Rocket League Pro Camera Settings And Controller Settings

What started off as a silly game of rocket boost powered cars playing soccer has turned into an esports mainstay over the years. Rocket league offers a perfect balance of traditional sports, insane wacky mechanics, and hyper-balanced competitive play. That balance has allowed Rocket League to remain among the top games in the esports scene nearly since its release back in 2015.

Rocket League has been a steady force in esports for years, of course with the premier event being the RLCS, or Rocket League Championship Series. With a $1 million prize pool for the RLCS in 2018, Rocket League has some serious power in the scene, and doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. Boasting a consistent top 10-15 spot on Steam for concurrent players, and over 23 million hours played, Rocket League is a fan favorite for casual gamers and competitive players alike.

With all that being said, it comes as no surprise that we had to put together a list of the camera settings and controller setups that the top Rocket League pro players use. As there are a number of fan favorites across both the competitive scene, top teams, and high level streamers who may not be signed to a team, we compiled a list of both signed pros and top-tier players who may not be on a team. We’ve gathered the settings of pretty much every high level player we could find, and we hope that you find it helpful.

al0tDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No104280120-30.358.1Toggle
aoe_empBenQ XL2540100340120-50.55
AztraLBenQ XL2540110270100-30.57Toggle
BangoBenQ XL2540No110300150-4010Toggle
BlueyBenQ XL2540No110240110-30.17Toggle
Chausette45BenQ XL2540No110260110-30.758Toggle
ChromeXbox 360 ControllerBenQ XL2540No110280110-30.353.3Toggle
ColemanABenQ XL2540110260110-30.73
CorruptedGBenQ XL2540No110270110-30.753Toggle
CyrixBenQ XL254010931011000.54
DappurBenQ XL2540No110260110-30.43Toggle
DazeBenQ XL2540110240100-50.353
DeevoBenQ XL2540No110260110-30.46Toggle
DrippayBenQ XL2540110280110-5110
DudeWithTheNoseBenQ XL2540No110270110-50.456Toggle
ellusiveXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No107240130-105Toggle
ExpressBenQ XL2540110230100-1003
EyeIgniteXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110270100-40.46Toggle
Fairy PeakDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110290150-10.410Toggle
FerraBenQ XL2540No110320130-701Toggle
FireburnerDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No100270140-30.37.6Hold
FlakesDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No107310100-517Toggle
FlarkeDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260110-30.47Toggle
FreaKiiDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260110-50.510Toggle
GanerXbox 360 ControllerMSI Optix MAG27CQNo10720070-50.1510Toggle
GarrettGDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No102290110-40.43.3Toggle
GimmickAlienware AW2518HNo110270110-30.5510Toggle
InsolencesDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270110-30.44Toggle
JacobDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No102300120-40.656Toggle
JKnapsBenQ XL2540No110290100-50.56Toggle
jstnBenQ XL2540No110280100-20.554.7Toggle
JWismontDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260110-50.410Toggle
JZRDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No11027080-605Toggle
KarmaBenQ XL2540No110260110-30.45Toggle
KaydopXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110260100-30.73Toggle
KronoviDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110280110-40.62.5Toggle
Kuxir97BenQ XL2540No105320130-804Hold
LemonpuppyDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110260100-40.76.4Toggle
LethamyrBenQ XL2540No110300130-413Toggle
MemoryDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No101330140003.5Toggle
MetsanaurisDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110280110-30.42.5Toggle
MijoDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No105280110-40.45Toggle
MiztikRazer RaijuBenQ XL2540No110280110-40.45Toggle
MognusDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110270100-30.357Toggle
MummiSnowBenQ XL2540100280110-70.37
NielskoekBenQ XL254011028090-7110
PlitzBenQ XL2540110260100-60.357
PlutoDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No110330110-40.94Toggle
PwndxDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No105260110-30.555.5Toggle
remkoeXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110260110-40.355.6Toggle
Rix RondayBenQ XL2540105280100-50.55
RizzoXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No105270110-40.24Toggle
Scrub killaXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110270100-40.54Toggle
SikiBenQ XL2540No110270110-30.456
SizzBenQ XL2540No110280110-30.455
SquishyDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No11027090-50.454.2Toggle
SSteveDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No107300110-10.45Toggle
SypicalBenQ XL2540No110270100-50.44.7Toggle
TormentXbox One ControllerBenQ XL2540No110280110-30.457Toggle
TorsosBenQ XL2540No110230120-40.310Toggle
TurbopolsaDualShock 4BenQ XL2540No104270130-40.357Toggle
VinceXbox One EliteBenQ XL2540No110260110-40.62.5Toggle
ViolentPandaBenQ XL2540No104270110-30.455Hold
YukeoBenQ XL2540No110280110-30.43Toggle
ZensuzBenQ XL2540110260110-40.353

Why Rocket League Camera Settings Are Important

Camera settings in Rocket League are the most important setting to make sure you have right in order to feel comfortable on the pitch. Not only do camera settings impact your ability to track the ball, make plays, and score or prevent goals; but these settings also allow you to keep an eye on the pitch as a whole. Having the proper camera settings will allow you to keep track of opponents and teammates, avoid demolitions, avoid unnecessary bumps with teammates, see boost respawns on time, and rotate properly. Simply put, awareness is everything in Rocket League, and camera settings are the key to that awareness.

Nice Shot! What a play! Calculated.

We’ve taken a lot of time to carefully craft this settings and controller list for you, and hope that it helps to elevate your play on the pitch to the next level. But as we all know to well, pro players are constantly tweaking their settings, trying to find increases in performance, and testing out new things. We do our very best to constantly stay on top of these changes and update our list as new players hit the scene or known pros change their settings. If you see any settings that are out of date, or players that should be on this list and currently are not, please comment below and let us know! We’ll be happy to get those updates in place for you to provide the best source of Rocket League settings information possible.