Best Gaming Mouse For Apex Legends

In competitive gaming, there are so many different variables. You’re not going to be able to sit down, and immediately dominate. Apex Legends isn’t any different. We highly recommend making sure your video settings are up to snuff. In addition to that, you’re going to want to have incredible peripherals, and you should start with finding out what the best gaming mouse is going to be for you. There’s so many different variations of gaming mice, and it is important to find the one that is most comfortable to you.

While comfort is incredibly important, you’re going to need reliability, durability, and performance. You can’t dominate Apex Legends with a $3 mouse that’s on the verge of breaking each time you left click. No one wants to die because of hardware failure.

Finding the right gaming mouse for you, is going to immediately take you to the next level. Think about it. When do you perform the best? When you’re comfortable, right? Each person is different, though. Some, like playing on a higher sensitivity with a heavier mouse. Others, a lower sensitivity with a lighter mouse. Maybe you’re just looking for an abundance of additional buttons. Either way, there are a few different gaming mice that we’d consider to be the best for Apex Legends.

#1 – Best Overall Apex Legends Mouse

Zowie EC2-A

If you’re here, it is likely that you’ve heard of Zowie. Whether it be through their monitors (BenQ Zowie), or mousepads, you’ve heard the name. If you haven’t, which rock have you been living under? I’ll make sure to move it, and let you breath a little. Zowie gaming mouses are a huge part of CS:GO, and rightfully so. They are incredibly reliable, durable, and have some of the best sensors on the market. Sensors are something the majority of competitive gamers take for granted.

The Zowie EC2-A is the overall best gaming mouse for Apex Legends for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t do one thing particularly well, but it is instead a jack of all trades. Unfortunately, it’s only for right-handed gamers, but there are plenty of other Zowie gaming mouses that are ambidextrous.

You will notice right away that the weight of the Zowie EC2-A is near the middle of the pack. It isn’t too light, and it isn’t too heavy. Sometimes the middle ground is the way to go. You’ll be able to use both a higher DPI, and a lower DPI comfortably while maintaining a solid grip. I personally claw my mice despite my numerous attempts to become a palmer. Either way, the Zowie EC2-A was incredibly responsive under either grip.

If you’ve been gaming for awhile, you’ve already found out that the crazy design of gaming mouses generally means that they’re cheaper. They’re advertised to the kids that love glowing lights, and just want something cool to look at. The Zowie EC2-A isn’t that at all. It is incredibly solid, and will last through your desk smashes. Obviously, we don’t recommend it, but $!@# happens.

Zowie doesn’t have any software for their gaming mice, but we’ve found that it isn’t really all that necessary. At the end of the day, you’ve got your 5 buttons, with a DPI, and Polling Rate switcher. There are instructions within the box that’ll show you how to change the Polling Rate, as well as what colors are equal to each DPI. To further add to that, there are four different DPI settings on the Zowie EC2-A. 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI. Each one of these DPIs is illustrated by a different color making it incredibly easy to recognize if you accidentally hit your DPI and change it.

At the end of the day, the slick, durable, and comfortable design of the Zowie EC2-A makes it the perfect gaming mouse for hours, and hours of Apex Legends gaming with your friends. You are not going to be disappointed in this gaming mouse; mark my words. If you don’t believe me, then believe the 40% of the CS:GO pros that believe in this mouse.


Spec TypeSpec
SensorPMW 3310 Optical Sensor
Ergonomic DesignRight-Handed

#2 – Best Apex Legends Wireless Mouse


G Pro Wireless

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is going to be the gaming mouse that the majority of competitive gamers flock to. With it’s incredibly slim, and comfortable design, it is going to feel like you’re floating on clouds. Additionally, it is wireless. Did we mention that it is wireless? By the way, the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse is wireless.

Some people are very nervous when considering wireless gaming mouses. It’s the same concern with wireless internet vs wired internet. I mean, it does make sense. Wired is never going to flake out unless your dog eats your wire. This gaming mouse has absolutely no transmitting issues. I played with the G Pro for a few weeks, and never had a problem. It was actually mind boggling. Additionally, how many times do you find yourself adjusting your mouse wire mid-game? Especially if you don’t have a mouse bungee.

