How To Get More Kills In Apex Legends

If you’re here, odds are it’s because you are looking to get better at Apex Legends, get more kills in game, and be able to dominate any lobby you jump in to. Whether you’re just trying to be the best among your friends, chase world records, or unlock your 20 kill in a game badges for each character, this guide will help you do it. While there is an element of luck involved in high kill games in the battle royale genre, much of it comes down to preparation, and skill of course. To help you drop those 20 bombs, we’ve put together the top 16 things you need to know in order to frag out and get those highlight reel games.

No Substitute For Game Sense

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no substitute for experience. You aren’t going to jump into Apex Legends as your first ever battle royale and drop 20+ kills per game, it’s just not the way it works. Game sense is hard to define, it takes so many concepts and so much information that you need to just be processing subconsciously at all times while playing. Game sense is taking into account things such as;

  • What are the most popular landing spots?
  • Where are all the supply bins and floor loot in a given area?
  • What are the typical rotation paths?
  • Where are people likely to have landed and rotated from the flight path?
  • What angle is the best to hold in a given area?
  • Is there likely to be another team close by that will 3rd party your fight?
  • And so many more factors that you just learn and internalize through repeated play and experience

For this tip, there isn’t really much to say, other than play and play a lot. Actively think about what is happening in each game you play, don’t just autopilot. Always be considering what you would be doing if you were your opponent, what you would be doing if you were another team in the distance, how this type of situation has played out for you in the past. If you are thinking ahead this way, you’ll always be a step ahead of those who just react and don’t plan.

Train Your Aim

Being able to find 30 people a game doesn’t do you any good if you can’t hit your shots. It’s no secret that good aim is a key component to high kill games. You need to be able to consistently hit your shots, make your fights quick, and cut through enemy teams like butter. If you’re missing the majority of your shots, that isn’t going to happen. Like any other area in life, practice makes perfect. While taking constant fights in Apex Legends is good practice, there are a number of other things you can do to improve your aim as well.

There are a few ways to train your aim and improve your aiming abilities outside of playing games of Apex Legends. You could buy an aim training game, which offer a variety of minigames to help improve reflexes, aiming abilities, and mouse precision. The two most popular options here are Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer and Aim Hero, both of which are available on Steam. Alternatively, if you want to practice against live human targets and not with minigames, we recommend CS:GO. CS:GO is also built in the Source engine, so the shooting will feel very similar, and it is quite easy to translate your mouse sensitivity from Apex Legends to CS:GO.

Have The Right Settings

The right settings can make or break you in-game. Just because your mouse is capable of 16,000 DPI doesn’t mean you need to play on it. In fact, please don’t, you’ll likely miss everything. There’s a reason the pros typically play on a range of 400-800 DPI, and this is because it offers the most control and precision with the mouse, while still being acceptably fast to respond. While a given pro’s settings may not be perfect for you, it’s a good place to start, and from there you can tweak to your liking. Check out our best game settings guide, and our best mouse settings guide.

Have The Right Gear

Likewise, having the right gear is important to maximize your performance. You wouldn’t expect LeBron James to dominate the court in a pair of sandals. So why would you dominate Apex Legends with a $3 wireless mouse that isn’t tuned for gaming? There’s no “perfect” option for everyone, but having a gaming mouse, large mousepad, high-quality mechanical keyboard, 144hz monitor, and a comfortable chair goes a long way for playing better. Sure there is the meme of “he must have a good gaming chair” when people are freakishly good (or even cheating), but it is actually important. Again, we recommend checking what the pros are using and letting that be your baseline for deciding what gear is right for you. Just make sure it’s comfortable, built with gaming in mind, and you like the look of it.

Play The Right Character

Playing the right character goes a long way for getting high kill games. While any character is capable of getting those 20+ or even 30+ kill games, it is significantly easier on some than others. Whether that be due to hitbox, abilities, or just your overall familiarity and playstyle on a specific character. If you’ve played 500 games of Lifeline and 3 of Caustic, you can’t expect to drop your highest kill game ever in game 4 as Caustic right?

Some characters are more tuned for high kill games than others though. A character like Wraith, or Bangalore, who offers offensive and movement utilities in their abilities are obviously more capable of being aggressive and chasing down kills. A character like Caustic on the other hand offers a slower paced playstyle and will have a tougher time pushing into extremely high kill counts. That being said, it all really comes down to your own personal preference and who you have the most experience with. If we had to make a recommendation for characters to chase high kill games with, it would be one of either Wraith, Bangalore, Lifeline, or Bloodhound.

Know Your Guns

It’s important to know the ins and outs of every gun in the game if you are going to be chasing extremely high kill games. You never know what you’re going to end up with. While you obviously want to chase the strongest weapons in the game, when you first land, you could get anything. You need to be able to clear out enemy teams in your landing spot ASAP and get on the move if you want to get true high kill games; which means you need to be as effective with an Alternator as you are with a Wingman.

