Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Tour: Loot Tiers, And Tips

Whether you’re new to Apex Legends, or an experienced player, having an upper-hand on the map in the game is always going to put you ahead. I mean, let’s face it, you have your favorite landing spots for a reason, right? Whether it just be because you like the scenery, or maybe you like the rotations out of the specific location, you like it. On top of that, you’re very likely going to end up playing better simply because of how aware you are of your surroundings. This goes for any game, not just Apex Legends. Need cover? Oh, I know there’s that cool wall over there that allows me to get to a few different locations to flank, super quickly.

Unfortunately, unless you’re dropping in the same spot each game, it takes a while to really learn all of the cool tips and tricks of each area. That’s where we’d like to give you an upper-hand. There’s so much that goes into King’s Canyon. I have a few hundred hours in the game, and I still find new tips and tricks each day. It’s actually quite impressive. With that said, let’s dive a little bit deeper into King’s Canyon, Apex Legends first map.

Different Locations In King’s Canyon

There’s a wide variety of different locations in Apex Legend’s first map, King’s Canyon. You should have no issues finding your go-to spot for you and your friends. There’s a lot of options for different styles of play across the map. Do you like to hot drop? Check out Skull Town. Are you interested in playing it slower? Check out the Swamp. Either way, we promise that you’re going to find your location. Check out the below locations to see if one of these is the fit for you!

If you’re looking for tips on a specific location on King’s Canyon, please use this table of contents:

What Is King’s Canyon?

King’s Canyon, if you’re unfamiliar, is the first map in Apex Legends. It mixes in two different biomes mostly. One, is the desert side of the map. The other, is the grassy or swampy side of the map. It is pretty much a 50/50 split between the two, with an abundance of drops on each side. So, if you’re more of a grassy biome kind of person, there’s definitely going to be some drops you’re going to want to consider.

Apex Legends unlike many other games in the battle royale genre, seems to really hit looting well. The loot is very even across all drop areas. Obviously, some areas in King’s Canyon are going to have more loot than others simply because of how many more buildings, and loot areas there are in the given area.

The first thing you’re likely going to notice on King’s Canyon, is the giant dinosaurs (I call them cloverfield creatures) sitting off in the distance. They are called Levianthins. Apex Legends is within the Titanfall universe where these creatures were originally introduced, and given that Respawn makes both games, you can understand why they’re chilling in the ocean. They’re quite the spectacle. It’ll be interesting to see how they change the scenery of each different map in the future.

What Are The Hot Drops In Apex Legends?

Like any battle royale game, there’s going to be popular drops. These popular drops are going to vary each game because of how the ship is flying in.If you’re new to battle royales, typically speaking, each player is loaded onto some sort of airship. In PUBG, it is a plane. Blackout, is helicopters. Fortnite, is the infamous battle bus. Apex Legends, is basically a spaceship. These airships choose a path, at random, to fly over the map. These are changed each different game you play. So, the first game you may fly over Skull Town. The second game, you may fly over the Swamp. Or, there’s always the infamous Supply Ship.

Apex Legends also introduced a new feature with it’s launch, and it is essentially the “hot drop”. Each game, an area of King’s Canyon is going to be circled on your mini map, as well as having a giant beam shooting out of it notifying you of its location. This hot drop, is going to have the chance of offering you fully golden guns. Golden guns come with fully gold attachments. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these bad boys in the beginning of the game, you’re going to be a menace for the rest of the game.

With that said, hot drops are very enticing for the majority of the playerbase. It’s a great way to reward a team coming out on top from an area. It is also a great way to get more players into a certain area at the start of the game. A lot of people like to slow-play battle royales, and other people like to get right into the action. If you’re the latter, then make sure you’re checking out the hot drops.

Apex Legends Respawn Beacon Locations

Apex Legends respawning feature is one of it’s best features. Too often, in Fortnite and PUBG, you’ll have to sit there and watch your teammates until they inevitably die, or win the game. The problem with that, is that you’re not playing the game. That’s the whole idea behind respawn beacons in Apex Legends. Who doesn’t want more play-time? Additionally, it adds another layer to the map in both competitive and casual play.

That said, it’s important to know where the respawn beacons are actually located on the map. Especially when your real-life friend is nagging in your ear about getting him up. Respawn beacons take a little bit of precision, though, because when you respawn your teammates, it is basically a flare for any players to come and start lighting you up. Make sure to keep that in mind when choosing which location you actually want to use.

Best Loot Areas In Apex Legends

Typically, there’s not a bad looting area in Apex Legends because of how the loot is laid out. Guns are generally pretty abundant. That said, there is definitely better areas simply because there is more loot areas. These locations are generally going to be the locations with the most buildings.