I feel like the designers of gaming mice sometimes purposely add in an annoying cord so they can then sell more product. That product being a mouse bungee. Anyway, enough of that. With the Logitech G Pro Wireless, you don’t need to worry about that pesky wire anymore. Playing with this mouse, it was incredibly hard for me to go back to a wired mouse. You feel so much more free without it. No more having it run into your keyboard, or getting stuck on your monitor causing you to miss that clutch shot.

Given that it is wireless, you’re probably wondering what sort of batteries, or what kind of battery life it has. The Logitech G Pro Wireless comes with a rechargeable battery that is capable of lasting over 40 hours of gaming time. For a lot of us, that’s a few weeks of gaming. Even for the pro gamers, it’s going to be around ~4 10 hour sessions of gaming.
The mouse, unlike the Zowie EC2-A, is ambidextrous. There are four total buttons on the sides. Two on the left, and two on the right. These buttons are actually removable for easy cleaning, and maintenance. A lot of people don’t like the feel of ambidextrous gaming mice, but Logitech have nailed the design of this mouse perfectly. It doesn’t feel awkward in your hand, no matter which grip you prefer.

Logitech has their own software, Logitech Gaming Software, that will allow you to configure all of the buttons on the G Pro Wireless, as well as change the DPI up to 16,000. We certainly don’t recommend that, though. Make sure you’re sticking with something a bit more reasonable like 400, 800, or 1600 DPI!

Add all of these incredible features up, and you get the Logitech G Pro sitting at the top as the best wireless gaming mouse for Apex Legends


Spec TypeSpec
SensorHero 16k
Ergonomic DesignAmbidextrous
SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software

#3 – Best Lightweight Apex Legends Mouse


Ninja Air 58 CBR

The Finalmouse Ninja Air 58 gaming mouse is an interesting story. Finalmouse originally started out with the Finalmouse Classic Ergo. These quickly became popular with the CS:GO pros, and it eventually lead to a sponsorship with ScreaM. Needless to say, that mouse died out, and they continued to innovate. The more recent addition to the team, was the Finalmouse Ultralight Pro. This mouse was the first super light gaming mouse to hit the market. It barely feels like anything is in your hand.

The latest addition to the Finalmouse club, is the Ninja Air 58. If you’re reading Ninja, and wondering if it’s Fortnite’s Ninja, you are correct in assuming so. The two partnered up for the release of this mouse. It is marketed as the lightest gaming mouse to ever exist. The 58 stands for 58 grams, and I must say, as a personal user of this mouse, it is absolutely incredible. You’d think that the honey-combing would pile up; dirt, and feel awkward on the palm of your hands; they don’t.

The Finalmouse Ninja Air 58 is equipped with an industry-leading sensor in the PM3360. Don’t take this sensor for granted. It is incredibly reliable, and precise. You will absolutely find yourself hitting more shots simply due to the smoothness of the mouse, and sensor.

Typically, this lightweight gaming mouse is going to be perfect for those of you that use a lower sensitivity. The lightness of the mouse makes moving it incredibly easy. I previously played on a Logitech G Pro Wireless at 1200 DPI, and had to reduce my DPI to 800 because of how much easier the Finalmouse Air 58 is to move. In conjunction with some aftermarket hyperglides, you’re going to forget that you even have a mouse in your hand more often than not.

A downside to the best lightweight gaming mouse, is that it actually has no software. There are four different settings on the mouse itself capable of changing from 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI providing you quite a bit of variation. Sometimes, it is nicer to bump to a higher sensitivity when browsing the internet. Despite not having their own software, though, you can actually use the DM1 Pro S Software for the Finalmouse Air 58. This is going to allow you to change the sensitivity slightly, as well as change the polling rate from 500 to 1000 if you so desire.

While the Air 58 is going to be slightly hard to get your hands on (it is no longer being produced, it was a limited time run), if you do decide to spend the money on it, you’re going to be in love. The majority of the Fortnite professional players are using this gaming mouse. It’s incredibly dominant in our Apex Legends as well ;).


Spec TypeSpec
SensorPMW 3360 Optical Sensor
Ergonomic DesignAmbidextrous
SoftwareDM1 Pro S Software

#4 – Best Customizable Apex Legends Mouse


Logitech G502 Proteus

I like to call the Logitech G502 Proteus an alien spaceship. It is definitely a crazy design, and at first glance, you’d think it is one of those super cheap gaming mice that is marketed towards children. That couldn’t be more wrong. This gaming mouse is an absolute monster with the capabilities behind Logitech Gaming software.

