Apex Legends Tier List: The Best Characters After The Battlepass

As you may already be very well aware, the Battle Pass for Apex Legends has been introduced. With the introduction of this, came a new patch that changed a few different characters. The main changes were the cleaning up of the hitboxes. In any game where you have many characters whether it be Overwatch, or League of Legends, you’re going to notice the trend of slight changes to these characters, really pushing them one way or another. Sometimes it isn’t because the change to the character was so large, it is because it is exactly what it needed to take it past a few other characters.For example, the changes to Pathfinder’s hitbox. Previously, you were able to shoot under his robotic groin area, and it would count as a hit. Now, Respawn has cleaned up his hitbox so that your bullets are now going to fire through Pathfinder’s legs as opposed to counting as hits. This, in conjunction with Pathfinder’s ridiculous mobility through grapple hook, has quickly taken him to one of the top spots for characters in Apex Legends.

At the end of the day, you may just end up liking a character’s skill set more than the others, even if he isn’t up to bar; maybe he’s just fun! That said, take this Apex Legends tier list with a grain of salt. Someone might be an excellent Caustic because they found something that the rest of the community doesn’t know about; you never know. I highly doubt that, though ;).

Ranking The Apex Legends Characters

Below is a list of the best characters in Apex Legends after the battle pass update that fine-tuned quite a few different legends. I am sure there’s going to be a few upset players reading this least being that Gibraltar, and Caustic are where they belong. Fortunately for you, though, Respawn doesn’t want these characters at the bottom of the pack for their entire existence. I think they’re exploring options such as increasing the health pool on these characters, and with good reason; they’re too damn fat!



Lifeline is sitting at the top, and with good reason. Not only is her hitbox the 2nd smallest in the game, but she is incredibly powerful through her passive. Her passive allows her to heal 25% more quickly. This includes both shields, and healing. This is incredibly important, and the majority of the reason why she is as good as she is. At first glance, you wouldn’t think Lifeline would be an aggressive character, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is where she thrives.

As an aggressor, you’re going to be able to apply even more pressure through her passive; think about it. If you’re fighting someone, and you hit each other for 100, it’s going to take you 25% less time to use your shield battery than that other player. Depending on the distance, this could mean that you have 100 more hp than the person you’re fighting simply because you’re lifeline. If you’re not using this passive to it’s full advantage, you’re not playing Lifeline correctly.

Additionally, she is capable of gearing you up through her ultimate. There’s not an ultimate that is better in the game. A free purple armor? Thanks! Already have a purple armor? Give it to your teammate! You just handed your teammate 100 more HP by simply playing Lifeline. She also opens up opportunities with spreading healing around through items. Given that her tactical ability is an aoe heal, she doesn’t have to prioritize syringes. This is going to allow characters such as Octane, that need syringes, to have enough.

Last but certainly not least, is the secondary ability her passive has. When reviving, Lifeline creates a huge shield in front of her protecting both her, and the downed teammate. You can abuse this in a few ways. Most fun, is having grenades thrown at you. Simply hold E on your teammate, and you’re going to block all of the incoming explosions while keeping your teammates alive. Pretty neat, eh?



Pathfinder is a character that only recently has risen to the top. Initially, he was a bit of a target through his subpar hitbox. Since the release of the battle pass, though, he has gotten an incredibly cleaned up version. Places that previously were counted as hits, are no longer counted (his robotic groin area). This is the largest part of the reason why Pathfinder is sitting on top of the tier list in Apex Legends.

If you’re playing him for the first time, he is very likely the most fun character to play in Apex Legends. His mobility is the best in the game. Not even Octane can keep up with a good Pathfinder. Not only do you have his ultimate, zipline, putting you in places other characters dream of, but you have the grapple. Grapple, while good for getting you places others can’t, is even better for flinging yourself forward to gain position on an enemy, or simply surprise attack them. Take your “chances” on Pathfinder; you’re going to quickly realize he is a god robot.



Wraith is a character that previously sat atop the throne in Apex Legends. She provides the smallest hitbox in the game, even smaller than Lifeline. In addition to her small hitbox, her tactical ability allows her to avoid damage altogether through phasing into the void. This is why you see the majority of Twitch Streamers playing Wraith.

These guys often run off solo, and get themselves into situations that you shouldn’t get out of.

However, if you’re Wraith, you can get yourself out of those situations. This is why Wraith is a fantastic pick. You can play a little bit less smart simply because you have her tactical to fall back on. Her ultimate is generally used in conjunction with Wraith Walk to get out of situations more quickly. You should be using this ability on cooldown to make the most of it, because it really isn’t all that good when it boils down to it.



Bangalore is another character that was sitting atop the throne with Wraith. However, with the release of the battle pass she received a 10% nerf to her passive that grants additional movement speed when being shot at. Previously, it was 40%. Now, it is down to 30%. While this is still incredibly good, it did take her from being excellent to great. Her hitbox is medium-sized which is why this additional speed is important in considering her survivability.

Bangalore’s tactical ability is quite good, especially when pairing a r99 and a digital threat together with it. Not only can it be used defensively, it can be used offensively. Typically though, you’re going to be using it defensively to get out of wonky situations in conjunction with her passive movement speed bonus.