If you’re playing with a full squad of your buddies, and have decent communication, we generally recommend some of these better loot areas because you have a higher chance of coming out on top. With each of these places, if you’re able to get a gun early, you don’t really have to worry about actually looting every building. You can sort of sit back, listen and watch the show, and wait for your moment. This will essentially let everyone else loot. You come out at the end, clean them up, and take it all for yourself.

There are some very good loot areas with good rotations. By this, I mean that initially, the loot may not be particularly overwhelming or anything, but you can easily rotate to the next area, further increasing your equipment. This is something incredibly good to consider, especially if you’re not someone that wants to hot drop every game, and are playing for the win.

You’re going to very quickly notice that there seems like there may not be enough people on the map for the amount of players. You can use this to your advantage with what was previously mentioned (looting through rotations instead of hot drops). Take the swamp for example. It’s the furthest east location, and not many people want to drop there because of how far off it is. There’s basically a city on top of the swamp there with an abundance of loot. You can loot this entire zone comfortably, rotate into Hydro Dam, and Repulsor and be fully kitted for the rest of the game.

At the end of the day, it really all depends on how you want to go about playing Apex Legends. If you’re looking for one loot spot to fully kit yourself, it very likely won’t happen. Even in Skull Town, which is Apex Legend’s version of Tilted Towers, you’re not going to come out with everything you’re looking for to get a win.

Supply Ship

High Tier

Apex Legends also introduced another interesting feature into King’s Canyon, and this is the supply ship. It is exactly what it sounds like. A hovering ship that has you guessed it, supplies (armor, guns, attachments, healing, grenades). This is probably the hottest drop outside of Skull Town depending on where you’re flying in on the map.

Reason being, is because the supply ship is typically hovering just slightly above the map as you’re flying in. You can actually hit the supply ship before people are able to hit the ground. This tends to be Apex Legends most chaotic hot drop because everyone is scurrying to try and get a weapon. If you land on one, you’re most likely going to end up with a lot of kills or knocked by being punched by fifteen different people that all wanted the gun you got.

That said, if you’re going to land on the supply ship, you need to fully commit to it. It’s a “!@#$ it” type scenario. If you don’t fully commit to it, you’re going to find yourself without a gun, retreating off of the ship to the closest building to find one. This quickly becomes an issue when the person that does get a gun, is so bloodthirsty that he doesn’t stop until you’re dead. These players are fiends. They stop at nothing short of your death.

If you’re familiar with PUBG, this is most definitely Apex Legend’s version of the school. Find a gun as quickly as possible, and begin racking up the kills. Unless, of course, you become the victim first.

Another interesting aspect of the Supply Ship, is its ability to actually travel around the map. This is very cool for a few different reasons, and can also be ridiculously obnoxious. For starters, it is incredibly loud. Initially, until you really get a feel for the sound of it, you’re going to mistake the supply ship for Ziplining jet-pack players, or respawn beacons. This can cause a few bad rotations that may put you in a peculiar situation that you’d rather not be in.

Additionally, you’re going to have the players that camp the supply ship. You’re going to be walking around, minding your own business, and then not five seconds later, you’re knocked. You’ll have no sound queues, no nothing, and you’re going to find yourself asking “WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE DID I GET SHOT FROM?” Soon, you will realize that they’re camping the supply ship, and you will become frustrated. Well, maybe you won’t, but I’m talking from my past experiences. Needless to say, camping is going to be apart of some people’s game styles no matter what game they’re playing, so prepare for it because the supply ship in Apex Legends is a perfect campground.


High Tier

Artillery is on the northern edge of King’s Canyon. It looks as if it is some sort of weapons facility within the Titanfall world. It is marked as a high-loot location, but I think you’re quickly going to find out that this place isn’t for everyone.

There’s a few larger warehouses on the southern side of it that, for how large they are, really do not have all that much loot within them. It can definitely be a frustrating experience because when flying down, landing at the largest buildings is usually the go-to for areas that you’re unfamiliar with. Don’t make the same mistake here with these two warehouses.

Additionally, there’s going to be two larger buildings at the northern part. These buildings have large doors that raise up, similar to those in the market. These buildings have a few different levels, and we recommend landing at them. In Artillery, elevation is king. If you can quickly grab a gun in one of these buildings, and hit the roof, you’re going to be able to laser beam enemy players and easily assist your teammates. There are also ziplines located on top of them giving you ease of access to the rest of Artillery.

