of you who haven’t caught the hype yet, WoW Classic is set to release August 27th this year. WoW Classic is Blizzard’s answer to private servers, giving players what they have wanted for years and years, the ability to play World of Warcraft in all its former glory. For the most part Blizzard has done an incredible job with WoW Classic. The game has dominated Twitch through the early portions of the beta, and the beta is bringing in more viewership than current WoW has in quite some time. The community is almost universally behind the vast majority of Blizzard’s decisions for WoW Classic, however they might have goofed a little bit on this one.

In this forum post by Community Manager Taepsilum, Blizzard outlines their planned realm structure for the European region. Their plan is basically no plan, realms will not be sorted by country or language, leaving the control up to the players entirely. The exception being Russian servers which will be separated (and have a separate game client) due to their reliance on the Cyrillic Alphabet.

The European WoW Community Is Not Pleased

So far, the Classic WoW community is not very happy with this decision. The community is up in arms on the forums, Reddit, and elsewhere saying that there should be dedicated realms for certain languages. The community is the most important part of Classic WoW, and having language barriers can be an overall detriment to that community feel. This obviously has players worried. If they can not effectively communicate with others on the realm, they can’t establish that realm wide community that the game is known for. Without that, Classic WoW will not be the same experience that it could be.

Should Blizzard Re-Consider Their WoW Classic Realm Structure?

This could go either way. Blizzard could have a change of heart on this topic and come out and restructure the European realm plan to provide dedicated realms for specific languages. However, we do not believe that to be likely. We don’t think this is the end of the world (of Warcraft) for European players though. Back in the day the community determined servers. We all knew what THE servers were for each element of the game. You knew the drama filled server, the roleplay server, the PVP server, etc. Our thought is that once realm lists are announced, European players will unofficially declare which server will be the German server, the French server, and so on. Classic WoW is about community, and the community is capable of sorting this problem out on their own for the most part.