Caustic Guide

Caustic Abilities:

Passive – Nox Vision
Allows you to see enemies through your gas.

Tactical Ability – Nox Gas Trap
Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.

Ultimate Ability – Nox Gas Grenade
Blankets a large area in Nox gas.

“Before there was Caustic, a scientist named Alexander Nox worked at Humbert Labs, the Frontier’s leading manufacturer of pesticide gases. With a glut of pesticides needed to protect the growing Frontier colonies’ crops, Humbert Labs was constantly on the hunt for better and stronger formulas. Nox was one of their brightest scientists and worked day and night developing new gases. But to make sure they worked, he needed to test them on more than just inert tissue: he needed something living.

As he toiled in secret, Nox began to see the beauty in his creations and their ability to destroy anything they touched. But the head of Humbert Labs soon discovered his gruesome experiments, and their confrontation ended with the lab in flames and its chief dead. Today, Nox is missing and presumed deceased. Caustic, meanwhile, now finds new test subjects in the Apex Games, where he puts his gaseous creations to work and observes their effects with great interest. ” – Apex Legends

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How To Unlock Caustic

I think it is safe to say that most people are not a fan of micro transactions, and with this being EA, people are super cautious on first approach. We’d like to mention that this game is entirely free, and absolutely incredible. On that note, to unlock Caustic, you have to actually purchase him with Apex Coins, or the Legend tokens. Coins are roughly $1 for every 100 coins, and he is 850 coins. Unfortunately, though, there’s no package for $8.5, but instead $9.99. Legends tokens, on the other hand, are earned through simply playing the game similar to that of IP in League of Legends if you’re familiar with that currency system. We had no problem dishing out a few bucks, though, because of how truly incredible the game is. I have no issues supporting great game development.

How To Best Use Caustic’s Passive Nox Vision

Caustic is way, way different than any other legend in Apex Legends. His passive, Nox Vision, is entirely useless unless used with his other core abilities. There isn’t much to say about it, other than to make sure that you are actively placing your Nox Traps to ensure that you can take advantage of it. It will highlight any players located within your gas.

How To Best Use Caustic’s Tactical Ability Nox Gas Trap

This is one ability that I see being used A LOT in a competitive environment. In the current public meta, Caustic as a whole is very seldom used, and with good reason. Pub games tend to be super fast-paced with very little thinking being done, and Caustic requires a specific setup. This setup will play entirely around Caustic, and his Nox Gas Traps.

You are capable of having up to 6 Nox Gas Traps out at any given moment, and you’re going to want to take full advantage of that. It is imperative that you learn, quickly, the radius at which the traps actually proc to enemy movement. Unless, of course, you’re going to rely on shooting the traps to activate them (which we do not recommend). I’ve found that they are basically required to be hidden at any and all entrances. Think of Nox Gas Traps like Teemo mushrooms in League of Legends, but they’re not invisible. You need to MAKE them invisible for them to be effective. Placing them to the right or left of a door to a building, or an entrance to a canyon is the most effective way we’ve found. It doesn’t give the enemy enough time to react to running away before it procs. When it procs, you’re going to get immediate vision from them through Caustic’s passive, as well as them being slowed which will give you some time to get into a position to punish them.

While the Nox Gas Traps don’t really do a lot of damage, they are an incredibly good deterrent. It’s almost the intimidation factor more than anything. I mean, think about it, if you see a line of 3 Nox Gas Traps along the entrance to a canyon, are you going to enter it? You know that if you enter it, you’re going to be slow while taking a little bit of damage, but it isn’t even about that. It’s about what lies beyond those three traps. Is there a full team of three waiting to pounce on you? I think you get the point.

An important note in regards to activating the Nox Gas Traps, is that they don’t actually activate immediately. You have to toss them, they have to come out of their “pod”, and then they have to be either shot, or be activated by an enemy. That said, it is super important to make sure that these are placed pre-fight allowing you to effectively maneuver through them during a fight providing you the most use out of them. You do NOT want to drop them during a fight, because they will likely not activate and you’ll be losing out on time with your gun out.

How To Use Caustic’s Ultimate Ability Nox Gas Grenade

Nox Gas Grenade is essentially a better version of Nox Gas Traps. Instead of it being a pod that you throw a short distance, it is a grenade similar to that of Gibraltar, and Bangalore’s ultimate. When it is deployed, it will blanket an area in gas similarly to Nox Gas Trap, but with a wider radius.

This ability can be used both offensively, and defensively. Both are effective choices, but it really all depends on the kind of players you are. It could work offensively one way for a player that may not work for another, simply because of skill differences, or ways of thinking. For example, in conjunction with Caustic’s passive, if you land this bad boy on top of an enemy team, you’re going to have complete, and total vision of them. On top of being able to see them, remember that the gas is actually going to slow them, and blur their vision. They’re going to essentially be flash banged, while taking damage over time.

Defensively, the best way to use Nox Gas Grenade is by using it for positioning, and to zone people off of you and your teammates. Is a teammate being pushed? Throw the gas in the way of the pushing enemies, and it’ll deter them immediately. If they run through it, you’re going to melt them. To add to this, if you throw the grenade, you can also place Nox Gas Traps on the opposite side of the gas to prevent them from crossing either side. Some people are cheeky, though, so be weary. They may try to walk through. Luckily for you, though, you’re going to see them if you’re paying attention. Alternatively, if you’re running through a passageway as you so often are in Apex Legends, simply throwing the grenade behind you will prevent a team from crossing. This is especially effective when the circle is pushing. You can basically zone people off of the zone, and kill them as they rotate in.

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Caustic Legendary Skins

Ideal Legends To Pair With Caustic

As mentioned previously, Caustic is very underplayed, and under-valued in the current, pub stomp meta. This is going to change as (hopefully) a ranked mode enters Apex Legends, and a more defined competitive environment, and competitive mode become available. I believe that circle positioning is going to be super important in these modes, and I don’t think there’s anyone better than Caustic at holding certain positions, and controlling the flow of a secured area. That said, I think a totally defensive legend lineup like Gibraltar, Caustic, and Lifeline is going to be deadly when that time comes. If you’re a Caustic main, remain optimistic because I am positive your time to shine is coming!