Passed the two northern buildings, there’s a building within a mountain (centralized in between the buildings). There’s only one entrance, but it splits off into two separate stairways that lead up to a sort of balcony that overlooks Artillery. Generally, you can find a gun outside of the main door to this location that will allow you to quickly rotate up into elevation giving you an advantage over the other dropping players. Given that there’s only the one way to get up, you can basically bottleneck enemy players into coming to you.

My favorite part of Artillery, is the rotation out of it. You can choose a few different ways. The main one that you’re going to likely use, will be the rotation southwest to cascades. There’s a tunnel, with a very steep ramp that is a blast to slide down, located in the southwestern corner of Artillery. There is plenty of loot, and crates in here so it can serve as a decent landing spot if you see too many people landing main buildings. This tunnel is going to lead you to the very top level of Cascades with the base overlooking it. You’ll be able to get a great bird’s eye view before actually dropping down in.

The other rotation out of Artillery, is the southern rotation. While there isn’t many named locations south of Artillery (close by), there’s a lot of crates between them. I can’t tell you how many times this rotation has saved my team by gearing us up with higher-quality armor, and additional ammo. If you’re looking for more loot before battling, I highly recommend this rotation. The Eastern part of the map typically has less people.


High Tier

Relay is one of my favorite ending locations. There’s a few different layers to it, but the best part about it, is the gorgeous waterfall. Apex Legends brings a unique art style to the genre. PUBG is a bit more realistic. Fortnite is more cartoony. I guess the only thing really that compares to it, is Blackout, and that game is simply put… a dumpster fire.

For as big of an area it actually is, there isn’t much in the way of buildings. If you take a full team there, you’re probably going to end up being mediocrely kitted, and will want to rotate into another zone to further loot before hitting late game. Initially landing here, we recommend hitting the largest building as it’s going to have the highest chance of having loot.

At the most northern side of Relay, there’s an island that you’re only able to get to by zipline. So, if you’re going to be landing over there, or going there, make sure you consider that when figuring out how you’re going to get back. This becomes increasingly more difficult if there are enemy players in the area.

I once had a game end there, and the two enemy players posted up there. The problem with it was that all they could do was poke, but we poked back. As soon as we hit a few good shots, and one of them was knocked, they had literally no way of retreating safely outside of the ziplines. Kinda hard, as a knocked player, to zipline. Definitely something to keep in mind.

There’s two ways to rotate out of Relay, and as we like to mention, rotations in Apex Legends are of the utmost importance. You’re never going to be able to get fully kitted just by looting. You will have to fight for loot. Plus, who wants to play a battle royale game and never fight. What’s the point?

That said, you can head south into the Wetlands, which is very similar to that of Relay. So, if you’re enjoying the landscape, and scenery there, you would do well in Wetlands. Secondly, you can rotate into the west to what I like to call the Valley. It’s an un-named area south of Artillery that has an incredible amount of crates that’ll help you fully loot your squad up. On top of that, there’s a respawn beacon centered that is likely going to be safer than the ones in Relay, or Wetlands.


High Tier

Swamp is definitely the home of an incredible amount of loot. Even with a full squad, it’s going to take you a few minutes to loot all of the buildings. I recommend picking one side or the other (north vs south), and work your way down or up. This is going to allow you to cover the most houses by the time the circle comes; and, trust me, that circle is going to come.

Very rarely does Swamp actually remain in the circle given how far east it is. I swear, and I don’t know if it is by design, or what, but the circle is very rarely east. You know how the circle in Fortnite always feels like it’s over tilted towers? The same can be said for that same area of the map in Apex Legends. It makes sense, though, because if the circle is too far east, west, north, or south each game, it is going to make each part of the map depending, horrible to rotate out of. Point is, make sure you’re looting fast and aware of the circle location.

Most of the buildings are the same one-story layout, but there is a few two-story layouts. This is good when considering speed and efficiency, because the loot spots in each of these buildings is always going to be the same. On top of that, there is A LOT of them.

I’ve experienced a few games where Swamp was the Hot Zone, and it was actually insane how many people went there. At least half of the game was flying into the Swamp, and with the trees covering the majority of the area, it’s sort of a circus when you’re diving in. Best course of action, though, is to set your sight on a building and land at it. Like we said, starting at the outside and working your way inside makes the most sense in terms of survival.

The most obvious rotation out of Swamp is going to be the Hydro Dam. It almost feels like a magnet. I’m not sure if it is because of its massive size, or if landing at the north and rotating south is just the most natural to me. Either way, it ends up being a fairly good rotation in terms of safety. If it’s a fight you’re looking for, you’ll want to go elsewhere. Due to the sheer size of swamp and how much there is to loot, by the time you hit Hydro Dam, everyone’s already gone. So, you’re playing catch-up.