Overall, you still want to swap to the best guns possible at any chance you get. Our top recommended guns are the Wingman, Peacekeeper, R-301 Carbine, Spitfire, R-99, and Mastiff. But you’re likely going to be looking primarily for a Wingman and Peacekeeper as the current weapon balance stands in order to dish out high burst damage and finish fights quickly.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

If you aren’t getting a decent number of kills in the early game, it is extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to push a 20+ kill game. Dropping out in the Swamps when the flight path starts at Thunderdome will result in a number of squads being wiped before you hit the ground, little to no kills in the early game, and long rotations without anyone to fight. This is why hot drops are so important for pushing high kill games. With a hot drop at a heavily populated area at the beginning of the flight path, you are able to get to the ground faster, get more kills early, and rotate out of your landing spot with more teams to fight, and more teams close by.

Take a hot drop at Skull Town for example; it’s not unreasonable to say that if you win the Skull Town fight, and clean up the resulting 3rd party rotations, your squad could be coming out of the drop zone having already killed 12-18 players. That is what you want for pushing 30+ squad kill games, or 20+ solo kill games. If you are out in the Swamps while this kind of fight is happening, you’re working with a lobby half the size by the time you get to fighting, and can’t push nearly the number of kills. There is simply no substitute for the early game chaos and constant fighting of a hot drop, and outside of some very unlikely scenarios, it is almost a requirement for pushing high kill games.

Know The Map, Know Your Drop

On top of knowing where the best hot drops are for each flight path, it’s important to know the area you drop in, and the map as a whole. Dropping Skull Town doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know the building layouts, land a mile away from a door, and die before you get a gun. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the locations completely. Not only will this help you loot faster (allowing you to take more fights), but it will also help with the fights as well.

Knowing a location inside and out is imperative for taking the kind of rapid fire fights you need to push true high kill games. You need to know where all the loot paths are, where the doors are, what spots are likely to be camped, what angles are good for engagements, what guns are good for fights at the ranges of that location, etc. All of these are variables that you can plan for and have advance knowledge of, letting you put all of your effort and thought into finding teams and taking fights. If you get caught off guard by a team you didn’t know was there, you are much more likely to lose the fight, or potentially just miss running into that team altogether. But if you already know where everyone is likely to be, you can push through the drop zone faster and more efficiently, taking teams by surprise, and racking up the kills.

Likewise, it is important to know the map as a whole. There are small rotations within zones themselves, and larger rotations across the map to account for. If you drop Skull Town, and the circle is north of Skull Town, you can expect teams to be rotating up from the unnamed area south of Skull Town as well as Thunderdome. Once you have cleared out your drop, rotate south quickly, clean up the 2-3 teams in these zones, and get back on your way. There’s likely a team that looted Airbase who will have to be rotating in as well, head north and catch them on the west side of the circle for another squad to fight, and get back on the move. Where else are people going to be coming from? Bunker? Market? This is the kind of information you need to be paying attention to in order to consistently push high kill games in Apex Legends.

Watch The Flight Path Route

Knowing the flight path route is also a very important detail for pushing high kill games. Sticking with our Skull Town example, you need to be paying attention to the flight path route and where other teams are likely to be landing. Likewise, you should be using the Freelook while flying down to see where other squads are going. This information is important for securing mid-game rotations into enemies, allowing you to find more fights, and get more kills. Is the flight path going over Skull Town and up through Cascades? You’re likely to have teams Airbase, Market, and Cascades. Watch those areas as you are flying to see how many are going where, and what area you can push for the most likely fights. Keep an eye behind you too, are people landing in the un-named locations? Thunderdome? Maybe Water Treatment is the Hot Zone with the possibility for top-tier loot. In that case, you likely have some squads over there to fight. Is the Supply Ship hovering over Bridges? If so, you’ll definitely find people that way. Overall map awareness is key to high kill games, and that starts with knowing where people drop, and where they are likely to rotate to from there.

Loot Players, Not Places

If you want to push for true high kill games, you can’t waste time with looting. You need to land, grab the first gun in sight, preferably armor and a helmet if they are in your initial building or you find them on the way to an enemy, and get to fragging. Whether you get a Mozambique or a Peacekeeper, you have to start racking up the kills immediately in the early game, and never stop. This means unless it is 300% necessary, you can’t waste time with looting buildings. Your opponents are going to carry the best loot that they find, whether it be healing, attachments, guns, armor, whatever. The fastest way to get looted is to kill other players, and take the loot from them. This keeps you racking up kills throughout the game, keeps you on the hunt for other squads, and stops the downtime of looting building after building which can cost you kills. Just make sure to pick through loot in the death box as fast as possible, and get on the move again. Time spent looting is kills lost to other squads.