The first thing you should notice, is the amount of buttons it has. This is the reason it is going to be the best customizable gaming mouse for both Apex Legends, and any other game. With Apex Legends’ hero abilities, you’re going to be able to bind a lot of their abilities to the mouse. This is going to open a lot of other keybindings on your keyboard which we found is incredibly important with the pinging system.

With the help of Logitech’s gaming software, you are going to be able to bind every single one of these buttons on the mouse, to whatever you want. Typically, I like to use the numpad keys because they’re not often used so they don’t interfere with anything. Hell, you can even bind your left click to the numpad. I don’t know why you’d ever do that, but you’ll have the option!

Let’s address the elephant in the room, though. How does this mouse feel when gripping it? Is it too bulky, or does it feel nice? It’s design does not look like it’d be made for gaming at a competitive level, but boy was I surprised. This mouse initially, is a bit wonky in the hands. However, after a few days of gaming, you’re going to love the feel. It isn’t ambidextrous, but instead ergonomic for right-handed gamers. It does that incredibly well. The Logitech G502 Proteus feels extremely natural in your hands. Just takes a little bit to break it in!

My favorite part of the Logitech G502 Proteus gaming mouse is the mouse wheel. On top of it serving as the traditional mouse wheel, you are able to click the wheel both left and right. These actions both serve as additional buttons, and given that your middle finger will tend to rest directly on top of it, it provides an incredibly convenient few hot keys.

This gaming mouse is significantly heavier than its competitors for obvious reasons. We recommend the G502 to players that are used to higher sensitivities. The added weight is going to add a bit of force when moving the mouse providing an additional sense of precision. Precision that is going to allow you to dominate the competition in Apex Legends.


Spec TypeSpec
SensorPMW 3360 Optical Sensor
Ergonomic DesignRight-Handed
SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software

#5 – Best Budget Apex Legends Gaming Mouse


SteelSeries Rival 110

Steelseries has a fantastic display of gaming mice, but their Steelseries Rival 110 model is perfect for gamers looking to get a dominant gaming mouse on a budget. Steelseries understands that not everyone has $100 to drop on a top tier gaming mouse, and did their best to put the quality, and reliability into a budget option. They did an incredible job.

The Steelseries Rival 110 gaming mouse comes with the TrueMove1 Optical sensor which is exclusive to the Steelseries gaming line. This sensor is on the same level as the Logitech, and the PMW sensors. You’re going to get incredible precision out it.

Steelseries has their own gaming software which is going to allow you to tune the colors of the mouse, as well as the DPI, Polling Rate, and buttons. The important part of this software is the DPI, and Polling Rate. The Steelseries Rival 110 is capable of running up to 7200 DPI, but as always, we never recommend ever going that high.

The weight of this mouse is perfect for any and all Apex Legends players. It is in the middle of the pack, weighing in at 87.5g which is going to allow for fantastic movement on both high and low sensitivity players. The mouse is also ambidextrous which is important when considering a budget option. It’d suck to buy a mouse and then not be able to use it, eh?

At the end of the day, the Steelseries Rival 110 gaming mouse is a fantastic budget option for Apex Legends, and competitive gaming. Treat yourself, and sky rocket to new levels!


Spec TypeSpec
SensorTrueMove 1 Optical Sensor
Ergonomic DesignAmbidextrious
SoftwareSteelseries Engine

Best Mouse Settings For Apex Legends

Competitive gaming at the highest level generally takes place with a mouse. I think it’s safe to say that mouse, and PC gaming is far more entertaining to watch than the likes of a controller player. You’re just able to do so much more, and it is more natural (no aim assist). That said, having the right mouse settings on top of the right mouse, is incredibly important. This goes for Apex Legends, and any other competitive game.

To make sure you have the right settings, you’re going to want to choose a mouse (we recommend the above), that has some sort of software available with it. This software is going to allow you to change so many different variables this day in age, it is of paramount importance. Do you feel that 400 DPI is slightly too slow for you? Logitech’s gaming software will allow you to adjust that in increments of whatever you want to find the exact setting for you.

Some gaming mice aren’t going to come with software, so make sure you’re considering that when purchasing your future. Generally speaking, if a mouse doesn’t come with software, it has pre-built buttons into it that will allow you to change it from 400 -> 800 -> 1600 -> 3200. These DPIs are generally the best options, and will be able to fill the majority of comfort levels for most gamers. At the end of the day, though, Apex Legends typically players better at lower sensitivity.

