Bloodhound Guide

Bloodhound Abilities:

Passive – Tracker
See tracks left behind by your foes.

Tactical Ability – Eye of The All Father
Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you.

Ultimate Ability – Beast Of The Hunt
Enhances your senses, allowing you to move faster and highlighting your prey.

“Bloodhounds are Apex Legend’s technological tracker. They are known to hunt, and to hunt to only one end: your death. Bloodhounds are known across the Outlands as the greatest hunters the world has ever seen, and that is all anyone knows, because there isn’t many left to speak of the legends. Their true identities remain a mystery. Depending on who you’re speaking with, they’re either a prior slave, a half demon, or a myriad of other ridiculous accusations. One thing is known, though, and that is that you do not want to encounter a Bloodhound. You will perish.

All anyone truly knows is that Bloodhound is a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Games. Bloodhound’s unparalleled tracking skills are a boon to any team they join, helping them root out hidden opponents and tracking the enemy’s movements. Calling on Earth’s Old Norse Gods to guide them, Bloodhound believes that destiny is a path that has already been laid out, eventually carrying all to their death. But with that knowledge comes strength, because until that day comes, Bloodhound knows they can’t be stopped.” – Apex Legends

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How To Use Best Use Bloodhound’s Passive Tracker

Bloodhound’s passive, tracker, is incredible for a few different reasons. It allows you to see tracks left behind by your foes, and this is more impactful than you may initially realize. Tracker allows you to see doors opened, walls climbed, zip-lines taken, and even footsteps. You can use this both offensively, and defensively a few different ways.

A good offense, is a good defense. That is more so in this game than any other game. People don’t expect you to run at them, or know their every move. You can use his passive effectively when pursuing foes, and trying to finish them off if they’re weak. It is INCREDIBLY hard to hide from a good Bloodhound. Until you have a good one on your team, you’ll never really realize how much information a Bloodhound can provide to your team. It is important, though, that you’re actively using comms. You can effectively track a team across multiple zones if you’re quick enough.

It’s a good defense strictly by being a good offense. Tracker requires you to be somewhat healthy. While your teammates are being hunted, you can use tracker to effectively narrow down where the enemies are coming from, and you can then relay that information to your teammates to allow them to prepare accordingly. Or, you can just use it to simply wipe them inherently providing good defense. Tracker works in conjunction with Bloodhound’s other abilities quite magnificently.

How To Use Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability Eye of the All Father

I find that most of Bloodhound’s abilities are used better when being offensive. In fact, I think everything in the game is better used offensively outside of Caustic. Eye of The All Father will briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you. This essentially means that if there has been any enemy movement, and you activate this ability, you’re going to see it. This includes, but is not limited heat signatures of actual enemies within buildings.

Eye of The All Father acts interestingly though, when activated. It’ll show you the enemy players position when you activate it, but it won’t actually track their movement. You’re going to have to predict where the players are moving to properly use this ability. I’ve often times run to where they last were, and it ends up biting me in the butt because they’re not actually there anymore.

Another thing to keep in mind when using this Bloodhound ability, is that it’ll send out a orange circle around your character. This circle is visible to enemies in the general area which means that they’re going to know that you know where they are. Obviously, they won’t know where you are so you still have the advantage, but it is something to keep in mind when trying to make the most of the situation at hand.

How To Use Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability Beast of The Hunt

Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, is our favorite ability he has. I oftentimes have my team feed me ultimate accelerant because I think it is the best ultimate in the game. It lasts roughly 35 seconds. Beast Of The Hunt enhances your senses, allowing you to move faster, and highlighting your prey.

The best part about Bloodhound’s ultimate, is the additional movement speed you get when you pop it. The actual activation of the ability has an animation, so it is better to use it right before you enter a fight (1-2 seconds). This will allow you to react more effectively. There’s nothing in the game that can keep up with the pure speed that Bloodhound has while this ability is active. In conjunction with Eye Of the All Father, and his Tracker passive, you can sniff out all of the rats and exterminate them in quick, and brutal fashion.

Typically his ultimate is used to engage fights, and flank. As mentioned previously, there’s nothing that can keep up with Bloodhound while it’s active. You can use this to effectively flank an entire enemy team without them even realizing it. On top of that, it’s provides heat signatures for enemies similar to that of a thermal scope. This will allow you to consistently hit easy shots as you don’t have to worry about focusing on seeing where the enemy is actually positioned.

My only issue with the ability, is once it is actually deactivated. Beast Of The Hunt lasts for 35 seconds, so that’s 35 seconds of feeling like a total god, and adjusting to not having to actually look for enemies because they’re just lit up red. Once it is deactivated, it’s slightly weird because you’re so used to not having to actually look for the enemy.

Overall, make sure that you’re using his abilities whenever they’re up, and have your teammates feed you ultimate accelerant. You don’t realize how good that item is until you play a legend such as Bloodhound.

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Bloodhound Legendary Skins

Ideal Legends To Pair With Bloodhound

It is pretty hard to mess up when pairing other Legends with Bloodhound, but after extensive play, I think it is determined that Wraith, and Lifeline are best suited for teaming up with him. Wraith is capable of somewhat keeping up with him which will allow for significantly more aggressive pushes. If you feed a wraith information, they can easily go in, strike, and exit without losing much of anything. Wraith’s are going to be your best friends as Bloodhound. On the other end of the spectrum, Lifeline allows for quicker heal-ups after engagements, and also provides crates. These crates are going to allow both the Wraith, and the Bloodhound to be more offensive by providing higher-end armor, weaponry, and utility. We strongly consider Lifeline’s ultimate to be the second best right next to Bloodhounds. If you’re not familiar, we highly recommend you checking out our Lifeline guide, especially if you and your buddies are looking for a solid setup.