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CS:GO Spray Pattern & Recoil

CS:GO’s spray pattern, and recoil systems is one of the most complex in gaming today. If you stand still, and shoot fully auto against a wall, you’ll notice how insane it actually is. Fortunately, though, you’re capable of controlling it because the recoil of each gun is the same, every time you shoot it. It isn’t random like many other games. Most people like this feature because it adds more depth to the overall skill ceiling. For the more casual players, though, it can be a bit intimidating and demoralizing.

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CS:GO Black Bars VS Stretched

CS:GO is widely known as one of the more customizable games on the market today. There’s not a single player that has the same settings unless of course you’re just flat out copying a pro, which btw, we highly recommend if you don’t know where to start. That said, one of the customizations that pros change a lot is their resolution within the game. Some players like black bars, and other players like stretched resolution. We recommend trying out both equally. In a game like CS:GO, whether it be a placebo effect or not, if you’re performing better then you obviously want to keep those settings.

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