If you’re looking for a little bit more action, but still want to drop at Swamp, we recommend landing on the southern end of Swamp and rotating up. From there, you can rotate west and hit a nice little encampment that is unnamed. There’s a few players that typically like to land there. The fun comes in though after you’re done there, and are rotating further west. You will generally catch the droppers at Hydro Dam, and Bridges. Plenty of action to go around.

The last rotation, is headed into Wetlands. This is going to make the most sense if you start south and work your way North. If you’re going to be doing that, though, you’re likely going to be a bit behind the Wetlands players. So you may find yourself running directly through Wetlands trying to scavenge loot and hunt them down.


High Tier

Repulsor is a mid-sized location, with a decent amount of loot, and a good chunk of chaos depending on where the ship’s flying in from. It’s a bit secluded being on the southern end of the map which means you’re going to more often than not rotate out because of the circle. Make sure you keep that in mind when landing here, same as a few of the more eastern locations.

It looks like some sort of radio station at first glance with it’s incredibly large tower. It is walled in, so it seems like the people that inhabit it are looking to really protect it. It’ll be interesting to see if lore becomes more of a part in Apex Legends. Sort of like an Overwatch. They tell their stories a different way.

If you’ve visited Artillery, you know the warehouses i’m about to refer to. These same warehouses are located in Repulsor as well. As mentioned previously, while they take up a lot of room, they’re not a great drop spot if you’re looking to slay out or protect yourself from aggressors in the early game. You’re going to have a better shot at landing at one of the other two buildings further east.

In terms of rotations, there isn’t much. Typically most people will rotate into Hydro Dam. If you’re going to do this, you need to be wiping out the other enemy players at Repulsor, and looting fairly quick. Given that Hydro Dam isn’t too great for loot, people aren’t going to stick around very long.

Additionally, you can rotate west out of Repulsor, but civilization is going to be few and far between. There’s little buildings scattered across the way until you hit the likes of Market, or South West towards Water Treatment. Even then, both of those options are sub-par at best. This is why I typically try and avoid Repulsor. Unless, of course, the circle ends there!

Water Treatment

High Tier

Water Treatment is a series of interconnected buildings that span out in a few different directions, with multiple entrances and exits to each building. In terms of loot, Water Treatment can be considered a crap shoot. The area is quite large, and outside of the inner buildings, there’s basically zero loot.

With that said, if you’re going to choose to hurt yourself by landing here, you’re going to want to land at the inner location. Don’t make the same mistake I did when I dropped here, and get screwed out of a gun. I think word-for-word i said “welp, i guess i’m never dropping here again”. I suppose I could be totally bias, though per my awful experiences here.

The benefit of this place, I guess, is the rotation out of it is going to be fairly fast. So, if you’re looking for less confrontation from the get go, this is going to be a solid option. You and your squad will be able to loot the interconnected buildings quickly, and then be on your merry way. Where are you going to go next? That’s the big question, and one of the most important factors in Apex Legends.

A great part about the rotation out of Water Treatment is that you can basically go anywhere except down (pun intended). To add to that, there’s a balloon zipline located in the back. If it’s action you’re looking for, you’re going to want to make the trek North West to Skull Town. Skull Town is the tilted towers of Apex Legends. There is ALWAYS people there. It doesn’t matter if the ship flies in on the total opposite side. People are going to make their way there. Additionally, there’s Market. Market seems to be a hotspot as well. Very condensed, with a decent amount of loot. Players typically love areas such as this. Anywhere there’s a chance at high loot, and a lot of kills, people will flock towards.

If you want to play a slower game of Apex Legends, try out the North East rotation out towards Repulsor, and the unnamed locations that direction. It is typically very quiet over there. Prepare for long rotations to the circle, though.


High Tier

Thunderdome is one of my favorite locations in King’s Canyon. Not because landing there is overly spectacular, but because rotating into it is incredible. You’ll notice just Southeast of Thunderdome is an unnamed location. This is my favorite landing spot. From there, I will rotate into Thunderdome, grabbing a few easy kills with somehow, a ridiculous amount of utility. I think that’s the strong point of Thunderdome.

You’re going to notice fairly fast that utility thrives in this area. Grenades, healing, backpacks, and especially armor. I’ve found so many legendary, and purple armors in Thunderdome it’d make you sick. Actually, there seems to be quite a few buildings that ALWAYS have a few specific items in them. I wonder if that is intentional, or if i’m just freakishly lucky?