Best Apex Legends Mouse DPI

DPI is one of the most important factors when considering competitive gaming at the highest level in any genre, and even more so in FPS games such as Apex Legends. Any, and all guides are going to tell you to lower your DPI for the most consistency. While this tends to be true, if something feels right to you, then you really shouldn’t change it too much.

The most popular DPI among the top Apex Legends streamers, and pro players, is 400 DPI. A lot of this may pertain to the fact that their gaming mouse isn’t capable of changing to a slightly higher number due to software restrictions. As mentioned previously, some gaming mice don’t come with software to change the DPI to the exact number you want. With 400 DPI, you’re going to want to make sure that you have at least a 10×10 mousepad. If you don’t, you’re going to quickly find that you don’t have enough mousepad space.

Playing with 400 DPI is going to give you the most consistency when trying to trace players. If you’re someone that likes to use the R301, or R99, then this is going to be a fantastic DPI. That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be able to trace on 800, though. You still have to consider in-game sensitivity. A lot of the time, you’ll find that players run 400 DPI but have double the in-game sens than players of 800 DPI which means their eDPI is actually higher. Again, it’s all about comfort, but the 400 DPI is just naturally a slower-starting sensitivity.

800 DPI is the next most popular DPI, and typically most people that play on this DPI are the gamers that like to run Peacekeepers, and EVA-8s. They’re constantly up in your face. The 800 DPI isn’t too much that it is out of control, but will allow them to more quickly make 360s. This is important when you’re being aggressive. If you’re turning too slow, and feel that you’re dying because of that, try running 800 DPI. As mentioned previously, though, a lot of people that run 800 DPI actually have lower eDPI than those at 400 DPI due to in-game sensitivity. DPI is just a baseline.

The less popular, higher DPI, is going to be 1600. Generally speaking, no one is going to go above this. If you do, you’re going to see them on highlight clips on reddit constantly missing because they’re over-aiming. We’ve all seen the clips. That isn’t to say that there aren’t amazing players at 1600 DPI, but you’re going to notice that their in-game sensitivity is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than that of 400, and 800 DPI pro players. It all has to even out at some point through in-game sensitivity, because no one in their right mind can aim that well on that high of DPI; or can they?

At the end of the day, use your DPI as a baseline. 400 DPI for more mouse space, lower sensitivity players. 800 DPI for middle of the pack, and 1600 for you psychos out there. Use the Apex Legends in-game sensitivity to fine-tune it and find that perfect setting for you!

Apex Legends DPI Usage %


Best Apex Legends Mouse Polling Rate

Polling rate, if you’re unfamiliar, is how quickly your mouse sends signals to your computer to notify it of moving. 1000 Hz is sending signals double that of 500 Hz. The main difference here, is that on 1000 Hz, you’re going to see every slight adjustment that you are making. This is going to be important when considering your DPI for a few different reasons.

Given that 1000 Hz tracks your movement at double the precision than that of 500 Hz, you’re going to generally want to use 1000 Hz at a lower DPI. It becomes a problem at higher DPI, because with the more DPI you have, the more movement you’re going to get out of the mouse. Why is this a problem? Think about it. With higher DPI, even the slightest movement of the mouse is going to shoot your cursor across the screen. On 1000 Hz, this is intensified because it’s going to read that movement more quickly. That said, 1000 Hz is going to be the perfect match for 400, and 800 DPI competitive gamers in Apex Legends.

500 Hz, is what I actually run. If you’re finding that you’re over-aiming your shots, or over-flicking your shots, we recommend actually trying to lower your polling rate to 500 Hz. This is basically going to force your gaming mouse to send the signal more slowly to Apex Legends, which will stop your cursor before you over-aim. I actually found myself over-aiming in Apex Legends, and couldn’t find the right sensitivity for the longest time. I ended up running the same sensitivity, lowered my Polling Rate, and immediately saw a difference. Like we say, there’s so many different variables in competitive gaming, it is important to tackle all of them.

Apex Legends Polling Rate %

Best Apex Legends In-Game Mouse Sensitivity

Apex Legends in-game sensitivity uses the same sensitivity as CS:GO being that is developed in source. If you’re a CS:GO competitive player, make sure you’re using the same sensitivity as you’ve already gone through the grueling process finding the perfect comfort level for you. Additionally, in-game sensitivity should be used to fine-tune off of your baseline DPI. Whether that be 400 DPI, 800 DPI, or 1600 DPI, it is important to find your perfect sensitivity.

