Gibraltar Guide

Gibraltar Abilities:

Passive – Gun Shield
Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.

Tactical Ability – Dome of Protection
Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability – Defensive Bombardment
Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.

“Gibraltar is a gentle giant with a wild side. The son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers, he has always been skilled at getting others out of dangerous situations that are common in the Outlands. However, he only began to understand the value of protecting others when he and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle, took it on a joyride, and got trapped by a deadly mudslide. His parents saved them, and his father lost an arm in the process. Gibraltar has never forgotten that sacrifice and has devoted his life to helping those in need.

The Apex Games didn’t change that, but they changed what it meant. Many of Gibraltar’s friends and colleagues have competed in the Games for extra money, fame, and glory over the years, and some never came home. Gibraltar joined to keep them safe and, for the first time, his skills as a rescuer and his rebellious nature worked together. He’s now become an icon in the Apex Games, putting himself in the line of fire to protect his squad and send his opponents running for cover.” – Apex Legends

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How To Use Best Use Gibraltar’s Passive Gun Shield

Gibraltar’s Passive, Gun Shield is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shield that, when ADS-ing, appears on your screen in the form of a larger knockdown shield. If you’re unsure of what ADS-ing is, tap, or hold your right click to aim down sights. This will enable aiming down sights, which significantly reduces your movement speed, but makes up for it in accuracy. Gun shield provides the same utility of a knockdown shield, but is not able to be changed upon acquiring new items. It is a static amount of 100 health.

There are obvious counters to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield, though, so do not expect to walk out and be a tank, because he’s not. Sure, he can take a hit, but he will inevitably fall with too much harassment. While his shield can allow you to easily take down lesser opponents due to their lack of aim, and needing more shots to kill you, very good opponents will eat you alive through your weak spots. Gibraltar’s Gun Shield doesn’t cover all of his body. You’re able to shoot his head, and feet. More often than not, though, I find myself just unloading onto the shield because you can quickly break it with a few bullets, especially if you are team firing.

Something to keep an eye out on if you’re someone that likes to ADS to see a bit further, or just be more prepared: The shield will make Gibraltar a more obvious target. Think of it like hunters wearing orange so that other hunters see them while out. It certainly stands out.

How To Use Gibraltar’s Tactical Ability Dome Of Protection

Dome Of Protection is personally one of my favorite abilities in the game, and one that I believe many people are underrating. Gibraltar as a whole, is underrated. I find that this ability works similarly to Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher. Each have their own pros and cons.

The pros to Gibraltar’s shield, however, are that you’re not able to take damage from enemy shots outside of the dome. In that sense, it is far superior to Bangalore’s smoke launcher. I find that it is best to use this ability close to cover, and not actually behind cover, because it will provide you an additional layer of protection. You can hide within the dome, outside of the dome, or behind a rock that is hidden behind a dome. At the end of of the day, though, having a free protection shield that you can throw down on cooldown, that lasts for 15 seconds, is going to come in clutch in a team setting.

There’s also an interesting game of cat & mouse that tends to occur when dropping Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection. It is one that know everyone that has played knows all too well. Constantly entering the circle, taking a shot, bouncing back out of the circle while the opposing player is doing the exact same thing. It adds for some seriously intense, heart-pounding fights.

A neat little trick, and i’m not sure if it something that is capable of being fixed, but you can actually stick your gun slightly out of the dome of protection, and shoot without leaving it. It is slightly cheesy, and tends to be very hard to do because when people are aiming at your, it’s so hard to just stand still and “take it”. Your instincts kick in, and you feel that you need to back up at the very least. If you can master this technique, though, you can have quite the advantage over enemy players!

The only real con i’ve noticed with this, is how long the cooldown of the ability actually feels vs how long it is on the battlefield. It is so good when it is up, though, that it absolutely has to have this con otherwise it’d be too good. I guess it’s a good problem to have? That, and then the fact that you can accidentally set up a perfect situation for an opposing team. They can enter the dome too, it isn’t available only to your teammates. Make sure to keep this in mind when just throwing it around because you have it up; it may come back to bite you in the ass!

How To Use Gibraltar’s Ultimate Ability Defensive Bombardment

Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment is incredible, simply put. It calls down a barrage of missiles in a decently sized radius. Each missile that hits, does 40 dmg to a player. The ability is very similar to Bangalore’s ultimate ability, but covers a significantly smaller radius, and does more damage. It also seems as if the missiles are hitting the ground more often, but that could just be related to the lower radius.

I prefer using this ability for pure offense. It is fantastic at splitting an enemy team from one another, and that is exactly how it should be used. I would highly recommend using this ability at the beginning of a fight as guns are still going to be the main source of kills, and throwing a grenade mid-fight can be incredibly clunky when you’re trying to be so precise with your aim.

As far as positioning Defensive Bombardment goes, you should toss it to make sure you’re hitting the position your enemy is currently in, but you also wantto consider that you’re covering the areas where you want them to be running. You can use this to herd them, essentially, funneling them into traps or your lead. That’s assuming it doesn’t just kill them by itself, because believe me, you don’t want to stand inside the circle of this ultimate ability… it’s painful.

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Gibraltar Legendary Skins

Ideal Legends To Pair With Gibraltar

Gibraltar is an incredibly good utility tank, and should be used as such. Alternatively, you can use him on a hyper-aggressive team with the likes of Wraith, and Bangalore. He is still going to provide the same sort of utility, though. You can provide both of these characters Dome of Protections for when they’re trying to retreat, as well as your passive shield. One big con to Gibraltar, is how large the character model is. This will typically lead to you being a larger target, but that is created by design through his kit and appearance. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of that when considering team play, and helping your teammates. If you have some seriously good friends, throw a Gibraltar into the mix and wait until they start claiming you’re carrying them through the raw power of Dome Of Protection, and Defensive Bombardment.