Bangalore’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, is an artillery strike that is incredibly good for harassing enemy teams, and zoning them off of you as you rotate out. As it hits a player, they will have blurred vision and decreased movement speed much like being hit with an Arc Star. Keep in mind, though, that this can affect you and your teammates as well.



Bloodhound is a knowledge machine. At least, that is how you should be using him. If you’re unfamiliar, Bloodhound is capable of, through his passive, following enemy players quite well. He is given a notification of what they were doing when they crossed through an area, and how long ago it was. This is incredibly important when trying to hunt down more kills for you and your squad.

His ultimate gives him increased movement speed, and heat vision. While this ultimate is incredibly good, it is also incredibly bad at the same time. More often than not, the initial speed is going to throw you off your shooting rhythm causing you to miss your shots. Think about it: you go from running normal speed to running 20% faster roughly. Your ADS accuracy is going to be off simply because you’re not used to moving that quickly.

That is why you’re going to typically see bloodhounds running Peacekeeper, and Wingman meta. It’s going to allow them to take most advantage of their abilities, up close and personal. His tactical ability is pretty ok. More often than not, you won’t be able to take advantage of it, and then it has an incredibly long cooldown. At the end of the day, Bloodhound is sitting in the middle of the pack for the tier list of apex legends characters.




Octane is on the edge of being great. I am ranking him as ‘good’, because more often than not, you’re going to run into a situation where you’re being shot, and you are at a lower hp total than you should be. This is due to his tactical, Stim. This ability gives you the opportunity to sacrifice HP into movement speed for 6 seconds. It is technically only on a 1 second CD, so you could technically run basically 30% faster, all the time. Problem is, you’ll have next to no health.

It is too easy to forget to heal back up after using Stim, and this is going to leave you naturally at a lower HP. If you don’t use it, then what is the point of playing the character? His ultimate in the grand scheme of things isn’t particularly good. It’s a worse grappling hook on a 1.5 min CD. His passive is a HOT (heal over time) that synergizes with his tactical, so if you’re not using it, you’re getting absolutely no value from it other than being shot at.

That isn’t to say, though, that Octane’s Stim ability doesn’t have it’s benefits. It is incredibly good at getting you out of trouble quickly. In addition, it can get you from point a to point b quicker. This is incredible when playing both aggressively, and passively. With a few tweaks, though, we could see Octane moving up to the ‘great’ category on the tier list of Apex Legend characters.


Not Good

Mirage, while being in the middle of the pack in terms of hitbox (yes, it is weird that it is so important), offers very little support in terms of, well, anything. At this point in the game’s life cycle, everyone has been bamboozled. It is to the point now where you know what the decoys actually do and don’t do, so you’re not going to be fooled by it.

This basically means that as time goes on, Mirage is going to become more and more useless. His passive is entirely useless. It adds no benefit to him, or his teammates. Decoy, we already went over. As for his ultimate, it’s a worse version of Wraith’s tactical ability. He needs a significant amount of help in his toolkit to become a viable option. I will admit, though, playing him initially is quite fun. Using his Decoy tactical on cooldown can provide some funny moments.


Not Good

This is going to be an obvious one. Gibraltar, as much as he is one of our bruddas, is just plain bad. There has to be some sort of change in terms of his hitbox whether it be increasing his health, or making him less….. Phat? It makes sense for the type of role he plays for the team, but you can quite literally melt him 2x easier than Lifeline, or Wraith. It just isn’t fair to our Hawiaan friend.

The only real plus side to Gibraltar, is his ultimate. If you get stuck within this bad boy, you may as well consider yourself dead unless you’re at full health. It ticks for 40, slows you down, blurs your vision, and it hits fairly consistently. It takes a few seconds for it to pop off, so you can use this to your advantage when considering it’s placement. His barrier creates quite a few interesting fights, but it tends to leave you sort of “out in the open”. It bottlenecks you to his barrier so that you can only really shoot if you step out of it. While this may give you temporary safe-haven, a good team will be able to quickly surround you and once it drops, you’re screwed.


Not Good

The only thing worse than a Gibraltar, is a Caustic. He is a chubbers, much like Gibraltar, but he offers quite literally nothing. His abilities are very bad. The only setting in which I could see a Caustic actually being useful, is a competitive setting where you are going to be camping more often than not. Even then, though, his gas traps are only going to do so much because of how much open space there is on King’s Canyon in Apex Legends.

His ultimate is halfway decent. It’ll definitely be able to zone people out of an area. Additionally, if you find a squad camping in a room, throw this bad boy in there and you’re going to make quick work of them given that they can’t see you, but you can see them. At the end of the day, though, Caustic is the worst of the worst on the tier list of characters in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Tier List Conclusion

At the end of the day, people are going to find success in one, or many of this heroes despite these tier rankings or not. Generally speaking, though, the characters towards the top are going to offer you more when competing on the battlefield in Apex Legends. This is a fact. Again, that is not to say that you won’t find games where you’re killing it as Caustic, or Gibraltar; anything is possible. Take this tier list of characters in Apex Legends with a grain of salt, get out on the battlefield, and start having a blast!