McCree Guide

McCree Biography

As a young troublemaker, McCree grew up on a farm in New Mexico, where he met a young Elizabeth Ashe. They never “dated” but they did have a fling of impromptu crimes, and created the Deadlock Gang. Though his time in the Deadlock Gang came to an end when they were busted by an undercover Overwatch operation, where he was then recruited to become part of Overwatch’s covert ops division.

Though ever the cynic, he was unsure about using his marksmanship skills for the Overwatch team, he soon started to believe he could make amends for his past sins. After the fall of the original Overwatch Team, and a having his arm replaced with a Cybernetic Graft, McCree went underground. He later resurfaced as a gunslinger for hire, and even though he was a highly sought mercenary as he is a BAMF, he only fought for causes he believed were just.

McCree Abilities:

Peace Keeper
McCree pulls the trigger and fires a high damage round from his reliable six-shooter

Peace Keeper (Fan the Hammer)
McCree can “Fan the Hammer” in other words he becomes a championship level quick draw shooter, where he can unload all shots left in his revolver.

Combat Roll
McCree will dive in any direction that he is currently moving/walking, while instantly reloading his PeaceKeeper.

Flash Bang
McCree tosses a grenade that will stun his enemies in a small radius, the grenade explodes shortly after leaving Mcree’s hand.

Dead Eye
McCree takes his time aiming, when he is ready to fire he will instakill any enemy in his line of sight, the weaker the target the faster he can pull off the kill shot.

How Best to use Peace Keeper

McCree’s primary damage dealing ability firing a single perfectly accurate bullet down the crosshairs. The secondary fire will “Fan the Hammer” which fires all remaining bullets left in the Peace Keepers chamber almost instantly, though this secondary fire option is not capable of headshots. The pure accuracy and damage of the single shot is best used at a medium range and is perfect for dropping a headshot on squishy targets, also its a better option than using fan the hammer on fast targets like a tracer. Fan the hammer is extremely inaccurate unless you are at extremely close range, but it will kill any target with 200 health points left if all 6 shots hit, which will quickly deal massive damage before they are able to respond.

How Best to use Combat Roll

When used, McCree will roll a short distance in whatever direction he is moving not looking, also he will instantly reload his Peace Keeper during the roll. While this ability can give you a little movement boost for backing away from or closing the gap on enemies, it isn’t all that significant against say tracers blink ability. It should mainly be used to quickly reload your revolver while potentially diving for cover.

How Best to use Flashbang

McCree throws a grenade with a small arc like a pitcher throwing a fastball it will explode after traveling a short distance. Any enemy caught in the explosion will take a small amount of damage and be stunned, also any momentum they have from jumping or movement when struck will be halted greatly.

McCree is one of the best duelists in the game thanks to this ability, stun your opponent and proceed to unleash headshots while they can’t move, or fan the hammer if you want to get fancy and feel like you’re in a Western movie with John Wayne. Any enemies you come upon up close who rely heavily on their movement to survive will find this ability to be a nightmare. For example, if you run into a Tracer, the grenade and 1 headshot will instantly kill any target with 165 hp or below. Now the grenade cannot go through barriers like Reinhardt’s Barrier Field, this can be circumvented by throw the grenade over the top of the barrier, to achieve the desired effect. This ability can be used to finish off very low health targets, but it is best when used to halt enemies in their tracks.

McCree Gameplay Preview

How Best to use Deadeye

Mcree’s ultimate ability, and one of the most satisfying to use in the game, you will already have a great idea how this ultimate works if you have ever played any of the Red Dead Redemption games. When activated McCree will start using a special targeting mode for a small amount of time, during this duration, time is put into a slow motion where McCree can no longer use any of his other abilities. All enemies in your line of site will be highlighted with a red bullseye as long as they stay in McCree’s vision. Pressing the primary fire button at any point during the slow-motion field of vision will shoot a bullet at all highlighted enemies, the damage will increase the longer that each enemy stats within McCree’s field of vision. Deadeye is a channeled ability, so it will immediately end and be useless if you are hit by a stun.

The bullets fired during Deadeye will never miss its target, as long as they remain in your field of vision. The dot in the middle of the bullseye will indicate how much damage the bullet will deal to your targets when the dot stops growing and looks like a skull, this indicates that McCree will instakill whichever target has the skull. The instakill can only be stopped if the targets are protected by a barrier, have a sudden boost to their health pool, or become invulnerable.

There can be times when Deadeye is activated and locked onto multiple targets, for this scenario let’s say, 5 enemies. During the time he rapidly shoots each enemy, if 4 of the targets are hit, and the 5th gets behind cover in time the bullet will miss, but it will hit where the enemy was last sighted. If you are in a lot of danger while using deadeye and fear you may die, you can fire before the instakill is available, it won’t kill the targets, but it will steal deal heavy damage and is better than letting your ultimate go to waste.