Additionally, there’s going to be two larger buildings at the northern part. These buildings have large doors that raise up, similar to those in the market. These buildings have a few different levels, and we recommend landing at them. In Artillery, elevation is king. If you can quickly grab a gun in one of these buildings, and hit the roof, you’re going to be able to laser beam enemy players and easily assist your teammates. There are also ziplines located on top of them giving you ease of access to the rest of Artillery.

You’ll quickly notice that Thunderdome isn’t really a dome at all. There’s a lot of rigid rocks that serve as a great layer of protection. The “buildings” there are essentially cages. These cages are going to be where the majority of the loot spawns, and where you’re going to want to focus your attention to when dropping or rotating in.

There’s a hanging area above Thunderdome where I’ve had quite a few games end. I’ve been on both the receiving end of the constant fire. It sort of reminds me fighting someone on the supply ship, but they have more angles to shoot you from with better escape routes. Not only can they jump off, but there is a zipline connecting to another building.

The only way to get up there, is to go up a zipline. This becomes increasingly more difficult when there’s a full team of three laser-beaming you. You and your team, assuming they’re alive, are going to have to split up and take their focus off of one area, but instead spread it out to a few. That’s the only way you’re going to come out on top. That, or hit an incredibly nice shot to knock one and then pressure them.

More often than not, if you’re landing in Thunderdome, it’s because you like to play a bit smarter, or safer. Sometimes, though, you’re going to want some action. When rotating, consider if you’re feeling feisty or not. If you are, then you can rotate into Skull Town. By the time you’re done in Thunderdome, Skull Town should be slowing down a bit. This will allow you to roll in and play clean-up crew to the victors. You’re going to be fully kitted at that point, and ready for the end-game.

Alternatively, you can head north to the unnamed location and follow that path. There’s a lot of quiet, and small encampments along that path that will end up putting you in a solid place loot-wise. The choice is yours!


High Tier

Airbase in my opinion, is an aesthetically pleasing dumpster fire. The loot is few and far between. The only thing it really has going for it, is the fact that other players tend to like it. I’m not sure if they just like the feel to it or what. This makes it a fairly good place to rotate into for some easy clean-up kills. For a pure landing spot, though, I think there are significantly better choices in the immediate area.

The one thing it does well, though, is elevation. There are multiple levels at Airbase providing a different fighting experience each time. If you find yourself on the lower levels, you’re going to end up getting frustrated because there aren’t many places to hide from the elevated competition.

The loot that is there, isn’t particularly good, and it is very spread out. This is bad because it’s going to require you rotate through a lot of open areas. Anyone that rotates in, is likely going to rotate in from the top which is always going to allow them to see the entire area putting you at an immediate disadvantage. They know exactly where you are, and are going to be gunning for you. You’re a sitting duck. Make sure you are rotating out as quickly as possible to either rotate into these players, or avoid them entirely.

The two main rotations out of Airbase are going to be towards the North, and East. To the North is Runoff. I only recommend this location if you are attempting to get a little bit of extra loot. You may fight one team there, but that is all i’d expect.

To the east is an unnamed location that is of fairly decent size. To be honest, I am surprised this location isn’t actually named (respawn?). The buildings here are similar to those in Skull Town. They’re interconnected with a straight-forward loot layout. From here, is where it gets really fun. You can head further east into the Bunker allowing you to slide down those incredibly fun stairs, into the river location. All in all, it should be a pretty entertaining rotation.


High Tier

Runoff is a perfect location for a team of three. Typically, landing at the western buildings (there’s three of them), you can get a few initial guns that’ll help you deal with the vermin over at the eastern location, assuming anyone heads there. More often than not, though, you’re going to have free reign on Runoff. It turns out super nicely too, because there’s enough loot to really kit your three man team.

When considering Runoff, make sure you’re setting out a path for each member of your team. As mentioned, landing at the western spot is great, because there’s three buildings. This means that each of you is going to get your own building, and by the time you’re done with each of them, you can rotate east. From there, make sure you’re each choosing a different location to loot it as quickly and efficiently as possible. One person go North, one South, and one in the middle. You will end up running into each other and can then rotate out.

There’s a few sets of main buildings that are interconnected (certainly seems to be a theme in Apex Legends). There’s a few different levels, and entering them are going to start you off on the bottom floor and then you will eventually rotate up through ziplines, or stairs. In the center of the northern building, there is a cylinder shape that has a zipline taking you to the next level. This spot is fantastic for guns, and armor. Consider that when hot dropping Runoff.

