ChroNoDotA Overwatch Settings, Setup, and Mouse Sensitivity

Niko "ChroNoDotA" Raisanen
ChroNoDotA is a Finnish competitive Overwatch player who is currently living in the United States. Playing for Second Generation, ChroNoDotA is well known for his methodical and tactical approach to the main tank role. He is most known for his signature play of Reinhardt, Winston, Wrecking Ball, and Lucio.

Overwatch Mouse Settings – Zowie EC2-A

DPI 800 Sensitivity 5
eDPI 4,000 cm = 360° 34.64
Zoom Sensitivity 30 HZ 1,000

Overwatch Video Settings – GTX 970

Resolution 1920x1080 HZ 144
FOV 103 Render Scale 100%

ChroNoDotA Overwatch Gear Setup