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PUBG Weapons Guide

In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as most like to call it, there is wide selection of various guns, and accessories. Are you a sniper? Try out the AWM. Do you like to play tactical support? Try the VSS (silenced sniper rifle). What about good ole boots on the ground action? Don’t worry, PUBG has SMG’s and Assault Rifles for days. Whatever your playstyle, PUBG has you covered. With that said, our PUBG weapons guide will provide you with all the necessary info you desire, to create your own unique, and personal loadout.

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PUBG Erangel Guide

PUBG’s Erangel can be quite quite intimidating at first glance. It was the first, and considered still, after all these years and new maps, the best map available in PUBG. Miramar tends to be too large, Sanhok… ew, even the name of it us just meh. Vikendi is too snowy, and white on the eyes. It’s like driving down the road with white/grey pavement and the sun shining so bright off the road you walk inside to see only spots. Or, maybe we’re just bias, I don’t know. What I do know, though, is that PUBG’s Erangel will offer you a myriad of scenarios that you and your squad will have the enjoyment of overcoming.

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