400 DPI, naturally, is going to be slower as mentioned previously. Typically the pro players that run 400 DPI in Apex Legends, don’t mess with their in-game sensitivity too much. You’ll more often than not see them keeping 3.0 sensitivity, with 1.0 ADS sensitivity. This is because 400 DPI is already significantly slower than that of 800 DPI. At that point, eDPI would be 400 * 3 totaling 1200. This is still going to typically be lower than that of 800 DPI players, but we’ll take a look at that next. The only real reason to not run 400 DPI, is because of how slow the mouse moves on the desktop. That’s why they make the DPI buttons on gaming mouses, though. Switch to desktop, jump to 800. Switch to Apex Legends, go back down to 400 DPI.

At 800 DPI (and this is dumb math), you’re going to be at a 2x baseline than that of 400 DPI. So, if you’re keeping your in-game sensitivity at 3.0, you’re going to have an eDPI (effective DPI), of 2400. This is going to be double the speed, again, than that of 400 DPI players. With that, especially in Apex Legends, is going to bring significantly less consistency on tracing your opponents. With most of the guns, note the R301, and R99, you’re going to be required to trace quite often. At double the DPI, you’re going to have trouble staying on target. Generally, most players are going to lower their in-game sensitivity by at least  0.5.

If you like the additional 180/360 degree turning due to limited mousepad size, but want to be able track well still, you can consider lowering your ADS sensitivity. This is going to only affect sensitivity when you’re holding right click (scoped in). Keep in mind adjusting your in-game sensitivity is going to directly affect your ADS sensitivity as well.

For 1600 DPI, you’re just a nut case. As always, I recommend dropping down to 400, or 800 DPI. I think you’ll be able to find a suitable home at one of those DPIs.

Apex Legends In-Game Sensitivity

Best Use Of Additional Mouse Buttons in Apex Legends

In a game such as Apex Legends, every key bind available is going to greatly improve your play. This is why we highly recommend the Logitech G502 Proteus gaming mouse because of how many buttons it has. With Logitech’s gaming software, it is highly customizable. This is going to allow you to put your legend buttons on your mouse.

Personally, I like to run with crouch on mouse thumb 5, and my legend tactical ability on mouse 4. This opened up quite a few different keybindings for the various pings, and healing abilities within Apex Legends. The pings go an incredibly long way, even if you’re actively on discord with your teammates. Don’t take them for granted. That said, if you’re using the default keybindings, step back and experiment a little bit.

The default keybinds for Apex Legends are pretty darn good, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. The ability to keybind buttons to your gaming mouse, is going to be extremely helpful in elevating your play to the next level. Too many Apex Legends players forget to use their tactical abilities, and when you’re playing Wraith, that means you’re probably going to die. Pretty hard to forget your ability when your thumb is resting on the button, right?

Pair Your Mouse With The Best Mousepad

While gaming mice are incredibly important for your gaming experience in Apex Legends, they require a great gaming mousepad as well. These two are going to synergize off each other, and further elevate your gaming experience. There’s an incredible amount of brands this day in age, but we’ve made a list of the top gaming mouse pads that Apex Legends pros are using. A lot of these are used by CS:GO professional players for an additional layer of reassurance.

More importantly, with lower DPI becoming more and more prevalent in gamers, is the size of the mouse pad. The gaming mouse pads below, are all above 10×10” which is going to allow you to play on any DPI of your choosing. 400 DPI? No problem. 800 DPI? Even better. For 400 DPI, we highly recommend the Glorious XXXL (3XL). This is essentially a gaming mat more than a gaming mousepad. It is going to cover your entire desk. That said, make sure your desk is large enough to handle it. This is going to ensure that you’re not swiping your gaming mouse off the desk each time you make a 360.

On top of the size of the gaming mousepad, you’re going to want to consider the actual surface of the product. The ones listed below, are the most precise, and fast gaming mouse pads on the market. They are used at all levels of competitive gaming. In purchasing one of these, if you’re on 400 DPI, you’re going to see less friction on your mouse which is going to result in more precision, and faster flicks. Maybe you’re struggling to hit those nasty shotty flicks. A great mouse pad could be the answer you’re looking for.