Why And How To Download Apex Legends On Your PC

A few years ago, investors were almost certain that PCs were going to fall to the hands of consoles such as the Playstation, and Xbox. Boy how the tables have turned. As the Esports scene in the gaming community continues to grow, the same can be said for stock in PCs. Quite frankly, there is just way more you can do in terms of processing power on the PC versus a console.

Consoles are capped at 60 FPS, if you’re lucky. That is going to leave the game feeling sluggish in comparison to that of a PC. Nowadays, you’re seeing most console players playing on PC with a controller. Why? Because you’re going to get significantly higher frames on a PC, and it is going to run smoother. Additionally, you’re going to have a higher level of competition because playing with your fingers is a bit lackluster vs playing against someone that is using both their fingers, arms, and wrist. That said, we’re going to show you how to download Apex Legends on your PC to get to playing as soon as possible!

Download Origin On PC

As I’m sure you’re already aware, EA is publishing Apex Legends. That said, Apex Legends is hosted on Origin. Origin is a pretty meh client. A lot of it works, and a lot of it doesn’t. It looks good, though. It also has launch options very similar to that of steam that you can change a few settings in. One of these being uncapped FPS which we highly recommend.

You can download Origin from the official website. Once you’ve finished the download, go ahead and follow the steps to install it.

Log in with your EA account or create a brand new one

More than likely, if you’re a PC gamer, you already have an EA account of some sort. This same account can be used to log into Origin. If you’re a fan of the Battlefield series, you most definitely have an Origin account. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one as you cannot play the game without it.

Browse Games And Select Apex Legends

Once you’ve created your account, and have logged in, you’re going to see the main screen of Origin. This is going to list games you may already have in your library as well as listing potential games to put in your library. On the left hand side, you will want to click on Browse Games. From there, find Apex Legends and select it.

Add Apex Legends To Library

If you’re familiar with the Steam Library, you’ll be able to quickly adjust to Origin’s library. It serves the same purpose. It houses all of the games that you’ve purchased within Origin, or have placed into the Library. This is where you’re going to launch Apex Legends from. First, though, you must Add it to the Library.

Download Apex Legends

Next, you’re going to want to download Apex Legends. This is going to take up 21 GB roughly, so make sure you have that space available. At this time, it’ll ask you where you want to install Apex Legends. If you have an SSD, we highly recommend installing it there as it’ll help alleviate some of the problems users on regular spinners have. Once the download is complete, you will see it within your “My Game Library” and will be able to Play!