Additionally, there are quite a few crates on the outskirts of Runoff that are going to be less of a focus. So, if you have a bad drop, you can hit these crates and then rotate to the inner parts and still feel somewhat comfortable. There are also a few pipes that end up acting as tunnels to lead you further east. This is where the respawn beacon is located, and you’re definitely going to want to be aware that it is there. The rotators from the unnamed location to your Southeast will likely come up to use this beacon so you can snag a few easy kills while they drop in.

Typically, you’re going to want to be rotating southeast towards bunker, and the unnamed location, or south to the Airbase. You have the option of heading north to The Pit, or Slum Lakes, but more often than not, the circle is going to be the opposite direction so you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Entering Airbase, you’re immediately going to have elevation so you’ll be able to look down with a birds eye view to spot enemies. The unnamed location to the southeast is a different story. It is a very condensed area that you won’t have much vision on and will be at an immediate disadvantage with. Just make sure you’re playing it smart, and using those headphones you spent $$ on to listen for you.


High Tier

The Bunker is an absolute riot. It is built into the core of a mountain that gives you passage from the western part of the map, to the river. While I typically use it for rotational purposes only, there are quite a few people that love landing at Bunker. It’s a race to the guns, so if you’ve perfected dropping in Apex Legends, you’re going to be at an immediate advantage.

On the both sides of the Bunker, there are going to be crates near the entrances. While these are probably your best bet for getting a gun the quickest, they’re going to have less of a pay-off. Most everyone else is going to try and hit the inside of the bunker immediately. The players that get a gun inside, are likely going to come out with anywhere from 6-12 kills. The player landed outside, may get 1-2, but they will probably have a good amount of hp to allow them to rotate in for potential clean-up duty. That’s the great thing about most of the drop locations in Apex Legends. There’s always some sort of risk-reward associated to each location. It’s up to you to decide how you want to play it.

If you do land here, you’re going to be very limited on loot initially. That said, you’re going to want to choose a side, very quickly to rotate to. Both the western and eastern locations are good choices, but you’re going to have to fight to take them. If the ship is landing close enough to bunker, there’s absolutely going to be people landing at the outskirts. With the incredible amount of fighting that happens within Bunker, you will likely be low on utility so you need to make sure you’re playing more safe.

At the end of the day, if you’re landing bunker, you are asking for a fight. For those of you that are aggressive, I think you will thoroughly enjoy Bunker.

The Pit

High Tier

The Pit looks like some sort of secret location in Apex Legends. Hopefully in the future, we figure out what it is actually being used for. There’s a few different construction vehicles within there, so there’s definitely something interesting going on.

If you’re choosing to drop at The Pit, don’t expect to be fully kitted. This drop is going to be more of a quick few kills as a solo drop. There definitely isn’t room for multiple squads here. I’d expect that you and your teammates are going to come out with a gun or two each, and the bare necessities if you’re lucky.

There are three different ways to get into The Pit. Four, if you’re landing here, which many people often do. There’s a Southwestern entrance, a southeastern entrance, and northern entrance. Each of these entrances acts as a passageway between the rock. That said, it can act as a bottleneck and you’re going to want to be aware of that prior to entering. They’re close enough together though, that if you’re fighting a team for a decent amount of time, one of those players or your squadmates can rotate around to flank. Flanking is one of the best ways in Apex Legends to really squash a standoff.

There is a few decent rotations out of The Pit, and this is where it thrives. Southwest, is Runoff. There is typically a team there that takes their time looting. It is sort of out of the way so many people don’t like to drop there. Keep in mind, though, that they’re going to have a better loot selection than you so you may be outgunned. No worries if you’re a good shot!

To the Southeast, you have a few options. You can either head east under the bridge into Cascades, or you can head further South, into Bunker. Both of these options are going to likely be a bit more of an aggressive play. Typically, quite a few people land at both the Bunker and Cascades.

To the North, this is probably the best for a looting route if you’re trying to pull out a win, is Slum Lakes. There’s quite a good bit of loot here, and not many people drop here given how far northwest it is. Depending on where the ship flies in, you may never seen anyone on this part of King’s Canyon when rotating out of The Pit.

Slum Lakes

Mid Tier

Slum Lakes is the Northwestern most part of the map, and with that come a few caveats. While there is quite a lot of buildings in the area, these buildings are very small. That said, the loot is sort of few and far between. I’ve had many drops at Slum Lakes where I spend more time being punched than I do actually shooting a gun because they’re not very abundant.

With less loot, you’re definitely going to want to establish a fairly efficient looting path here more so than any other areas. A lot of these buildings are interconnected so it’s fairly easy to go from one building into another, very quickly. Add in a few slides, and you’re going to be looting Slum Lakes in no time. There’s a few different options for landing, but we always recommend landing on the outskirts and working your way in. This is going to give you the most knowledge so you can handle the situations ahead more appropriately.