Be The Aggressor, Take Decisive Fights

A key factor in pushing for high kill games is to be the aggressor in fights. You can’t afford to take the time to sit there and trade shots and heal up and long ranges. Taking extended fights like that only serves to alert 3rd parties to your location, get you pinched, and get you killed. Even if you do survive the fight, it is simply time wasted that could be spent hunting down more squads and racking up more kills.

Don’t try to shoot random shots from 300 meters hoping to get a knock. Time to kill is too high in Apex Legends for that strategy to work, unless you have a Kraber, but even then they will likely be revived before you can do anything with the knock. What you should aim to do; is to get as much opening damage from mid-short range as you can before another squad knows you are there. Once you have done this opening chunk damage, you should begin to push immediately, giving your opponent no time to heal up, and ending the fight swiftly. This gives you time to heal up, loot the bodies, and be ready for the next team, or get back on the hunt for more people.

Re-Deploy Balloons Are Your Friends

As you have probably gathered by this point, one of the most important aspects of high kill games is simply finding enough people to fight. Re-deploy balloons make that task much easier, as well as making it faster to move around the map. You should make note of where the re-deploy balloons are around the map, which ones are close to your drop zone, and where you can rotate to easily from these balloons. Flying through the sky is a great way to spot enemies from a distance and get into more consistent fights in order to rack up that kill count. On top of that, re-deploys allow you to move much faster, allowing you to get on top of enemies much more quickly than they may think you can, taking them by surprise, and making for a quick couple of kills and some nice loot.

Be The Third Party

Third partying simply means jumping into a fight that is already happening between two squads. Ideally, you find two squads fighting it out nearby, your squad jumps into the fight and cleans them both up, and you net a quick six kills and a bunch of loot. Being the third party is a great way to rack up the kills. Hear two (or more) squads fighting it out? Chase down those gunshots! Showing up to a fight in progress means you have twice as many enemies as usual to kill, and weakened ones at that. There is no better way in the mid-late game to get kills than by 3rd partying fights. Everybody hates 3rd parties, and for good reason, it’s easy kills, easy loot, and low risk.

Bonus super greedy tip: if you 3rd party a fight and see someone already downed, let his team revive him so that you can knock him again, netting yourself that kill instead of an enemy squad. It’s risky as they can get back in the fight, so we don’t recommend it every time, but if you want every kill possible, this is one way to do it (even if it’s not the best idea).

Never Stop Moving

We’re sure you’ve noticed by now, but it’s worth saying again, never stop moving if you are pushing for high kill games. Time spent camping, looting, or otherwise staying in one area for too long, is equal to lost kills elsewhere on the map. When pushing for high kill games, you need to constantly be on the move, hunting down new teams, taking every fight you see, and always on rotation. There simply isn’t time to loot for 5 minutes in a 20 minute round if you want to drop 20 or 30 kills, if you spend that much time looting, you’ve missed out on too much action and will struggle to put up a high kill game. From the time you hit the ground until the time you hit the lobby you should always be on the move. Being relentless, aggressive, and decisive is what it takes to put up truly impressive high kill games.

ABC – Always Be Communicating

This seems like common sense, but it’s easier to get high kill games with a coordinated squad. Play with two dedicated teammates, who know that the goal is to push for these kinds of games, and always be communicating. Call out everything you see; loot on the ground, enemy teams, potential rotations, any information is useful information. On top of that, you should have dedicated loot paths on your hot drops. Know who lands at which building. Know the fastest way to loot those buildings and meet up to start fighting. Know your rotation path through the drop zone, the ways you will approach fights. Know your first rotation, second rotation, and where you will go from there as the game dictates. More time spent playing together will fine-tune all of these details and make them second nature, allowing you to just focus on the game specific communication and fights, which translates to higher kill games. While high kill games are possible in solo play, it’s much easier with a dedicated and coordinated squad.

Understand The Risk

Above all, you need to understand that pushing for high kill games is inherently a high-risk gamestyle. It’s similar to speed-running games, a single mistake and you are starting all over again. But that doesn’t matter. Your goal here isn’t just to win, it’s to win with an insanely high number of kills and to set personal bests. It’s ok to lose in your hot drop due to RNG and bad loot, or even just missing your shots. Not every game goes your way when playing this style, in fact, more will go against you than for you the bulk of the time. That’s just the reality of pushing for these kinds of games, and also the thrill of it. It’s non-stop action that can go wrong at any second with even the smallest of mistakes. But, that is also why it feels so good to drop a 20-25+ kill game, or to wipe out over half the lobby as a squad. When you hit those games, you know that you accomplished something very few can say they have, and it means so much more than a simple win.

So there you have it, our 16 top tips for pushing high kill games. We hope that you found these helpful and are able to start getting higher kill counts more consistently in Apex Legends. Happy hunting out there, and we’ll see you in the arena!