Overwatch Guides

Reinhardt Guide

Reinhardt is one of Overwatch’s fan favorites. He’s the beefy Transformer looking guy. Really, though, he looks like a transformer. If you’re wondering, it isn’t actually apart of him…. the armor. There IS a face beneath the mask. He is a human, not a robot. His armor is called the Crusader armor and is known throughout the world, and lore of Overwatch. If you’ve seen the videos, then i’m sure you’re well aware of the role Reinhardt tends to play. He is the bad ass tank that stands at the front-lines, and is between you and the enemy. He puts his life on the line, each and every day… for you! While he does have that shield to protect you, he’s no pushover. He’ll gladly smack you with his Axe, or Hammer if you politely ask.

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Best Overwatch Settings For High FPS And Competitive Performance

Overwatch is an incredibly beautiful game. I mean, we’ve all seen the animated shorts. If you haven’t, you should check them out. The most impressive part about Overwatch is how well the graphis carry over into the actual game, from the trailers. They share the same artstyle in and out. While these graphics are going to tend to be less taxing on your PC than the more realistic graphics, you need to consider all of the variables.

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Ana Guide

Ana is one of Overwatch’s most enjoyed support characters to play through her not-so-passive game play. Ana, unlike many of the other supports in Overwatch, requires you to actually aim for the majority of her abilities. Her left click serves as a dual purpose heal, and damage ability. If you hit an enemy, it applies a dot. If you hit a friendly, it heals them for a small amount. This causes tends to add another level of depth to the game when playing support, and is generally why Ana is considered one of the more fun heroes to play within Overwatch. That, and she’s just a bad ass. She is, afterall, one of the original founding members of Overwatch.

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