To the Northwest of Slum Lakes is a sort of cave-like entrance. It sits up on top of a hill, and back. Up there, though, there’s a few buildings that have a familiar layout and are going to have a solid amount of loot. This is a great spot to hit before fully rotating out to the east, especially if you’re looking to play it a bit more safe. Given that you’re in the far top left corner of the map, people will tend to be few and far between.

Then, there is the option of rotating into either Runoff, or The Pit. Both of these locations tend to be fairly good for cleaning up kills because of their medium-sizes and how many people tend to drop at these locations. It’s one of those situations where you think no one’s going to go there because they’re sort of isolated, but everyone has that same thought. So, you end up with a few players at these locations. Take advantage of that when hunting for additional loot, and kills.


Mid Tier

Wetlands is one of those areas that is incredibly popular for no overly apparent reason. There are pretty quick rotations out of Wetlands due to its size so that is very likely the reason. A lot of people like to be on the move, player hyper-aggressive. Especially in a game like Apex Legends, with the ability to slide and zipline all over the place.

When landing in Wetlands, the majority of the people are going to be landing on the lower level. The key here, is to land on the higher, south-western part of Wetlands. This is going to allow you to loot a few buildings very quickly, and then you’re going to have the elevation. This is going to give you the most information before engaging. Information is important in Apex Legends; especially when more often than not, you find yourself getting third-partied.

Alternatively, if your game style is that of a kamikaze missile, you can land on the lower main part. This is where the most action is going to take place. If you’re going to land here, you need to make sure to find a gun ASAP and ignore any random ammo boxes laying on the ground, or grenades. You’re going to get swarmed within a matter of seconds.

Generally speaking, I find myself landing on the outskirts and then working my way in. This approach can be given to Wetlands as well. On the eastern side, there is another encampment of similar size to the main one. You can use this as an initial looting spot prior to rotating into the main spot. This drop will have the best success rate in terms of actually leaving Wetlands with your life.

Rotations are fairly straight forward. The majority of the time, you’re going to be on the eastern-most part of the circle requiring you to rotate to the west. There is a crevice on the west part of outlands that is going to take you out into the “valley” where there is an abundance of crates for your looting pleasure. This will allow you to head into Cascades, as well as Bridges. With these being centralized on King’s Canyon, you can expect to have company so make sure you’re ready to fight.


Mid Tier

Bridges is overall great spot for dropping. There’s a few different elevation levels, with multiple ways of getting to elevation between ziplines, and hiking up the mountain/hill. There is quite a few large buildings here that are going to offer you a nice split for your squad. Typically, I either like to land at the very top, or the bottom largest building. At the top, you’re offered less loot, but you have view of the entire location.

The bottom, on the other hand, gives you very little vision, but significantly more loot initially. Keep in mind when landing bottom, of the different ways to get to the top. You can, as mentioned, choose to either run up the side of the hill, or use ziplines. There’s a zipline balloon in the center, near the bridge. Additionally, there are zip lines that will take you straight up to the second level. These are on the eastern, and lowest level. On the western side, at the base of the cliff, there are going to be two sets of stairs. One further north, and one south. I really enjoy when different points of attack are considered when creating a map.

With the zipline balloon being in the middle, it sets up pretty fast rotations in a few directions. Due to where Bridges is actually located, you can’t fly certain directions very successfully. For example, if you take the zipline balloon west, you’re going to fly directly into the side of a mountain. If you try to go south, you won’t make it very far before hitting a mountain bridge. These rotations are still perfectly acceptable, but not with the use of the zipline balloon. This basically leaves North, and East open for clean rotations using it.

From experience, you will more than likely end up rotating west through the river, or south west through the tunnel. You’re typically not going to want to stay in Bridges because of how centralized of a location it is. A lot of people are going to be rotating through it, and often. Going west is going to give you access to bunker, and the rotation out of cascades. Southwest through the tunnel is going to open up the Market, and Skull Town players depending on how quickly or slowly you’re moving.

Skull Town

Mid Tier

Tilted Towers, I mean Skull Town is exactly that. This is the Tilted Towers of Apex Legends. If you like chaos, this is going to be your place. There’s a lot of cover, and elevation levels. You can most certainly play this area a few different ways, but most people play it like a kamikaze missile. Land, get a gun, and run at people. Who needs to loot multiple locations when you wipe three entire squads and take all of their loot?

