Fortnite Guides

Assault Rifle Guide

Fortnite offers a wide range of different types of Assault Rifles in the game, which is why it is important to fully understand the way that each one works, and which ones closer fit your play style. For example, the AK-47 remake in the game hits significantly harder than the FAMAS, or SCAR legendary counter-parts, but at the same time, it has significantly more kickback. And, with the implementation of bloom in the game, it makes that the AK-47 significantly harder to use properly. We strongly recommend you consider all of the variables when figuring out which gun will help you make the most out of your Fortnite experience.

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Stretched Resolution Guide

Fortnite is a game, unlike many others, that benefits from lowering your resolution. And, at first thought or glance, you may ask yourself why and how? Well, There’s a thing called FOV. FOV stands for Field-of-View. When you lower your resolution, it reduces the amount of pixels on your screen hence stretching it. With the stretch, your field of view is actually increased because the game has to make up for the missing pixels. This actually creates a slight advantage for users on stretched resolutions, albeit small. It does have a few cons, though, so let’s take a bit of a deeper look to see if the choice is right for you.

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