An Up-To-Date Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

Whether you’re new to the game, or somewhat experienced in the game, it is important to know what the best weapons in Apex Legends are. You could potentially be hindering yourself by taking the Triple Take over the Wingman each game. I don’t know why you would do that, but I am sure there are people that do! To be fair, the Triple Take is definitely a fun gun to shoot. However, the Wingman is the best gun in the game. If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide of the weapons in Apex Legends, check out our previously written comprehensive Apex Legends Weapon Guide. If you’re interested in winning, you’re definitely going to want to take a look at the Apex Legends weapons tier list below.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List












G7 Scout

Prowler Burst SMG




Kraber .50-CAL Sniper

Hemlok Burst AR

VK-47 Flatline

R301 Carbine

Havoc Rifle

Why Is The Weapons Tier List In Apex Legends Important?

Like every other competitive game, there are going to be people competing. With competition, comes the fruition of the more dominant guns, and characters. You’re going to see the streamers, that are generally pro players, consistently favor these guns over the others each match. For example, if you hop into NRG Dizzy’s stream, you are going to quickly notice that he is using the R99, and more notably, the Wingman.

Both of these guns, are extremely, extremely good. They are going to provide you with the best chances of winning. On top of them being very good, they are incredibly fun. I mean, what is more fun than shredding the enemy players within a few seconds?

Additionally, as more and more legends are introduced, you will notice a shift in the gun meta. Previously, guns such as the R-99 were very seldom used. People generally favored the R-301 over it. However, the Wingman was slightly nerfed, and then the introduction of Octane provided a faster overall game style where the R-99 thrives, and the R-301 does not. This is going to happen each time, so it is better to be prepared for it rather than adapt to it when it eventually does happen. In short, make sure you’re using all of the weapons to stay ahead of the curve.

SMGs vs Assault Rifles vs Snipers vs Pistols Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

Each of these weapons, in Apex Legends, is going to provide a different purpose. Yes, they’re all going to shred enemy opponents, but each in different fashion. Generally speaking, it is going to hugely depend on your style of play. Are you more of an aggressor? Are you more of a defensive player? Either way, there are weapons in each tier, and category, for anyone that is going to play Apex Legends.

For SMGs, there is going to be one option sitting atop the throne. That is the R-99. This gun shoots incredibly fast, and does an incredible amount of shredding. Think of it like the little brother to the R-301 that is more talented at jabbing than punching. It does less dmg per hit, but strikes incredibly fast. Initially, it has 18 bullets in the chamber which is an issue. The rate at which you’re going to run through bullets is a bit ridiculous so you’re going to want to ensure that you have enough light ammo, and an extended mag of the blue rarity. Put those pieces in place, and experience greatness. At the end of the day, this is likely the second best gun which is why we’ve ranked it in the S-Tier on the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List.

Assault Rifles have a little bit more variety, but there is still one obvious winner. That is the R301-Carbine. This gun is incredibly accurate with very little attachment help, and is very good at all ranges. The R-99 will obviously trump it at short range given that it is an SMG, but you can still expect to be competitive. If you’re more of a mid-range player, expect the R301-Carbine to be your go-to gun which is why it is ranked high on the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List..

Snipers in Apex Legends are a bit lackluster. A lot of this is due to the nature of the game, and how fast-paced is actually is. The majority of the time, someone is going to be able to get to you prior to you getting a few meaningful shots off. However, there is a gun that is still capable of being effective in a fast-paced environment, and that is the Kraber .50-CAL Sniper rifle. This gun is a quick scope machine, ensuring you’re going to be able to keep pace with your competition. Pairing this bad boy with an R-99 is an incredibly pleasurable experience that you should most definitely take part in. We’ve ranked this in the A-Tier in the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List due to its enormous punching power, but it still has that weakness of being slightly slower in a super fast-paced game.

There is one pistol that is significantly ahead of the rest, and that is the infamous Wingman. Even post-nerf, the Wingman packs a punch and is going to still retain its top spot as the best gun in the game. Sort of weird that a pistol is the best gun in a game, but I think they wanted that Halo Classic feel with Apex Legends. There are guns that are meant to be good, and guns that are meant to be bad (mozambique here). If you’re accurate, you’re going to rip face with this gun. Need I say more?

Shotguns have taken quite a turn since the introduction of the battle pass. Previously, the Peacekeeper was the go-to shotgun that isn’t out of a drop. Now, the tides have turned with the slight nerf the gun received. The EVA-8 has quickly risen to be the go-to shotgun for competitive Apex Legends players, and with good reason. It hits similarly to the Peacekeeper post-nerf, and shoots significantly faster. You can absolutely melt someone with this gun in two or three shots before they can even fire their entire magazine. This puts both the EVA-8, and the Mastiff as top choices in the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List.