Bangalore Guide

Bangalore Abilities:

Passive – Double Time
Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.

Tactical Ability – Smoke Launcher
Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.

Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder
Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

“Born into a military family where she, her parents, and her four older brothers all served in the IMC Armed Forces, Bangalore has been an exceptional soldier since she was young. She was top of her class at the IMC Military Academy and the only cadet who could take apart a Peacekeeper, equip it with a Precision Choke hop-up, and put it back together in under twenty seconds – blindfolded.

Three years ago, Anita and her brother Jackson were ordered to retrieve a mercenary fleet from the Outlands to aid in the IMC’s fight against the Militia. However, their unit lost contact with IMC HQ and were ambushed on arrival. The squad scattered, but Jackson stayed behind to give his sister time to escape. Alone and with no way home, Anita put her training, extensive weapon knowledge, and competitive spirit to work by joining the Apex Games. Now, she fights to raise money for passage back to the IMC home base, where she hopes to reunite with what remains of her family.” -Apex Legends

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How To Use Best Use Bangalore’s Passive Double Time

Bangalore’s Passive, Double Time, is what allows her to be the super soldier that she is. When shot at, you will get a short boost in your movement speed. This is significant for a few different reasons, but the main reason, is that movement in Apex Legends is king. Second to aiming, movement in the game appears to be the most valuable thing to consider. I mean, look at Wraith, and why so many people play her. It’s through the shear movement speed that she gets from her ultimate, and her Tactical that allows her to become invulnerable temporarily.

Double Time can be used in a variety of different ways, but we highly recommend using it offensively as much as you possibly can. Pair this ability with a peacekeeper, and a few timely slides, and you’re going to see the shear power of the passive. There’s nothing more satisfying than sliding right by your opponent at super speed, and shotgunning them down. I promise you.

In terms of defensive usage, you’re going to quickly notice how fast you’re able to escape, especially if you’re using the speed boost in conjunction with a slide down a hill. Throw in a smoke or two from her tactical ability, and Bangalore quickly becomes a hard target to take down.

How To Use Bangalore’s Tactical Ability Smoke Launcher

Bangalore’s Tactical Ability, Smoke Launcher, is one that is sort of hit or miss for me. Often times, it seems like you’re invincible within the smoke, and then other times, you feel like the smoke isn’t even there because you’re being laser-beamed. There are a lot of different variables to consider when using Smoke Launcher.

There are a few different things, if you feel like you’re being punished within your smoke, that are more than likely happening. The easiest to explain, is Bloodhound. Bloodhound’s Ultimate Beast of The Hunt allows him to see heat signatures, and this includes those that are within Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher. Secondly, would be the legendary scopes that allow you to track heat signatures (legendary 1x Holo, and the 4-10x sniper scope). The only other real option is that they’re cheaters ;), or that you’re positioned poorly in the smoke. If you’re on the outer edges of it, you’re very clearly visible to anyone outside of the radius of the smoke, but you yourself cannot see. It is super important to know the specifics of where you can and cannot stand to be seen, to take full advantage of her tactical ability.

As always, try your best to make offense your best defense. If you know someone knows you’re in the general area, drop the Smoke Launcher in front of them to provide yourself an advantage: they don’t know where you are, but you’re going to know where they are. Generally speaking, the opposing player is going to remain laser focused on watching where you come out of the smoke. So, if you can safely position the smoke in a spot that allows you to escape, or advance in a more sneaky way, that is going to be your best approach.

Generally speaking, Bangalore’s smoke ability is better used defensively when you’re actually trying to stand still, and out in the open. While it does help to smoke bottlenecks to scare off opposing players, we generally prefer using the tactical ability more offensively. You can get a bit cheeky with mid-fight rez’s with the use of Smoke Launcher, as well as looting boxes or care packages in the middle of the open. More often than not, when I see smoke, I don’t expect anyone to be standing in it. Think of CS:GO with it’s smokes, and how many people never expect anyone to be standing in it.

How To Use Bangalore’s Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder

Bangalore’s ultimate Ability, Rolling Thunder is quite the spectacle. The ability requires you to throw a grenade to an area, that will then call down an artillery strike. You’ll notice almost immediately that there will be missiles laying around the ground within the radius. If you stand too close to these, even as the Bangalore that used the ult, you will become visually impaired and take a little bit of damage if hit by one. With that said, this can be used in a variety of ways.

Offensively, Rolling Thunder can be thrown onto an enemy team while pushing. The impairment is both movement, and vision. Think of it like an Arcstar. You run slower, and your screen is slightly blurry. It makes it significantly difficult to aim, move, and see as well as hear. There is missiles blowing up around you, consistently, for around 20 seconds. This opens up the door for Bangalore and her teammates to take any position that they see fit.

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More often than not, I am using Rolling Thunder to zone enemy teams. The reason for this is because in Apex Legends, you’re going to get third-partied. Being able to single-handedly zone one team off of you, while fighting another, is ridiculous value. There isn’t much that can compare outside of Gibraltar’s ultimate, which does significantly more damage, but covers a smaller radius and doesn’t offer the same immobilization that Rolling Thunder does.

As mentioned previously, the biggest thing to consider when using Bangalore’s ultimate, is the fact that you yourself can still be immobilized. Things can quickly go sideways if you’re using it offensively, and you try to zig-zag your way through your own ult, and end up getting hit. On top of that, if you get hit by one, you’re likely going to get hit by another basically eliminating any of the advantage that you had just built up by using the ability. Things to keep in mind.

Ideal Legends To Pair With Bangalore

Long story short, Bangalore has significantly more utility after analyzing her kit if used appropriately, which you should be doing. Her utility, though, can be used as a tool that allows her to become a super soldier. That said, we find that Wraith, Bloodhound, and Lifeline are all great matches with Bangalore. They each provide a different, yet effective playstyle that will have you covered no matter which way you tend to play. Wraith, and Bloodhound will allow you to be more offensive. They both tend to get up close, and personal which will allow you to sort of use them as bait. If they need to bail, they both have superb movement, and when adding in your Smoke Launcher, it only enhances their abilities to strike with precision. Lifeline, you just cannot go wrong. With her heal bot, you can simply drop a Smoke Launcher on top of it, mid-fight, and heal to full while standing in the wide open. If that’s not synergy, then I don’t know what is.

At the end of the day, though, Bangalore is simply put: a super soldier.