Fragi Overwatch Settings, Setup, and Mouse Sensitivity

Joona "Fragi" Laine
Fragi is a Finnish competitive OW player. He previously played Dota 2 at an extremely high level. Additionally, he was apart of Paragon guild from World of Warcraft that strives for world firsts. He currently plays for Philadelphia Fusion as the tank role, focusong on Reinahrdt and Winston.

Overwatch Mouse Settings – Zowie FK2

DPI 1,600 Sensitivity 2.5
eDPI 4,000 cm = 360° 34.64
Zoom Sensitivity 35 HZ 1,000

Overwatch Video Settings – GTX 1080

Resolution 1920x1080 HZ 240
FOV 103 Render Scale 100%

fragi Overwatch Gear Setup