I like to consider myself an aggressively smart player. What I mean by that, is that I am going to be incredibly aggressive but I am going to use my brain to approach each situation. I like to grab a gun and rotate into elevation to look down and assess the situation. Skull Town provides you the ability to do this quite well. There’s two large buildings that sit in the center of the town. Both of these, you can get on top of. They actually have loot on top of that so you can skip the rotation up if you’re lucky enough to land on a gun.

The rest of the buildings in Skull Town are interconnected buildings. Not all of them, but most of them. They are generally in a series. It sort of reminds me of the space bases that you see in the movies; that or a submarine. They’re connected, end, and then a new one will start up with attachments to it. These are going to all be super similar ensuring that looting them is going to be very efficient if you learn the initial layout.

Each of these buildings is going to have three different entrances. Two of these entrances are going to be doors, and the other entrance is going to be the window. You will likely have a love-hate relationship with the window. It’s going to get you a large amount of kills, but you’re also going to get backstabbed a lot. Definitely good design, though, because it ensures that no one will be able to infinitely camp the building.

You can’t really have a bad rotation in Skull Town. You will obviously want to head towards the circle. The largest issue will end up being the fact that so many fights happen in Skull Town, it is going to end up taking you longer than usual to rotate. Too often you’ll find yourself fighting for 5+ minutes and before you know it, the circle is on you eating away at that sweet, sweet hp. That said, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re disengaging at appropriate times, and still playing smart.

Hydro Dam

Low Tier

Hydro Dam at first glance would look like a prime loot spot on King’s Canyon. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t live up to the hype. While it is incredible in terms of scenery due to its vastness, the loot here is incredibly dull. There’s four buildings that you’re going to find the majority of the loot in.

These buildings are all the same layout so you can guess that the loot is going to be in the same spots in each of these buildings making it fairly easy to loot. However, for how big the area is, and how large the buildings are, they really don’t offer you very much. It may be a suitable spot for a solo player, but given the way that the game works, you typically want to stick with your team. If you and your friends are going to be landing in this area, or general vicinity, I highly recommend hitting Swamps prior and then rotating into Hydro Dam for the best outcome in terms of loot.

The most notable part of Hydro Dam is the tunnel that leads over to Bridges, through the mountains. There’s a giant entrance to the face of the mountain that you won’t be able to miss. Inside, there’s a few different tunnel-ways and stairwells that will take you around a bit if you’re more of the adventurous type. There’s usually a few decent spots in there loot wise, but it is typically only used for rotational purposes. Don’t expect to be able to land there, and be fully kitted.

There’s also room for a rotation into Repulsor, just South of Hydro Dam. You’re going to notice it almost immediately because it’s surrounded by a HUGE wall, and then there’s a bridge that leads over to it. This area is very similar to Hydro Dam in terms of aesthetics, but is more abundant in loot. This is a great spot to head towards if you’re looking to get a bit more kitted prior to fighting mid-game, or end-game.


Low Tier

Market is probably my least favorite location in Apex Legends. If you’re familiar with the school in PUBG, this is that on King’s Canyon. Very little loot, and too many people to pick all of it up. You’re going to find yourself getting punched out fairly often. Speaking of punching, it is totally broken in Apex Legends. Why do they leap, and why do you get knocked back when you get hit? Totally screws my aim up! Sorry, side-tracked!

The majority of the people land within the actual Market building. It looks like some sort of cyber-punk market that we’ve seen in Bladerunner, or Altered Carbon. There’s six different entrances. Four of these are doors, with two doors on each side. Then, there’s two openings in the ceiling. This is where the majority of people enter the Market initially because it doesn’t require you to drop, open a door, and then rotate in. You’ll already be inside, and likely on top of loot.

If you are going to land here, we strongly suggest flying through the ceiling and quickly rotating to the second level. There’s going to be two different rooms across from each other, that are going to be the best route for trying to get a gun as quickly as possible. If you’re lucky enough, or fast enough to get a gun, you’re going to rack up a few kills REALLY fast. A lot of high kill games start out in Market.

Nine times out of ten, there’s going to be people in Market if you’re rotating in from a different area, so be very aware of that. Too many times i’ve run through Market thinking no one’s in there, and they’re just camping in one of the top rooms. It makes sense I guess because those rooms are totally safe outside of the two doors. You can essentially bottleneck someone and grab a few easy kills.

If you’re going for high-kill games, rotations out of Market are going to be your best friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re grabbing 6-10 on your initial drop. From there, you can head directly into Skull Town to clean up the remaining squads setting yourself up loot wise for the end game. Alternatively, you could head through the cave that is between Market, and Bridges. There’s a good amount of loot in there, and then Bridges is usually pretty well off in terms of players, and loot. It really all depends on where you’re hearing gunfire.